An Open Letter Destroying the Damned Snowflakes

Written by Steve Cannon for

I have had enough of these damned wimpy millennials! If I hear one more word about “safe spaces,” “white privilege,” or “cultural appropriation,” I will lose my ever-loving mind!

Snowflakes, it’s time you grow the f*ck up!

The Real World of Kids

Let me explain the real world to you since you seem to have missed it because you were hiding in your safe spaces during play dates.

Example #1:

When I was ten years old, my friends and I were told to go outside and play when we woke up. We were given a dime (for an emergency phone call, if needed) and told to be home by sunset. That’s it! There was no such thing as a, “play date.” We wandered the streets of Manhattan and Queens for 12 hours, barefoot, miles from home, and unsupervised. You know what happened? Nothing. We actually had fun. We took care of ourselves.

Example #2:

When my brothers and I were even younger, we sat in the car for hours while mom went grocery shopping. We entertained ourselves and never talked back to our parents. CPS was not even a thing.

We also walked the ten blocks or so to and from school every single day, without supervision. This included walking in torrential rains and blizzards. Nothing ever happened.

Example #3:

When we played sports, the winners cheered, the losers got nothing. We competed and actually tried our best to win. If we lost, we tried harder to win next time. No one cried. There were no participation trophies. In fact, there were no trophies for the winners. We just knew we were better and that was enough.

The Real World of Men

Assuming you grew up as a kid as in the previous examples, the following will sound familiar.

Example #1:

My parents couldn’t afford to put me through college so I did it myself. I worked the night shift from 6pm – 6am, five nights a week as a waiter at an all-night diner. During the days, I went to school. I scheduled my sleep in between classes. I never had time to think or care about the crap the snowflakes bitch about today. I was all about working hard and getting things done, period.

Example #2:

To this day, my friend works a full-time job during the day and a part-time job in the middle of the night, delivering newspapers. He has been doing this for years in an effort to provide a better life for his wife and two kids. He does not complain.

Example #3:

My uncle was a 22-year vet who was a drill sergeant in the Army. He fought in the Korean war, killing enemy soldiers, among others. This affected him so much that when he returned home, he became a minister.

My father served in the navy and was on a destroyer off of the Cuban coast during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I served in the navy during the first gulf war. We served. We didn’t complain.

Boot camp was hard back then. We drilled and exercised 18 hours every day for three months straight. My bunk mate dislocated his shoulder while doing push-ups and was told to suck it up and keep going until the ambulance arrived. Another recruit passed out while running in the summer heat. He was given some water and then told to catch up.

Today, I hear boot camp is more like day care. Apparently, no one can curse or get hit lest their feelings get hurt. Smoking is longer allowed in the military either. Damned shame what the libtards did to their snowflake kids.

Example #4:

When I wanted to buy my first house, I worked two full-time jobs for three months straight. I never thought anyone owed me anything. If I wanted something, I had to earn it. That’s it.

Real Men

  • Work hard
  • Play hard
  • Take care of their family
  • Defend their country
  • Pay the bills
  • Curse
  • Watch football
  • Shoot guns
  • Fight when challenged
  • Do not get offended
  • Drink beer
  • Eat bacon
  • Drive a stick-shift
  • Try harder than the next guy
  • Fix things
  • Build things
  • Win

In the End…

America itself is damned “safe space!” Men and women have worked incredibly hard, fought, lost limbs, and died, all before you libtard snowflakes came along to bitch about “words that hurt.”

Hundreds of thousands of real men and women have died before they could even enjoy the freedom they provided for you. So…

  • Shut the f*ck up about being offended when a Chick-fil-A shows up on campus and your being offended because they support traditional marriage. They can do what they want. You can choose to not be offended!
  • Shut the f*ck up about needing a “safe space.” America is a safe space thanks to real men!
  • Shut the f*ck up about a Tomahawk missile whose name is “culturally appropriated” from Indians. No one cares and no one is complaining.
  • Shut the f*ck up about “Master’s” being dropped by Harvard because it reminds you of a history lesson about slavery. You weren’t there so it cannot affect you. You can also choose to not have it affect you.
  • Shut the f*ck up about “micro-aggressions” and be thankful you do not have to fight in a real war with macro-aggressions.
  • Shut the f*ck up about needing to decide what bathroom to use. If you can’t decide, sh*t your pants for all I care.
  • Shut the f*ck up about your feelings being hurt. Life is not fair. Suck it up, rub some dirt on it, and move on!
  • Just SHUT THE F*CK UP!

Cross my path with any of your snowflake bullsh*t and I will quickly school you in the art of being a real man, and it will be painful, as well as my pleasure.

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