America, July 4, 1776 — November 4th, 2020. R.I.P.?

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By L.C. Vincent.

It’s been a good ride. According to the folks who study these things, the average “democracy” lasts about 200 years before it is subsumed into a shadow of its former self thru corruption and social dissolution. By that standard, The United States has gone about 44 years beyond its expiration date. The evidence for our national fragmentation can be judged by the continued clarion call for “Diversity” in every aspect of our government, schools, corporations, media, and our civic life. The fetid dogma of “diversity” is the unmistakable proof that our once proud Republic has reached the end of its lifespan.

Only a fool or a Democrat party hack (but I repeat myself) could believe that Joe Biden, whose personal lack of magnetism has been likened to someone who could not draw flies to a pile of shit, legitimately won the presidency of the United States. That the corporate media engaged in illegal and manipulative behavior which could accurately be called a conspiracy to alter the free and fair outcome of a democratic election for the United States’ presidency is indisputable. Said corporate titans from Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many other American business icons all but signed their confession to doing just that recently in the pages of TIME Magazine.

Just to provide the casual reader with one of hundreds of interesting voter “anomalies” observed during the 2020 presidential election: the state of Pennsylvania mailed out 1.5 million mail-in ballots and received back 2.3 million in return! Please explain, without using “racist” Social Justice Warrior mathematics, in what universe this could possibly be a valid equation?

It was plain for anyone with eyes, ears, and a modicum of curiosity that our last presidential election was “fixed.” It was “fixed” far more than John F. Kennedy’s “win” over Nixon in 1960 via Cook County and Mayor Daley. It was fixed thru the electronic manipulations of Dominion Voting Machines in 29 states that were controlled by China, Iran, Russia, Italy, England, and other “interested parties” thru the Internet.

The domestic vote was also altered by those “on site” in America, partisans who prevented visual inspection of counted ballots when they were not busy pulling crates of uncounted “votes” from under their desks which somehow favored Biden by a factor of 98 to 1. Curiously, all of these anomalies occurred during the morning hours when “officials” asked the regular vote counters to “go home” so tallies could be digitally manipulated.

For those with any remaining doubts about the legitimacy of the 2020 vote, I strongly suggest you read Peter Navarro’s detailed breakdown of our last presidential election, or see Mike Lindell’s video, “Absolute Proof” for further examples of these absurd “voting irregularities” which the prostitutes in our bought-and-paid-for media chose to ridicule and ignore.

It is clear to any thinking, remotely curious adult who bothers to check into the mathematics as well as the hundreds of signed affidavits of election fraud that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (a woman who, by the way, is barred from the presidency of the United States by virtue of her place of birth) could only be installed as President and Vice President of our country thru blatant election fraud.

What we, the truly awake, not “woke”, patriots have witnessed in this past election is the subversion of our democratic Republic thru bribery, corruption, real foreign interference, and blatant voter fraud. Massive numbers of illegal aliens, convicted felons, people who proclaimed multiple residences in multiple states, and even dead people were said to have somehow “legitimately” cast their vote for Joe Biden.

Now the burning question remains, a question we can no longer ignore. Do we currently have a “legitimate” government ruling our nation (supposedly reflecting the “Will of the People”) in Washington, DC? I am afraid the answer to this question is quite clear: we do not! While some degree of election fraud has certainly existed in every presidential election within the United States, I can attest without hesitation that all of the fraud taken together prior to 2020 could not hold a candle to the massive theft of votes and padding of illegal votes that occurred in our last Presidential election.

The social contract that once formed the basis for the foundation and operating principles of the United States (the Will of the People of the United States to be governed and formulated thru their consent via democratic vote), is now null and void. This sacred contract, which Americans fought and died for, which generations of soldiers, scouts, politicians, businessmen and women struggled to create and honor, is now a dead pile of ashes scattered down the corridors of History.

What, then, is left to American Patriots who believe in this country, our Constitution, and the democratic Republic which this document outlines?Can our Constitution still serve as the foundation for our government when this document has been perverted thru tortured interpretations by a corrupt and malleable Supreme Court? Where shall we go for redress, for succor, for balm to dress our spiritual wounds, when the last shining light of liberty and freedom on this planet has been cut asunder from its keystone: the legitimate consent of The People to be governed by a representatives and laws of their own choice, a compact now rendered meaningless thru manipulation, fraud, and treasonous deceit?

A criminally corrupt and compromised person in the name of Joe Biden now goes thru the halting motions of pretending to be in charge of our government; a woman who started her political career on her back by being a mattress for San Francisco Mayor Willy Brown now stands at the pinnacle of power for an office which she could never hope to legitimately attain. These truths are, in fact, “self-evident.” But these truths are but the tip of the iceberg of corruption we must deal with. Much more lies under the depths in the murky water we now know as The Deep State.

We watch aghast and dismayed as other illegally elected officials race to overturn every law that safeguarded our country, our Republic, from the predations of massive numbers of illegal aliens, or crazed Communist stooges like BLM and Antifa. We observe these imbeciles and the policies they advocate, and we remember hearing the idiocies of Biden, who during the presidential debates, actually welcomed a “… non stop surge of immigrants coming to this country, wave after wave…” to enjoy the fruits of our labor, while our own children are programmed and literally brainwashed to hate the country of their birth.

We watch in stupefied horror, as nations around the globe recognize what is plain for anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear: “China” Joe Biden is clearly incapable of even acting as president; and his weakness has been telegraphed around the globe so that our enemies can take maximum advantage of the fixed and rigged election that illegally installed him in the Oval Office.

Biden now rules by Presidential dictate, by Executive Order fiat. In the time it took Trump to write five Executive Orders, Biden has written THIRTY. Yet the ever complaint, kiss-ass media bends over forwards to accommodate Joe and not ask any pertinent or painfully obvious questions, preferring instead to coyly ask what ice cream flavor he prefers rather than inquire how Joe can justify doing personal business with the Chinese government for billions of dollars yet not expose himself and our country to their influence? That’s leaving aside the question of Hunter Biden’s criminally rich lap top, which implicates Joe, Joe’s brother, and Joe’s son Hunter in a myriad of shady and questionable dealings with the CCP, which one might charitably interpret as treason.

What to do in our current situation? The clear evidence of Oval Office corruption, malfeasance and mass media complicity in its obfuscation and burial cannot be disputed by any non-biased observer or investigator. But the question remains: if one knows without a doubt that our current federal government is no longer legitimate, then by what “right” must one be expected to obey any of their laws or “dictats”, since such laws are, ipso facto, a product of this illegitimacy? Since their edicts and decrees are now a product of this fraud and deception?

Any doubt you may have regarding the hypocrisy of our bureaucrats or Department of Justice may rightfully be put to rest by watching a replay of Roger Stone’s arrest via 27 active agents of the FBI, including a frog man stashed in his lily pond. Or witness the treatment of 3 star general Michael Flynn, whose prosecution was dropped by the Department of Justice for lack of evidence, yet Federal judge Emmet Sullivan refused to end Flynn’s trial and continued to seek a conviction. Contrast this to the delicate handling of Strzok, Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper and Clinton, who have outright lied to Congress, and it becomes clear that corruption is the ruling “principle” of our Federal Government.

So thee burning question remains: why should we follow or observe any Federal Law, when such a law is a product of an illegitimate government? Why should we obey “their” federal laws, which “they” wrote for “their” advantage, while an obvious two-tiered “Just Us” system remains in place, a system which grants clemency and forgiveness for “them” yet metes out absurd prosecutorial and illegal punishments for “us”?

Of course, the “pragmatic” folks among us might say that we often have no choice in the matter, as in the final analysis, The Law, as illegitimate as it may be, is on “their” side. In the ultimate final analysis, “they” will enforce “their” rules and dictates at the point of a gun. Of course, such a truism perfectly illustrates, in no small measure, why you should never surrender yours!

So is America truly dead? Must the real “American Dream” of Peace, Prosperity, Truth, Justice, Fairness and Equality based on Merit now be considered a curious relic of a bygone era?

I don’t think so. The Pharisees killed Christ; yet it is written that He rose again from the dead. So, too, may our beloved Republic yet rise again from the ashes of its apparent demise, inflamed anew with the passions of Patriots who will not let the dream of Liberty and Freedom be ripped from our hands and our hearts.


Copyright 2021, LCVincent, All Rights Reserved
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