Are we all “Racists”?

kayleigh mcenany torches lori lightfoot for saying her critics are racist and sexist | kayleigh mcenany torches lori lightfoot for saying her critics are racist and sexist | nbsp

By Conrad Rook.

As you no doubt have noticed, “racism” is the primary focus and the Number One Problem upon which the Biden regime and this imposed administration had decided to concentrate upon. Not the threat of nuclear war, the imploding economy and inflation, the epidemic of drug deaths, our wide open Southern border threatening the security, health and stability of the United States, our unprotected power grid, or the dismal state of public education. Even the “existential threat” of climate change takes a back seat to the federal government’s focus on “racism.”

But what, specifically, are “they” referring to? Actually, that’s simple to determine. The ONLY racism that exists as an even more serious threat to the American empire, as defined by China Joe Biden, is White racism, with the majority of the White population reputedly whipped into a continual frenzy by White Supremacists that the O’Biden/Harris administration has cautioned us is actually hiding under every (White) pillow throughout our land.

It makes no difference that you have somehow managed to avoid the parade of KuKluxKlan recruiters in your neighborhood, or in your office or place of business merrily signing up volunteers for the Saturday night cross burning on the lawn of the Black sharecroppers who just moved into your neighborhood under cover of darkness last week. It makes no difference that you have not been able to discover and dismantle the institutional racism that lingers, like an invisible spider web, throughout your child’s school system, your work place, your local government, your police department, your courts, or your media. Besides, if you’re White, all of this racial animosity against Blacks and POCs (that’s People Of Color) Is invisible to you. But fortunately for our country, it’s not invisible to that eagle-eyed former apologist for the KuKluxKlan, Joe Biden.

Nope! Just like Biden is adept at sniffing out and admiring the various hair products used by women of all ages (from 2 to 19, at least), Joe’s nose knows how to follow the whiff of White prejudice wherever it may rear its ugly, invisible head to wreak havoc on the aspirations of young Black youth relegated to a life of mindlessly attacking White, Asian and Hispanic Americans, usually women, to help vent their frustrations against a system that is, as Joe never ceases to remind us, “systemically racist.”

What Democrats and Socialism has Wrought

Lately, however, especially in cities like San Francisco and Chicago, that would rather continue to live the illusion of a civil society rather than face the fact that the Democrat initiated welfare state has finally harvested a crop of predatory criminals devoid of all sense of right and wrong, we see that the entrepreneurial spirit has spread to these young Black gentlemen, as they have now organized themselves into highly efficient “flash mobs” who effortlessly loot high end stores like Neiman-Marcus as they smash and grab snobbish fashion accessories from their display cases; accessories which are inherently racist, as they were designed to cater exclusively to wealthy White women.

Looting as “Reparations”

As a local Black activist so clearly articulated the situation on the streets of Chicago after dozens of organized thieving flash mobs cleaned out the stores along Chicago’s once glamorous “Miracle Mile” recently, what these young entrepreneurs actually did was just another form of “reparations” for slavery that their great great great great great grandparents suffered under, at the hands of their merciless White task masters. The fact that the people doing the robbing and looting, just like the people they stole from, never suffered nor participated in slavery or the slave trade is irrelevant, because somewhere back in history, one or more of their ancestors probably DID!

Which brings us to the question so many of us unconsciously avoid: exactly what IS “racism”? After all, if we are going to invest so much of our time and effort to root it out as it festers and seethes beneath the surface of our society, does it not behoove us to at least attempt to formulate a working definition of this word that is constantly bandied about as if everyone were in agreement with what it actually defines?

“Racism” is Multi-Faceted

Curiously, “racism” is actually multi-faceted. “Racism” might mean that one considers one race to be superior to another, or to all others; racism might mean that one can justify not only the slavery and oppression of one race over another, or over all others; it might also mean that one might justify the extermination (genocide) of one race over another, or over all others.

Racism might mean structuring government, education, the corporate world, sports, education, the military, police and justice systems, along with mass and social media, to exhibit a pronounced “preference” for one race over another, or over all others. On the other hand, racism might simply mean that one prefers the company and association of one’s own race to one or all others, sort of like birds of a feather prefer to flock together.

As you can see, racism can take many forms. Some forms of what might be termed “racism” (like a preference to associate with people of similar cultural and social backgrounds) is eminently understandable. It is simply a matter of comfort and familiarity. Whereas on the more extreme end of the spectrum (eradication and genocide) a rational person can draw the distinction between a preference versus a maniacal psychopathology. Like all things in life, there are shades of gray and cultural nuance. One person’s social preference may be another person’s virulent trigger for physical extermination.

Unless one is deaf, dumb and blind, and completely inured to the pages of American history over the last 70 years, it is clear that there is only one race for which America has bent over forwards and backwards to promote and provide opportunities unknown to all others; there is only one race that has been coddled and catered to, with specific “carve outs,” “set-asides,” social programs, scholarships and opportunities reserved for and available only to them. In fact, other minorities (Asian, Hispanic, Indian, etc.) need not even bother to apply.

Separate But Equal — Again?

In a reversal of what civil rights marchers struggled to achieve only a few decades ago, integration into society (not “White” society, but society as a whole) some Blacks are now demanding their own National Anthem, their own fraternities and sororities, their own dormitories, their own educational curricula, and their own national history month; furthermore, they want their own national holidays (Juneteenth, Kwanza), their own radio and television shows and media publications, proportional representation in the arts and sciences and politics (equity of outcome not based on merit or achievement, but on percentage demographics), and even their own states.

Of course, all of this comes at the expense of all other minorities, and especially at the hands of their former White slave masters. One is tempted, however, to note that their former White slave masters have long since been dead and buried, and that the concept of Collective Guilt, like Original Sin, is a concept that deserves to be permanently dead and buried along with them if society is ever to genuinely make progress towards a future of harmony based on mutual respect.

What Kind of “Racist” Are You?

Which brings us back to the question of “racism.” Just what kind of “racist” are you? Well, if you’re White, you are (according to current Black theology and academic literature espoused by Randy Weingarten of the American Federation of Teacher or corporate guilt tripper Robin DiAngelo) automatically a “racist” (that is, against POCs) by virtue of your White skin; you are an “oppressor” whose cultural heritage is built upon and based upon oppression and exploitation of others who were born with a different skin color. It makes no difference that you never, in your life, ever oppressed anyone, No, your protestations of innocence just prove what a racist you really are! See… there is no hope, and no escape for you, Whitey. “Resistance” (and denial) is simply FUTILE!

Stupid and Sad

Of course, all of this would be laughable if it weren’t so tragically sad. The reality is that people are losing not only their fortunes and all they have worked and struggled for all of their lives, including honest Black business people and entrepreneurs; they are also losing their very lives and the lives of their loved ones to senseless violence committed by criminals running rampant with firearms.

Black Lives Matter — To White People…

Ironically, the only Black Lives that really seem to matter are to White people, because it is abundantly clear that the “Black Lives” being taken and buried in the various “hoods” throughout America are being dispatched by other Blacks themselves. Added to this senseless carnage is the inconvenient truth that Black street gangs are now requiring their new “initiates” show their loyalty by direct participation in random killings of others, almost always Black, just to prove that they be real men!

It’s All Your Fault

Again, if you are a White devil reading this (based on the Reverend Louis Farrakhan’s judgment), you should understand that none of this would be happening if YOU had not created the cultural conditions that have so oppressed these poor Black people they have no other outlet for their creativity than robbery, vandalism and murder.

Why Do Other non-American Minorities Succeed in America?

Conveniently forget the fact that Asians, Hispanics and Indians — most of whom were NOT born in America, come from homes where English is not even a second language, and some of whom have entirely different alphabets, nevertheless have succeeded through determination and hard work to achieve a share of the American dream — financial stability and societal self-respect. In fact, Asians have succeeded in America so spectacularly (despite not speaking English nor being familiar with our laws, customs or alphabet) that the Eastern Ivy League schools now blatantly discriminate against their admission in favor of Blacks along with the sons and daughters of their alumnae.

Why do non-native POCs seem to thrive in America yet most native born Blacks never raise themselves above the poverty level? Can it be because they are truly inferior to others of other races? Can it be that the entire educational and social structure is biased against them — and only them — in a tangle of “systemic racism” as POCs? Or can it be because of a criminal, self-defeating culture that sees “success” as being and acting White, and therefore something to be rejected rather than emulated?

Dare You Call A Spade A Spade?

We can cut to the heart of the matter by answering a simple question: When was the last time you saw a “flash mob” of Asians, Hispanics or Indians (from India) do a “smash and grab” at a high end department store? When was the last time you saw Asians, Hispanics or Indians gleefully participating in riots, setting fires, looting, and reveling in arson and vandalism, sometimes even attacking stores owned and run by their own people? When was the last time you saw a video of an Asian, Hispanic or Indian randomly attack a person, often a female, of a different race just for the fun of it? Or push someone in front of a fast approaching subway train to add some spice and excitement to their boring existence? I think it’s safe to say you can’t remember seeing anything like this committed by members of any other race, except for Blacks. In fact, it may even be a safe bet to say you can NEVER remember seeing anything like the above committed by any other race, other than Blacks. But with Blacks, such criminal behavior is as common as a cold.

“Racism” IS actually the Social CREDIT SCORE of Every Race!

So again, exactly what is “racism”? Really, the simplest way to comprehend what “racism” is, is to think of it as racial prejudice, or the pre-judgment of a person’s behavior or social attributes and skills based upon nothing more than their race, racial externalities, or skin color.

To put it another way that is far more easy to understand, “racial prejudice” is really like a person’s CREDIT SCORE, except in this case, a person’s credit score (predictor of future behavior) is based upon the collective actions of their racial brothers and sisters over a long span of time.

Taken in context, and seen in this light, the Black race has a real credit problem here, a very poor “credit” rating indeed, based on a history replete with senseless killing, criminal violence, arson, robbery, rape, theft and mayhem, all of which tear at the very fabric of every civilized society.

It is no wonder, then, that if we are walking down a dark alley and see three White men dressed in suits talking to each other and walking towards us that we hardly give it a thought. Yet in the same circumstance, if we see three Black men walking towards us wearing hoodies, our immediate thoughts, quite understandably, are concerns regarding whether we are going to be attacked, robbed, mugged or worse. As noted corporate Black shakedown artist Jesse Jackson himself confessed, in that particular context, he would properly be fearful for his life.

Indeed, if one bothers to study criminal statistics, whether compiled by the FBI or local law enforcement, one unmistakable figure always stands out: Blacks commit more serious, violent crimes (rape, murder, arson, armed robbery) FAR out of proportion to their population. That is, the percentage of Black crime is not just six to nine times more than Whites, but it is even more out of proportion to that of other, supposedly “oppressed” minorities.

Critical Race Theory Wants to Place the Failure of Blacks on Whites

The real question we must face then is this: how much longer is America going to be held hostage based on White guilt trips fostered by the bogus Marxist dogma of Critical Race Theory? For make no mistake about it, CRT, or Critical Race Theory is just an offshoot of avowed communist Herbert Marcuse’s “Critical Theory.” The end result of both is antagonistic and destructive, with no path to resolution, only separation and hatred.

BLM is Just a Black Branch of Communism

Just as Black Lives Matter (also known as BLM — Burn, Loot, Murder) has been injected into American society in order to create division and violence by three lesbian communists who now pass their time buying private property and living high on the hog without contributing a dime to their “bruthas and sistahs” in the hood, “Critical Theory” was nothing more than an academic exercise used to negatively attack anything and everything American in a concerted attempt to divide, alienate and DEMORALIZE as many Americans as these advocates and proponents of The Frankfurt School (of Communism) could subvert.

Critical Race Theory is Based on Baseless “White Guilt”

Unfortunately, White Guilt (rather than White racism) now permeates government, the media, academia, the press, and our society as a whole. This condition was fostered and fomented by the advocates of The Frankfurt School who escaped from Germany and infested all of our teacher colleges. Their spawn has had three generations of Americans to contaminate with their hatred and disdain for all things American, especially the nuclear family. Rather than use class warfare as a wedge and weapon to disrupt society, Communists have decided it is far easier and more effective to use the wedge of race to topple our Republic by making Whites feel guilty for the non-achievement of the majority of Blacks despite generations of government social welfare programs and handouts.

White Liberal Guilt Contaminates Our Society

Those Whites who willingly participate in this insanity of self-loathing, and further the discredited concept of “collective guilt,” are now contaminating the rest of society with their psychopathy. If you have children in public schools, there very best thing you can do for them is to remove them; yet even then, this same mind virus can be found in some of the very best private schools, just as this rot now permeates our government bureaucracy, our military, our mass media, our courts and our society at large.

The “inconvenient truth” is that a genuine reformation of America into a truly colorblind society can only come thru the work of Black Americans themselves, and who, en masse, will reject violence, rape, robbery, vandalism, and murder as a part of their daily lives; who will once more embrace the concept of a two parent household as the foundation for social stability and upward mobility; and who will reject the welfare state as the poison candy ladled out to them by their historic slave owners and slave masters — Democrats to the last — who want nothing more than to keep them “on the plantation” of the Democrat party with subsidies and handouts. The change towards a multi-colored “rainbow” civilized society must emerge from Black America, or they shall be doomed to suffer the eternal prejudice generated by the lowest and most vile members of their race in the minds of everyone else.

Ten Percent Is Not Enough

Last year, an anonymous author using the pseudonym of “Ian Duncan” wrote a widely read critique of Black America entitled “Ten Percent is Not Enough.” Duncan’s premise was that despite having over one trillion dollars spent on Black Americans since the beginnings of President Johnson’s “Great Society,” the numbers of honest and industrious Black professionals who are attorneys, judges, lawyers, corporate professionals, and business leaders represent no more than ten percent of their population; and ten percent is “not enough” to forego the damage done by the remaining 90 percent to the rest of American society if one factors in crime and the drain of multiple generations on welfare.

The statistics tell the story. If you take the Black population out of the American equation, you reduce shootings, murders, rapes and crime rates by a very significant amount; also reduced is incarceration, the backlog of court cases and the cost of the welfare state by a staggering amount, again far out of proportion to their numbers.

An Offer They Will Choose to Refuse

For those Blacks who claim America is still a racist country that oppresses them and all other Black people, and that America with its institutional, systemic racism has thwarted their ability to grow and prosper, perhaps it is now time to consider offering these very unhappy, miserable people a pathway to free immigration, including transportation and all expenses paid, to any other country on Earth that will take them, with the proviso that they can never return to America under any circumstances.

If this were a real existential choice for those Blacks of BLM and its ancillaries, they would actually have to stop and think of where else on Earth Black people have prospered more, and have more opportunities and more advantages than the United States of America. Then maybe they would quickly mature and realize that whatever America’s current flaws as measured against their illusions of a Marxist, “classless” non-non-racist Utopia they currently envision, their present circumstance and situation is still be far better than if they were citizens of any other country, anywhere else in the world.

Tough Love Is a Necessity

It sounds a bit like “tough love”… but maybe this sort of ultimatum is the only avenue left to a civilized society that has grown tired and weary of the constant demands, constant complaints, constant reverse racism, and constant criminality of those Blacks who are not interested in constructively engaging with the society and the country in which they were born.

A normal, well-adjusted person adapts to their society and surroundings, and finds the road to success thru trial and error; the maladjusted miscreant has no desire to adjust, but expects the rest of the world to adjust and conform to his or her demands. Looking upon the mass of Black citizens of America today, especially as highlighted on social media or in the arts on television, what do we find to be the prevailing outlook of Blacks portrayed in the media? It is a constant crescendo of grievances, fabricated racist attacks (ala Jussie Smollet and Bubba Wallace) punctuated by imaginary racist demons like mathematics, the English language, and a list of absurdities so lengthy that it requires its own article to do them justice.

Nevertheless, the bottom line is that we are all Americans. While some of us can see the concerted efforts by the educational establishment and the media to brainwash the vulnerable among us, others have fallen victim to decades of a twisted Communist narrative that has infested our schools, colleges and our mass media which has no basis in reality — other than as a chimera in the mind of a warped, elitist academia.

Despite this temporary insanity that seems to afflict Democrats far more than Republicans, it is my hope that we will live long enough to see Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of a truly color blind society eventually emerge from the carnage and tumult wrought by the proponents and advocates of racial hatred and separatism.

America and The World Is At Stake!

As Americans we ALL have a vested interest in seeing our country and our society succeed despite the influence of the Communists both within and outside our government. Whether Black, White, or any other color or permutation, we must realize that today not only is our home and our country at stake; but the entire world!

Rather than constantly catering to the demands of the fringe, we must find a way to reach and educate Black youth so that they understand that not only is America their best hope for success, but in most every case one can imagine, America is their only hope for success.

In the final analysis, America is literally the last beacon of freedom for the rest of the world. If the torch of freedom is ever extinguished on our shores, whether at the hands of the Black mobs of BLM or the self-hating virtue signaling White mobs of Antifa, Orwell’s prediction for the fate of humanity — a boot continually stomping on a human face — is the future that awaits us and our descendants.

Copyright 2021, Conrad Rook, All Right Reserved
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