Are You a Prepper? Ready for a Pandemic? Better Read this Now.

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Okay, you probably don’t want to admit that you’re a “prepper.” I get it, neither do I. But the truth is that being prepared can save your life and the lives of your loved ones in the event of an emergency. That said, I think most of us who follow the news are starting to wake up. Too bad that there are far more people who have no idea about the world in which they live.

What Emergency?

The one you don’t see coming, that one. They include natural disasters, a pandemic, war, financial collapse, job loss, fire, and so on. As of this writing it is two days before the 2016 presidential election. Many people have a sense of foreboding with the election of either candidate. One might start a nuclear war, the other might crash the economy. Sure, the odds may seem slim, but they are greater now then they have ever been. Either candidate is very capable of both crashing the economy and being involved in a nuclear war.

Nuclear War

Russia recently performed a massive nuclear training exercise involving 40,000,000 people over four days.

Combine this with their massive deployment in the English Channel, and you start to get a sense of…What if SHTF?

Because of these actions, the US Defense Condition (DEFCON) level was lowered to 3 (5 is peace time, 1 is World War III). This is the lowest level since the Cold War. If it’s not at a 5, start getting ready. Check out today’s level here:

Add the Russian posturing to an unstable US president and disaster is born.

Financial Collapse

Remember the bailouts back in 2008? Yeah, most people and Congress didn’t like that too much. I say if a company fails, then let it fail. It will be replaced by a better company, sooner or later. That’s the point of a free market. Only the strong survive, thus producing better goods, services, and companies.

Again, Congress (our representatives) didn’t like this so they created Dodd-Frank (something worse IMHO). It’s an endless bill that dictates how the economy will run in the event of disaster. But there’s something disturbing hidden in that bill (as if that’s a surprise).


This law was created in response to the unpopular bailouts of the 2008 Great Recession. Here’s how Dodd-Frank creates “bail-ins:”

Let’s say you have $10,000 in a Chase savings account. (This amount will earn you $1 per year in interest.) By depositing money and receiving a paltry .01% interest annually, you, the depositor, are now considered to be a lender to the bank (by law) which means you are giving the banks an UNSECURED loan. This means the banks are legally allowed to claim bankruptcy against you if the need arises.

Banks use 90% of the money deposited to make money for themselves by gambling it in the stock market. Now let’s say the stock market crashes, as predicted by many economists. Banks could lose upwards of 1 trillion dollars! At this point and by law, the banks must pay every creditor first. The individual depositors (you) get paid last. Now you’re thinking, “So what? My bank is FDIC insured.” True, but the FDIC only has $41 billion, and that money goes to the banks’ creditors first. This means the FDIC can only cover 2 to 4% of the money lost by the banks. When all of this shakes out, your $10,000 nest egg could easily become $200 to $400…if you can even get that! You can thank these two geniuses:

Coronavirus Pandemic

Update: March 15, 2020 – The beginning of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak in the U.S. 

People around the globe are panicking. Store shelves are bare and toilet paper seems to be the hottest commodity. (A Japanese toilet paper factory worker tested positive for the virus and this somehow caused a toilet paper panic worldwide).

The truth is, this virus is almost as benign as the flu for most of us, only much more contagious with a higher mortality rate for the elderly. Most people have nothing to fear, but yet they do. Why? The media.

The media has been champing at the bit for a disaster for a number of reasons:

  • First, ratings and hype sells. The more they create panic, the more people will watch the news and the more revenue news organizations will generate by charging higher advertising rates.
  • Second, this is another attempt by the media to blame President Trump for a disaster. The mainstream media will stop at nothing to oust President Trump. 
  • And finally, speculation. No one really knows if this virus will die out in the warmer months, like most do, or continue growing until it reaches every man, woman and child on the globe. That said, this virus could become the next common cold, with slightly worse symptoms, or it can die into oblivion, like many of its predecessors.

If you’re reading this, it’s most likely because you’re worried and unsure of yourself and the future. You’re not ready for this. You are not a prepper. 

Become a Prepper ASAP

I know, you were worried about what others would think if you even mentioned the word, prepper. Who cares? I certainly do not, and never did. I am a prepper and am sitting out this little pandemic safely in the mountains in a remote town in a near desolate state. I have at least three months of food supplied, multiple guns with plenty of ammunition, and gold and silver on hand. Additionally, I have all of the items outlined in the following article. I suggest you read it and get prepared as soon as possible, if it’s not too late.

If North Korea Nukes Us, Here’s What You’ll Need.

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