Biden: Minorities Are Too Stupid and Lazy to Acquire ID

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By L.C. Vincent.

The Biden Administration has apparently had to admit what other White people, like Joe Biden, have known and suspected for years: that minorities, often referred to as people of “color”, are just too lazy and stupid to acquire valid photo ID’s, or state issued verifiable identification cards.

The Biden administration and the Democrat Party made this admission quite clearly when they vehemently opposed the State of Georgia’s new voting laws, which require a potential voter to identify themselves thru a valid photo ID. The Democrat Party, in particular, railed that such a requirement would prove to be a huge impediment for “people of color” and minorities in general; not only would they be required to somehow find a way to get an official state issued photo ID, but they would also be required to have it in their possession when they voted!

Really, this kind of blatant voter suppression cannot be tolerated by “woke” Social Justice Warriors! We cannot continue to allow unrealistic expectations of our minorities, our “people of color”, from being abused by the dictates of White neo-fascists who demand such unreasonable requirements to simply cast a vote for Democrats!

It is well known by “woke” Social Justice Warriors that the overwhelming number of Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Indians, and other “people of color” do not buy or drive cars, have bank accounts, buy tobacco or liquor, rent or buy property, travel on airplanes, get food stamps, sign up for welfare or unemployment, or buy cell phones. All of these “White” activities require a valid photo ID.

I mean, when was the last time you saw any minority perform one of these activities? Probably never! Admit it — people of “color” simply cannot understand nor acquire a valid photo ID to participate in modern society, which is why you never see them driving, smoking, drinking, living in apartments or condos, flying on airplanes or using social services.

SAY WHAT??!!! Yes, I am JOKING! Obviously, “people of color” already do all of these things. And that means that “people of color” obviously already have photo IDs to make these business transactions possible. However, the Democrat Party apparently thinks that so few minorities or “people of color” actually have the intelligence and perseverance to acquire a photo ID that Georgia’s new voting law will massively suppress the vote of “people of color.” At least, that is the implied reasoning behind their public claim.

The Democrats objection that a requirement to produce a valid photo ID by “people of color” is not simply ludicrous and absurd, but insulting and actually RACIST! But then again, why should anyone be surprised by the inherent racism of the Democrat Party; a party that historically supported slavery, Jim Crow laws, the Confederacy, the KuKluxKlan, segregation, Lester Maddox, George Wallace and Bull Connor?

In fact, Georgia’s new voting law does not even require a state issued photo ID. If a person does not have one, they can provide their Social Security number or even a valid utility bill. Yet the Democrats react to ANY kind of ID requirement to vote as the equivalent of being asked to climb Mt. Everest without oxygen.

Why this massive and ridiculous over-reaction by Democrats to a simple law requiring a valid ID for the most sacred obligation a citizen has to perform? Simple — the Democrats are scared that this logical requirement, which has the overwhelming support of both White people and “people of color”, will prevent their massive voter fraud that they have learned to count on over the past few decades to illegally slide their pinko-Socialist candidates into public office.

I think the Democrats are not really concerned that the minority vote will be suppressed. After all, we all know that “people of color” already do all the things that require a valid photo ID throughout America. Much more likely is that Democrats are far more concerned that requiring a valid photo ID will prevent their massive illegal voting practices to continue. If the Democrats can no longer “cheat” and stuff the ballot box by having illegal aliens, felons and dead people vote for them multiple times as they have in the past, then how do you expect them to continue to win local, state and national elections?

It just isn’t FAIR!!!


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