A “Woke” Military is a Joke Military!

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By L.C. Vincent.

Back when he was still President, Barack Obama addressed the graduating class of the Coast Guard Academy, essentially telling them that “climate change” (not the governments of China, North Korea, Russia, Iran or Islamic terrorism) was the greatest threat to our national security. Altho Obama’s laughable grasp of the global threats actually facing the United States in the 21st century quickly created a torrent of mockery on the internet, his statement served to illustrate The Left’s total disconnect from the dangers this country faces in the real world.

Of course, The Great Black Hope was quite serious when he broached this subject to the Coast Guard Academy, just as he essentially repeated the same caution when he addressed U.S. Congress or the United Nations. Raising this artificial issue with the U.S. military made as much sense as the Obama administration’s dictate that our military do its best to curb air pollution by moving away from “fossil fuels” whenever possible so as not to harm the environment — as they went about spraying shells made of depleted uranium in Iraq and elsewhere, contaminating land for untold centuries while creating hideous birth defects in the population they were reputedly sent to serve and protect.

It seems difficult for the average person to fathom this emerging “truth” about our acting President, Joe Biden and his new administration, but it appears that The Left’s perception of our military is NOT that it exists to fight and win wars against an enemy aggressor who intends to do us harm; rather, it is to be compliant fodder for social experimentation, a playpen for social scientists to test and inflict their pet theories upon a defenseless population already beholden to the government for food, clothing and shelter — almost as if our military were an extension of the welfare state The Left so loves to create and infinitely expand.

Obama started this process during his two administrations when he replaced over 179 line officers with compliant (read “woke”) officers more in step with his administration’s social policies and theories, and who were willing to forego military history and experience in order to accelerate their careers and play a part in our new, “sensitive” military. Recruiting standards were lowered, physical requirements were re-evaluated, and “stress” cards were introduced into basic training so that new recruits could hand them to their drill sargeant if and when they felt physically over-extended. I often wondered how well these “stress cards” would work when handed to, say, a North Korean soldier facing an American G.I. on the battle field who felt he/she was dealing with too much on their plate that day during a taxing and strenuous firefight.

Biden is now continuing Barack Obama’s transformation of our fighting forces after they enjoyed a 4 year hiatus under President Trump, who did his best to rebuild our military assets and rejuvenate purpose and pride in our armed services. Now Biden is once more purging and purifying the ranks of both enlisted and commissioned officers in order to achieve ideological Left-Wing “purity.” In concert with treating our armed forces as a social petri dish experiment, we once again are requiring our military services to deal with transvestites and trans-sexuals in military uniform, racial quotas, women in combat, and even pregnant women in combat, while focusing on rooting out “extremism”, “sexism”, and “nationalism” — all of which have been labelled by the savants of various Washington elite think tanks as covers for the dreaded “R” word — Racism!

It is no longer enough for our military to face the enemy on the battle field; because according to this new “woke” military dogma, the real enemy is actually lurking within the ranks of our military and must be rooted out, lest someone’s incorrect political leanings (Republican “terrorists”?) tempt them to turn on their superior officers and sabotage their bogus “authority”… perhaps even “frag” them!

Fox News Television analyst Tucker Carlson found out about our new “woke” military first-hand, when he commented in late March of this year about the appointment of the new “Chief of Diversity and Inclusion” for the United States Special Operations Command, Mr. Richard Torres-Estrada. Special Operations Command oversees all of our elite fighting units such as the Navy Seal teams, Delta Command, and the Rangers.

The Torres-Estrada announcement on Twitter also included a link to Special Operations new “diversity and inclusion” “strategic” plan, a plan which Carlson noted will inevitably result in the dramatic lowering of standards throughout these elite ranks. “How will that make America safer?” Carlson wondered aloud.

The photograph of Torres-Estrada is priceless — a noticeably cross-eyed man wearing glasses with a brain-dead, self-satisfied smile on his face. This is the person who will now be in charge of retaining our elite fighting forces. A brief investigation of his social media pages reveals grotesque cartoons of “racist” White police officers harassing Black “victims”, and also includes two photographs — one of Trump holding a Bible in front of a church along with another photograph of Adolf Hitler, also holding a Bible, to emphasize their equivalency.

Lloyd Austin, a Black military executive now in charge of our entire armed forces as Secretary of Defense, was recruited by the Biden administration from Raytheon, our massive military and defense contractor. In an address before Congress during his confirmation, Austin succinctly defined the real threat to our country. No, it’s not Russia, China, Iran or North Korea; it’s the people who didn’t vote for Joe Biden!

Lloyd Austin is talking about more than half the population of the United States! As he said in his confirmation hearing before Congress: “The duty of our armed forces is to keep us safe from our enemies. But we cannot do that if our enemies lie within our own ranks!” It appears that Mr. Austin certainly has an interesting, even unique, perspective on who our real “enemy” happens to be!

Ramon Colon Lopez is the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Black Lives Matter, according to Colon Lopez, is a “social injustice organization” and is therefore not extreme, despite the fact that they have murdered, injured and crippled people, set hundreds of arson fires, burned down businesses and a police station, and attacked government buildings (sometimes with people still inside of them). “Not to worry” — the media assured us when they even bothered to show video of the looting, burning, rioting, destruction and murder — after all, these BLM protests were “…mostly peaceful…”.

Soon after Austin’s testimony in front of Congress, Lieutenant General Brad Webb, Commander of the U.S. Air Force Training and Education Command, publicly stated that recruiting private pilots to join the Air Force was essentially “racist” because far more White pilots could afford flying lessons than Blacks or other minorities, so it just was not fair! Again, if you can envision the Pillsbury Dough Boy wearing a military uniform, you can begin to get a sense of the kind of person who now directs the Biden military in its selection process.

And Webb is not alone from espousing such lunacy in our Air Force. In October of 2020, Major General Ed Thomas stated that 86% of Air Force pilots are White men, and “…this has to change…”. My question is Why? What possible difference does it make whatever the color an Air Force pilot happens to be? I could care less if every Air Force pilot were Black, Hispanic, Asian, or any other “color” or ethnicity, as long as they passed the flight exams, their combat training, and they were excellent pilots. How long will our armed forces continue to focus on truly irrelevant factors such as skin color rather than merit, ability, and professionalism?

The unchallenged mantra of “Diversity” and it’s Siamese twin slogan, “Diversity is out Strength”, has been trotted out and repeated ad nauseam by the usual political hacks of The Left, American corporations and academia; but it’s toxic residue is now repeated nearly everywhere a “woke” brain cell may be found to infest any organization, including our military.

This blind obeisance to the “diversity” mantra becomes even more curious when applied in a military context, for the entire training process of all military units is to destroy diversity and instead, manufacture uniformity thru conformity. Indeed, the very military aspect of dress — The Uni Form — (or One Form of Dress) — is designed to promote and enhance group cohesion thru conformity by the suppression and the elimination of “Diversity.” It is rote military dogma, and has been since the time of the Greeks and Roman warriors, that “Diversity” within the ranks is a weakness that must be crushed and eliminated in order to create effective military group cohesion and purpose. To put it simply, it is uniformity — not diversity — that creates the most efficient and lethal fighting force to defeat an enemy.

Questions such as these play out in my mind, just as the uncanny similarities and facial features these advocates of diversity appear to share. Strangely, they appear to be physically and visually the opposite of diverse. Rather, they appear to be visual echoes of each other produced from the same generic, plastic manufacturing process. For instance, Major General Ed Thomas has the same dopey smile and expression as Lieutenant General Brad Webb, Ramon Colon Lopez, and Richard Torres-Estrada. It’s almost as if they all came from the same “woke” mold, with each sporting a smug, self-satisfied, know-it-all, virtue-signaling demeanor planted on their face. It is truly an amazing “coincidence.”

If you are now wondering whether the “woke” Cancel Culture is in the process of making deep inroads into our armed services, one is forced to acknowledge that Cancel Culture is already deeply embedded and operating within our military! A few weeks ago, The Pentagon informed us that it will be paying for gender re-assignment surgery in all of our armed service branches. Question: how does trans-sexual surgery make our country safer?

Why does the U.S. military exist? It exists for only one purpose: to fight and win wars. No one has the “right” to be in the U.S. military. “Inclusion” is not a military philosophy, nor is “diversity.” The military is a meritocracy, not a social club mirroring civilian life. It is based on performance. It was never meant to reflect civilian society in gender, race or ethnicity.

When the military establishment becomes a representative tool of a particular political party and its jejune civilian philosophies are applied to our armed forces, all we can expect is degradation of our capacities and capabilities as a fighting force. As Carlson stated during his report: “To meet the demands of various Democratic interest groups, the Pentagon has dramatically lowered standards in our services.” In what other galaxy does being less honed, skilled and prepared as a fighting force thru lower standards of achievement contribute to victory?

But it gets even worse. On his first days on the “job”, new Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin subjected every branch of the U.S. military to some sort of political purity test; and anyone who did not satisfactorily pass it, according to Carlson, “…had to leave.” Such a policy brings to mind this administration’s treatment of our National Guard, who were corralled and used to protect Biden’s DC inauguration, yet made to submit to ersatz “loyalty tests” to remain in service. Any discovered Trump supporters were rooted out as potential terrorist threats!

Dumb-as-a post Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth has stated that those who have never served in the military are unqualified to criticize it.
Really? So because someone has never been a police officer, they cannot speak out about police brutality? It makes no sense. The Pentagon uses talking doorstops such as Duckworth as a means of papering over their inability to explain the changes in their admission and performance standards. Yet when pressed to logically explain how such changes contribute to military preparedness, these spokes persons inevitably transform into wild-eyed, spittle-flecked PR hacks, mouthing cliche’s and platitudes, all ending and summarized by the terminally predictable: “You Must Be A Racist.”

As Tucker Carlson rightly pointed out, taxpayers — whose very lives may one day depend upon a properly trained and prepared military — have a right to determine what standards and values are being advanced in the culture of our new Alt-Left dominated “progressive” armed services.

Pentagon “Brass” immediately attacked Carlson for daring to publicly raise these valid questions which definitely deserve valid answers. Multiple personnel from different branches of the military, in uniform, responded to Carlson’s broadcast via Twitter and YouTube. Even a flak from the Department of Defense put out a press release not just defending their new policies but slamming Carlson for even questioning their new direction.

The burning question on the minds of everyone who may be concerned about our military’s “New Left” agenda is simple: can our military still win a war? A real war? Frankly, that is the only question that matters; not multiple skin colors, sexual orientations, or virtue-signaling displays of diversity — unless the Pentagon’s plan is to make our enemies laugh themselves to death as they consider the self-inflicted vulnerabilities of our new “woke” military.


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