America’s Lack Of Judicial Integrity. The George Floyd Disaster.

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By Roger Anghis.

Part I

Some people have said that America is heading for a reset. In many cases, I agree that we are in desperate need of a reset when you look at what is happening in our country. Cities are burning, violence is off the charts, though all this is only happening in Democrat-controlled states, it is still happening. We have the Democrat Brown Shirts, antifa and blm, running around saying all white people are racist, our Constitution is based on white supremacy, songs are racist or promote violence against women, Baby It’s Cold Outside, children’s books are racist but two women simulating lesbian sex on primetime television is wholesome. Yes, we need a reset but we need to reset back to what made America the greatest nation in the world, and nothing that is coming out of the democrat party qualifies.

We seem to have a major problem with the rule of law these days. Of course, I must qualify that 99% of these problems are coming out of the Democrat Party. Last summer the riots and businesses that were burned were in Democrat-controlled cities, Portland, Chicago, New York, the typical cities of baseless violence. The fool that is the mayor of Portland referred to it as a new summer of love. Really? Destroying a person’s life and business they worked years to build is a form of love? Democrats have a twisted sense of what love is.

In 2020 six states illegally changed their voting regulations and even bragged about it and state legislatures, courts, and law enforcement refused to do anything about it. Our illustrious Supreme Court even spit in the face of the American people and refused to adjudicate election cases that were so rife with evidence that the only decision they could come to is the election would have to be overturned or redone completely. That’s not justice. That’s complacency with a coup to overthrow our government.

Some citizens defended their property by showing that they were willing to use lethal force if necessary, arrested for defending their property, and charged with a felony weapons charge. 1 The police even found one of their handguns was assembled incorrectly and would not fire. They were then told to assemble it correctly so a charge of brandishing a lethal weapon could be enacted. Assistant Circuit Attorney Chris Hinckley ordered crime lab staff members to field strip the handgun, finding it had been assembled incorrectly, according to the documents filed Monday. The firing pin spring was put in front of the firing pin, which was backward, raising questions about the gun’s ability to fire. Firearms experts then reassembled the gun correctly and found it worked by test-firing it.

McCloskey and her husband, Mark, have alleged that the handgun she waved toward protesters last month was inoperable, claiming it was a prop during a lawsuit they once filed against a gun manufacturer. The couple said they made the weapon inoperable in order to bring it into a courtroom.

Missouri law orders police and prosecutors to prove that a weapon is “readily” capable of lethal use when it’s used in the type of crime for which the McCloskey’s have been charged.2

To this author’s knowledge, no charges were ever filed against the police department for tampering with evidence. Understand that if you or I had done that we would be in jail. One thing about this case that has not been talked about at all is the fact that the prosecuting attorney was funded by George Soros. She stated that these thugs were peaceful protestors: She added, “We must protect the right to peacefully protest, and any attempt to chill it through intimidation or threat of deadly force will not be tolerated.”

On October 6, 2020, a grand jury indicted the McCloskeys. KSDK explained that the jury indicted the McCloskeys on “exhibiting a weapon and tampering with evidence.” 3 Notice she tried to charge the McClosky’s with evidence tampering when it was the police themselves that did the pampering. Another thing most media didn’t talk about was the fact that these ‘peaceful protestors’ broke down a gate on McCloskey’s gated community. That’s trespassing and property destruction.

We’ve just experienced one of the most disgusting trials I have witnessed in the last fifty years. George Floyd, a saint according to MSM, was actually a long-time violent criminal: The head of the Minneapolis police union says George Floyd’s “violent criminal history” needs to be remembered and that the protests over his death are the work of a “terrorist movement.”

What is not being told is the violent criminal history of George Floyd. The media will not air this,” police union president Bob Kroll told his members in a letter posted Monday on Twitter.

Floyd had landed five years behind bars in 2009 for an assault and robbery two years earlier, and before that, had been convicted of charges ranging from theft with a firearm to drugs, the Daily Mail reported.4

On the day he died he was on meth, fentanyl and was trying to pass a counterfeit $20 bill. He was resisting arrest and was screaming ‘I can’t breathe’ while he was in the cop car. That is a result of the fentanyl which according to the pathology report, he had consumed three time the lethal dose of that drug: It’s now being reported that the toxicology report from May 31, 2020, shows George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose.  A summary of a conversation between Amy Sweasy, a Hennepin County Attorney, and Dr. Andrew Baker, the chief medical examiner for the county, reveals that the former would conclude George Floyd died of a drug overdose if there were no other contributing factors. Dr. Baker reveals that Floyd’s blood tested positive for the presence of 4ANPP, methamphetamine, fentanyl, and norfentayl. He described the level of fentanyl found in George Floyd’s bloodstream as a “fatal level under normal circumstances.”5 I would like someone to explain to me how a person who has taken three times the lethal dose of a drug be ‘murdered’ by a cop when you committed suicide yourself. This guy was no saint. He was a violent criminal and drug abuser. The city gave his family 27 million dollars! There was a go fund me account that raised $14.7 million. I guess it really does pay to be a black criminal in ‘woke’ America.

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Part II

As we all know the police officer in the George Floyd case was convicted of three counts of murder. Since Floyd took a lethal amount of drugs that day, how can it be murder? Asking for a friend. How can that be justice? He was a violent criminal, on several illegal drugs, passing a counterfeit $20 bill and resisting arrest, but the cop is at fault. Seriously?

We are seeing another case of socialist justice in Wisconsin concerning Kyle Rittenhouse. Riots in Kenosha brought out people to defend their property. Kyle was there to help. He busted a bunch of thugs trying to burn a used car lot. One tried to attach him and Kyle defended himself and shot him. He did try to stop the bleeding but was chased off by the other thugs. He was then attacked but others that were chasing him. One started hitting him with a skateboard and Kyle used his weapon to defend himself. A third attacker came at him with a handgun and Kyle again defended himself. There are so many aspects to this story that I don’t have time to get into in this article but the bottom line is a seventeen-year-old simply defended himself from three violent attacks yet he is the one charges have been filed against. The last attacker he shot illegally had the handgun he was carrying yet I have not heard of any charges against him. He even stated he was sorry he hadn’t shot Rittenhouse when he had the chance.

Why is it that when a person exercises their right to defend themselves and their property that they are charged with the crime but the actual criminals skate? All of the blame can rest on the Democrat Party and their refusal to uphold the law. Some of the blame can go to the international dirtbag George Soros. While America’s political kingmakers inject their millions into high-profile presidential and congressional contests, Democratic mega-donor George Soros has directed his wealth into an under-the-radar 2016 campaign to advance one of the progressive movement’s core goals — reshaping the American justice system.

The billionaire financier has channeled more than $3 million into seven local district-attorney campaigns in six states over the past year — a sum that exceeds the total spent on the 2016 presidential campaign by all but a handful of rival super-donors.

His money has supported African-American and Hispanic candidates for these powerful local roles, all of whom ran on platforms sharing major goals of Soros’, like reducing racial disparities in sentencing and directing some drug offenders to diversion programs instead of to trial. It is by far the most tangible action in a progressive push to find, prepare and finance criminal justice reform-oriented candidates for jobs that have been held by longtime incumbents and serve as pipelines to the federal courts — and it has inspired fury among opponents angry about the outside influence in local elections.

The prosecutor exercises the greatest discretion and power in the system. It is so important,” said Andrea Dew Steele, president of Emerge America, a candidate-training organization for Democratic women. “There’s been a confluence of events in the past couple years and all of the sudden, the progressive community is waking up to this.” 1 The worthless DA that tried to try the McCloskey’s was funded by Soros. Soros supports the Democrat Party and the Democrats love his money. Case closed.

What is the worst part of this story is that many law enforcement officers have sided with Rittenhouse, as they should since they have sworn t uphold the Constitution. But many have been reprimanded for doing so. 2, 3 What kind of a justice system do we have when we fire police for supporting our Constitution rights?

We have had more shootings this year, I believe because Democrats demand more gun laws and gun bans not to mention gun confiscation. There is no common sense in today’s so-called justice. When Daunte Wright was shot MSM went nuts. White cop shoots defenseless black. As usual, they left out all the facts. Daunte was not a saint. He was a criminal. Daunte Wright had multiple criminal charges on his record when he was pulled over and fatally shot by police.

Wright, the 20-year-old black man who was shot by in an apparent accidental discharge, had previously been charged with first-degree aggravated robbery, fleeing from police, and possession of a handgun without a permit. Wright also had a warrant for his arrest out at the time of his fatal shooting after failing to appear in court for the fleeing and weapons charges.

The aggravated robbery charge stemmed from a 2019 incident in which Wright and an acquaintance attended a party at an apartment and were told to leave around 2:30 a.m. by two women who rented the apartment, according to court documents. But the two men said they did not have a ride, prompting the women to allow them to stay the night.

The next morning, one of the women left the apartment to get $820 in cash to pay the other for her share of the rent before leaving for work. The other woman stayed behind while Wright and his acquaintance waited for their ride. Then, the woman alleged that Wright blocked the door and pulled out a handgun “with silver trim out from either his right waistband or his right coat pocket” and demanded that the woman hand over the $820 while pointing the gun at her. 4 He was resisting arrest and had climbed back into his car. The officers didn’t know if he was going for a weapon or not and had the right to defend themselves as they deemed necessary. Remember he was wanted on an arms charge and he was resisting arrest. If he hadn’t resisted, he’d be alive today. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Let’s put a cherry on top of this liberal desert. The city manager, Curt Boganey, stated that the police officer involved in the shooting deserved due process. That part of our rule of law that the Democrats hate to give anyone but fellow Democrats, and was promptly fired for taking that stand. This is justice in America now? Yes, we need a reset so we can return to what we were before stupid became our method of Operation.

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©Roger Anghis

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