Civil Rights Act of 2021

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By Freedom Heart

This is a letter that I am desperate to get this out there, and I hope this doesn’t fall on deaf ears. If this is the only noise I make and it succeeds, then it would make a difference in millions of lives. I’m just your average person like everyone else. I’m just an average American who wants my child to grow up with all the freedoms the constitution promised. I know you have political pull; I hope you can help me pass this along.

Our civil rights as Americans are being violated. Biden is trying to take away our personal liberties, and my hope is that by enacting this law, it will put an end to his tyranny. You are not the first political/individual I have reached out to. I’m desperate for someone to listen. Biden is trying to cause segregation of the people by labeling us vaccinated/unvaccinated. He is taking away personal liberties of the people to move freely in this country, that last I checked was a free country. With the way the country is going right now I am concerned for not only the safety of my family, but for everyone. I think forced Vaccines is weighing on the minds of many.

I was researching, and it said to have a law passed, you must go through a state senator where you live. I have emailed the senator in my district (still no reply) but felt it necessary to pass along this thought that can hopefully become a bill. I have researched what I feel is extensively, and would like to introduce a bill called:

Civil Rights Act of 2021

This bill would give the people the right to choose whether they want to be vaccinated or not. This bill would prohibit mandated COVID vaccines or anything compared to a variant. This bill would also prohibit employers from forcing the COVID vaccine on their employees. (By forcing your employees to vaccinate, employers are holding their livelihoods at stake which is a violation of our 13th& 14th amendment. This should never be allowed to happen.) This bill would also prevent schools from requiring the COVID vaccine. It would also state that individuals cannot be discriminated against for choosing not to vaccinate. This bill would prohibit being forced to wear masks as I feel it is a health concern. Wearing masks has been proven to cause bacterial infections in many individuals. It has also been proven that individuals who have acne, who wear a mask, are at risk of getting staph infection. In a sense, masks are an enslavement of the population. It makes one feel as though they are being muzzled and silenced.

This bill would also prohibit forcing individuals to quarantine in encampments/concentration camps. This bill would also prohibit the slavery of the population.
The Governor of Tennessee just passed an executive order #83 that has quarantine sites (I do believe I interpreted it right). This thought alone is terrifying as you do not know where it will lead. By passing in the bill Civil Rights Act of 2021, it prohibits quarantine encampments, it can save a population from repeating history.

This bill would also ban vaccine papers/vaccines passports. Papers/passports prohibit Americans from life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. As the mayor in Boston said, having to show papers is a form of slavery. The bill would also ban being financially penalized from choosing not to vaccinate.

I know the word slavery is a bit harsh, but I feel the Biden Administration is trying to enslave a population with threatening lockdowns. He is enslaving Americans by pushing vaccine papers/passports. In doing this, Biden violates the 13th and 14th Amendment. He is violating the people of America to provide for their basic needs. If employers and Biden are allowed to force vaccinations on a population, many people will be without jobs. If Biden keeps forcing the issue along with Fauci and the CDC, many individuals will be without jobs, homeless and forced to rely on the government. If this isn’t a clear definition of socialism/communism I don’t know what is.

If you read through the Nuremberg Principles (not trials), go down to Principle IV it states that a leader should act under moral choice. The leader cannot say that he was just following his superiors’ orders. Biden has been following orders of the CDC who have proven they are not reliable at this given moment. The CDC has become political as Kevin McCarthy previously stated in one of his conferences. Biden is also committing crimes against humanity by forcing an unwanted vaccine on the American people. “We the People” have the right to choose to let our immune systems do what it naturally does. Fight off viruses and make antibodies that heal us. People get colds every year. But the doctor says it must take its course. Once it takes its course, you have antibodies to protect you from that variant of cold germs. Natural immunity is what God blessed us with and it should stay that way!

I have provided a few other links I have found in my research. Take from it what you will. But our doctors, America’s Frontline Doctors are being silenced. Many of our hospital staff are quitting because they have seen firsthand what the vaccine is doing to people.

When H1N1 became apparent here in the states, they canceled the vaccine over 53 deaths. Why are they not canceling a vaccine that has caused thousands of deaths? Instead, they are pushing it on the people knowing that it could take more innocent lives than necessary.
Another question that needs to be asked, “Why did Biden let so many immigrants into the country knowing it would cause a spike in cases? Why didn’t the refugees on the plane from Afghanistan have masks on? Why are the rules being pushed so harshly on Americans, but not Immigrants? What is the true end game here?”

It has already been proven the vaccinated are the ones getting COVID. Not the unvaccinated. CDC director herself said that the vaccine isn’t working. So why are they so desperate to push it on all of us? We need an Act put into place that protects us all. Otherwise, Biden’s reign of terror will never end.

I know I am just one voice. But I have already sat back and tried to do nothing in hopes it would just go away. Obviously, it hasn’t. Now I want to do something. I know the bill needs some work and provisions. But I feel that if a bill called the “Civil Rights Act of 2021” can be enacted, it will save the population from heartache. It is my hope to also put an end to Biden’s tirade on the unvaccinated.

If you do your research, throughout history, many civil rights act movements had to be put in place to stop heartache and tyranny. Google Civil Rights Act of 1988 where Japanese Americans were treated in horrendous matters after Pearl Harbor. You will see they enacted a civil rights act to make sure it never happened again. John F Kennedy, Civil Rights Act of 1964 where Kennedy fought to ensure that every single man/woman had the same constitutional rights, and segregation would be prohibited . Are employers not violating a person’s right to work? Are employers not partaking in the segregation of vaccinated vs unvaccinated? Employers are prohibited to discriminate against someone for medical history. Isn’t it discrimination when one is wanting to see papers of vaccination status? Isn’t this a violation of medical privacy? Requiring papers to enter an establishment will eventually cause starvation/violence/theft. Schools themselves are separating the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. I have a sibling whose son is in his last year of school and they are going to separate the kids off from one another. The Civil Rights Act of 1968 was geared towards protecting people’s 14th & 15th Amendment Rights. Is the Biden Administration not in violation of this? Is our schools, employers, and some state governors not in violation of segregation of the people? My answer is, “Yes, they are in violation of it all!”

By requiring papers to move around the country is communism! By forcing a vaccine on the people when a virus has a 99% survival rate is communism. It takes away Americans rights to pursue one’s own happiness. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is written into the 14th Amendment. Vaccine Papers/Passports violates the 14th Amendment. Forced vaccines shouldn’t even be allowed. I watched a video where one doctor demanded a sample of the COVID-19 virus, and they refused to give it to him. That should raise suspicions. CDC website has a page about Shielding Camps. Something needs to be done to protect the American people, otherwise, I fear we may experience the Holocaust all over again here in the U.S. I fear Biden is trying to genocide the population that can think for itself.

I know you have more resources at your disposal. I beg you, please, take this into consideration. I beg you please, help save America from falling into the pits of a tyrannical government. It only takes one movement to stop tyranny. My hope is by passing this bill, it will put an end to all this heartache. At the most, it protects the citizens of this country.
I thank you kindly for your time.


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