A Letter to Incoming Immigrants…

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By Freedom Heart

This letter isn’t meant to be a letter of belittling. This letter is to congratulate you on being an American. Please know, you’re now free! You’re no longer ruled by a tyrannical government. Americans are free because our constitution keeps us free. Americans are free because our forefathers who, they themselves were immigrants at one point, fought to be free of an oppressive dictator government.

As you come into America, you will be given the right to work, vote, and anything else your heart desires. I ask you as you’re enjoying your freedoms…. Please vote Republican. What many do not know is that the Democratic Party is a communist party. The very tyranny you fled from is the tyranny that you will endure if you vote Democrat.
I know you may think that I sound like a crazy person, but I can guarantee you that once you are made a citizen, you will be paying higher taxes and become like the rest of us hard working Americans. You will adopt the saying; I’m just trying to put food on my family’s table. I’m just trying to fill my gas tank so I can get to work. I’m just trying to keep the roof over our heads. I’m just trying to keep the lights on. I’m just trying to give my children a good life.

While the Democratic Party has demonized Trump, I can guarantee you that the demons are the Democratic Party. Democrats do not care about you or me. They are for pushing policies that make no sense and are driving our country further into the ground. When you have the internet at your fingertips, I ask you to look up the homeless rates that are exploding in Democratic led states. You will see that there is trash, and thousands who are homeless. If you look up the mansions Democrats live in, you will see that they have beautiful, gated homes. How did they obtain these homes? By stealing from the hard-working Americans in this country. That is what socialists/communists do. They live the high life while you struggle to get by. Democrats have no remorse. If they truly were for the poor man, they would be trying to figure out a way to clean up their streets and put people to work. Remind yourselves of the homeless population where you are from. That is the homeless rate in Democratic led states. I wish I were kidding, but I promise you I am not.

The reason Democrats don’t like Trump is because he couldn’t be bought into their crooked ways. He went and exposed the corruption taking place in congress. Many people found out that our elections have been being cheated for years. It was explosive in 2016 as the tallies went straight for Trump. The American people were tired of an oppressive government. Democrats love their taxes, and tax on everything. Trump eased that burden for many Americans. For the first time in a long time, Americans could breathe again. Trump donated every single paycheck he made as president. The president of this country makes $400,000 a year. In four years’, time, that is $1.6 million dollars. No other politician since the 1960’s has ever donated their paycheck. Ask yourselves this, “If Trump really was a devil, would he have given up that much money?” The answer is no. Trump is for the American people. Trump believes in what you earn, you keep!
Democrats will say Trump tried to keep you out by building a wall. You know what is worse than a wall…. a detainee center put in place by Barack Obama. Obama had individuals like you put into cages and then tried to blame Trump. Obama had put it into law that detainees were to be put into those cages. If Trump under minded that law, he would’ve faced backlash and impeachment by the Democrats. I can guarantee you; Trump would never put people in cages.

As a parent, I dream about a country where my child can grow up free and obtain all the education that is available. I am sure that many of you are hoping and dreaming about that for you and your children as well. If we allow Democratic leadership in this country, they will oppress you and be the tyrant leaders you ran from. If you look at other countries, many people rally for Trump because they know he is a man of his word, and he put Americans first.

While you are probably praising Biden for letting you into the country, I give you a warning. Now that they have you in this country, they will expect to own you. They will expect you to vote for them and will hold any type of benefits promised over your head. Democrats are relying on this because they think you don’t know any better. Democrats will take advantage of you being from an oppressive country and will make you think that this is still the norm for being in America. Remember, oppressive isn’t a normal norm in America. The 13th & 14th Amendment protects you from being a slave to Democrats. While they may think they have the upper hand, each state has its own set of laws and rules. Remember, when they are trying to own you, that is slavery and a violation of the 13th Amendment. When they are trying to oppress you, that is a violation of the 14th Amendment. Always check your local laws. Still not sure, check with a lawyer. There are many people you’ll be surrounded by that will be more than happy to answer your questions.

I say this statement with a very kind heart and good intentions…. “Learn to speak English.” This will save you from any type of misinformation. All to often language barriers enslave innocent individuals. Democrats are good at misinformation. Check for local classes that can offer to help you speak English. Check the internet for classes that may be free, or you can purchase online to help you learn to speak English. Once you have learned English, businesses are always looking for bilingual interpreters.
I have a sibling who married a man from Mexico. He is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He is also a wonderful father to my nieces and nephews. He didn’t speak much English when he first came to America. But with help from those that love him, he speaks it fluently now. I would go to bat for him if anyone ever tried to take advantage of him. He is all about freedom and pursuing the American dream.

I have a great grandfather who fled Poland in the 1900’s to escape Hitler’s tyranny. Some of his family wasn’t so lucky. They were sent to Auschwitz and that is where they met their fate. When my grandfather became a citizen and had the right to vote, he never voted Democrat because he could see past the lies and deceit. He already knew the lies of wickedness and picked up on it right away. He knew that by voting Democrat, he would be subjecting his children to tyrants.

So please, when you finally get your papers saying that you are now a true American, please vote Republican. I cannot promise you that it will be sunshine and roses all the time. But I can promise you that under a Republican, you will never have to worry about your freedoms being stripped from you. You will never have to worry about half your paychecks being taken from you. The freedom you dream of for yourselves, and your family will prevail. In the summer, when you celebrate the 4th of July, you will be sitting with a nice cold beverage in your hands watching the sun set knowing that not only are you free, but your children and future generations will be free.

My asking of you when you are enjoying your gatherings and family is to remember that this is possible because you live in a free country. Remember that the very reason you came here was to improve your lives and to escape poverty and tyranny. Please help us fellow Americans keep this country free and vote Republican. Republicans are not the racists that Democrats make us out to be.

You are an American now. Congratulations! Welcome to the freedom that many deserve!

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