Bumbling Biden Begins Evisceration of The 2nd Amendment

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By L.C. Vincent.

Gun Control: It’s not really about guns; it’s really about control. The federal government’s control of the average American citizen who wants a simple means of protecting loved ones, home and property from the predations of an increasingly expanding criminal class that has been nurtured, coddled and cultivated by Democrat “progressive” policies and legislation for decades.

Yesterday, acting President Joe Biden bumbled and stumbled thru his presentation in the Rose Garden of the White House to fire the opening salvo of his administration against The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

The 2nd Amendment was established as an essential part of the U.S. Constitution, along with the other tenets of The Bill of Rights, when the Constitution was ratified by the original 13 states. The first ten amendments to the Constitution are actually unlike all other amendments, in that they were demanded by the signatories from various states as a necessary statement of intent to insure that the newly formed Federal Government’s scope and authority would be highly circumscribed. The Constitution would not have been adopted without the attachment of the first ten amendments, our “Bill of Rights.” Further, the authors of our Constitution and “Bill of Rights” made it crystal clear that those rights are derived from God, not man or government.

The 2nd Amendment, while nominally guaranteeing a mechanism of public enforcement for the observation of all other amendments, was crafted especially to preserve and protect the First Amendment — the amendment which specifically protects freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom of assembly and freedom of petition. Without the guarantees of the 2nd Amendment — that free men would never be prevented from taking up arms to defend these essential freedoms — all the other amendments would not be worth more than the parchment upon which they were written.

Biden’s presentation of his administration’s designs upon modifying, limiting and curtailing aspects of the 2nd Amendment are clear. Biden’s flagrant lies during his press conference concerning his 2nd Amendment infringement, which he has threatened can be accomplished without the passage of legislation thru his “executive orders”, are illustrative of his blatant stupidity and hypocrisy regarding both the Constitution and firearms.

Biden stated that no right is absolute, and used for an example the hackneyed illustration that even though free speech is guaranteed under “The Bill of Rights”, one still is not “free” to yell FIRE in a crowded theater. Wrong! One is always “free” to yell FIRE in a crowded theater, even if there is no fire. Such action, while highly improper and even life threatening, is not negated by a lack of freedom to do so; rather, it is restricted by one’s own sense of right conduct. Should one yell FIRE in a crowded theater when no fire exists, then that person must suffer the consequences of his/her unethical act. If there does happen to be a FIRE in said theater, then the person alerting others is doing their civic duty. A person is ALWAYS free to yell FIRE in a crowded theater, but they must also be free to face the consequences of their conduct in either scenario.

Biden further stated that his proposals would in no way impinge upon or dilute the principles of the 2nd Amendment. Again, this statement reveals Biden’s innate ignorance of both law and history: “….the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed…” is the very definition of an absolutely defined principle! And “infringement” — any modification, any diminution of that right — IS an infringement!

Biden also stated that citizens were never meant to possess any and all arms available to the military. Actually, if one reads the written opinions of those who crafted The Bill of Rights and The 2nd Amendment, it is clear that the framers sought to allow citizens the right to keep and bear any form of arms that could be carried by the average soldier. The point of this principle is that the citizen “militia” (that is, anyone over the age of 17) was to pose a balance of power against a possible future tyrannical U.S. government’s potential overreach. In order to insure this could not happen, there was no restriction placed on the average American citizen to own, possess and bear (carry) any weapon that was authorized for use by the American military soldier.

Braced pistols, that is small pistols with arm braces, came under fire by Biden because, according to Joe, braces made small pistols as accurate as rifles, and therefore “more deadly.” This is curious “logic.” As far as I know, ALL firearms are potentially deadly, depending upon how they are used and where they are aimed. However, we are being told by Biden that it is somehow more “dangerous” for a person to use a braced small pistol because it makes that firearm “…more accurate…”??

Imagine a scenario where a kidnapper has your spouse or child. You have a “braced” small pistol. It allows you to accurately shoot and kill the kidnapper. Now contrast this outcome to a scenario where you have an unbraced small pistol, and the resultant lack of accuracy causes you to shoot and kill your wife or child instead. Would a “braced” small pistol’s enhanced accuracy now be justified in this scenario as a legitimate weapon of defense rather than demonized by a brain-dead political hack?

Then there was Biden’s advocacy of so-called “Red Flag Laws.” This travesty of justice mirrors the questionable principles of the film, “Minority Report”, wherein people who were predicted to be predisposed to commit crimes were jailed before the actual commission of said crime thru psychological profiling.

“Red Flag Laws” allow police to seize weapons owned by anyone, should a spouse, friend, relative or neighbor declare their “suspicions” that the person who owns said firearms “might” use them to do harm to others or to themselves. Such a seizure would be performed without warrant, without any judicial hearing of determination, with no ability for redress or rebuttal, but simply upon the accusation of another individual who expressed their “concerns” to their local police. You can see how easily this kind of “law” could be horribly abused.

But the Biden proposals go much further than that. The Biden Administration is currently petitioning The Supreme Court to allow local police officers to exercise “the right” to break into and enter a private residence unannounced, and seize “dangerous” firearms as an expansion of their police power of community protection from potential nuisances and dangers, a power which was previously only deemed applicable to abandoned cars as a public hazard.

Biden’s little “Red Flag” proposals go far beyond the operational principles of the Gestapo in “Nazi” Germany! At least The Gestapo would knock first and announce themselves. In Biden’s America, the solons and guiding lights of his clearly fascist administration see no necessity for such polite niceties.

Can you begin to imagine the bloody carnage such an asinine “legal” loophole would create throughout America, as firearms owners responded to a perceived home invasion? This is tantamount to a declaration of war against any firearms owner within The United States!

Bumbling Joe Biden topped off his halting Rose Garden presentation by the nomination of David Chipman, a pathetic-looking, Pillsbury dough boy Left Wing lunatic, as the new head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, or as dyslexic Joe mumbled, “…the AFT….”. To put it mildly, Chipman is a paranoid conspiracy nut who claimed the Branch Davidians shot down a helicopter (it never happened), and that semi-automatic AR-15 rifles are “…just like machine guns…” except, of course, they are not, as they only fire one bullet per trigger pull, rather than 30 rounds with one pull of a trigger.

Biden is just warming up for his big push to outlaw all semi-automatic “assault rifles”, a term that was invented by Josh Sugarman, Executive Director of the “Violence Policy Center”, to demonize both the rifle and the people who own them. The reality is that no soldier would ever dare to go into battle with what is termed an “assault rifle” currently available to U.S. citizens because they would be slaughtered by an enemy with real, fully automatic “machine guns”, which are the only true “assault rifles.” A real assault rifle can shoot 30 rounds in less than 3 seconds! Sugarman invented the “assault rifle” label to slap onto civilian military style semi-automatic rifles in order to further demonize them in the minds of an ignorant and gullible American media and public.

Of course, none of these policies, proposals, suggestions and threats truly emanate from Joe Biden. Biden is just a puppet, a pathetic marionette whose strings are pulled so that he can appear to walk, talk and think under his own power. The reality is that Biden has no moral compass, no internal principles, as he himself admitted early on in his career. Biden is a political prostitute who will bend and grovel wherever the winds of money and power take him. His entire political career has been in service, not to the people of Delaware or the United States, but to Joe Biden and the hangers on of his family, all in perpetual search of personal enrichment.

These anti-2nd Amendment proposals are the product of Biden’s socialist, Communist CCP admiring stooges who lurk in the background; the policy “wonks” drained from the cesspools of DC “think tanks” that litter the capital of our Federal Government. They will be the same ones who will inspire and animate our next President, Kamala Harris, as she implements the socialist dreams of “equality, equity, fairness, and reparations” across the United States, in preparation for the sell-out of our nation to China and their high tech U.S. allies who enjoyed establishing their business empires in the fertile soil of America before abandoning any principles they had to sell out this country to the tyranny of the Communist Chinese Party.

Mao was right about one thing: all political power does emanate from “…the barrel of a gun.” And that is exactly and precisely why Joe Biden and his socialist stooges are coming for yours!


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