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Austrian Axioms 101

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Amber Athey: No barrels of oil until 2022 | Saturday Report

The U.S. to Restrict Travel from 8 African Countries over Coronavirus Variant Fears

German Euthanasia Association Says Assisted Death Only Allowed For The Vaccinated

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Lynne Patton: Democrats are ‘destroying’ blue cities | ‘Saturday Report’

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Police officers give turkeys, not tickets, for Thanksgiving

Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls Out This ‘Qanon’ Politician

Updated Info: Top Australian Official: We’re Transferring COVID-19 Patients to Quarantine Camps

5,000 Bangladeshi girls pushed into flesh trade in India

Police Say Waukesha Christmas Parade Attack Was Intentional

Crisis and Leviathan

The Economist on the growth of government

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LIVE! PragerU Kids | Saturday Morning Marathon

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Huckabee blasts Biden’s hypocrisy with COVID travel bans

My Trying to Hire Lin Wood, Revisiting Kyle’s Allegations About Him

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New Variant, New Travel Restrictions, New Lockdowns

The new videocasts 2nd death on Jan. 6 in a new light

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Salvation Army denies asking donors to ‘repent’ for their skin color

Queen Guitarist Brian May Comes Out as Anti-Woke, Claims Freddie Mercury Wouldn’t Be Diverse Enough for  2021

Wokeness Consumes Notre Dame During Reconstruction, Chapels Being Rebuilt to Celebrate ‘Social Justice’

The Netherlands Imposes Strict Lockdown From 5 P.M. Sunday In Fear of Protests; Arrests Several People as a “Precaution”

The Media’s Chickens Come Home to Roost in Wisconsin

South Park Mocks People Panicking Over New COVID Variant the Day Before People Panic Over New Omicron Variant

Prayers for Diego Sanchez: COVID-stricken ‘Nightmare’ reveal blood clots in both lungs

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California ‘encourages’ shoplifting and crimes: Tammy Bruce

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CNN Finally Comes Clean

The Oklahoma National Guard Refused the Vax Mandate. The Pentagon Is Not Pleased.

US lawmakers meet with Taiwan president in a surprise visit

Washington Post Deletes Tweet Stating ‘Waukesha Tragedy’ Was ‘Caused By A SUV’

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Bruce: Americans feel Biden crises intensify as president claims ‘America is back’

365 Studies Prove the Efficacy of Ivermectin and HCQ in Treating COVID-19 — Will Anyone Confront Fauci and the Medical Elites on Their Deception?

The Heroic Draft Dodgers of the American Civil War

Study: Injecting Sulfur Into the Atmosphere (as Bill Gates is Doing) is a Recipe for Climate Disaster

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Ben Domenech: 1619 Project wants to propagandize, not teach history

Kathy Hochul Worse Than Cuomo On Covid-19 Omricon

The Egyptian Ankh Cross Found in Mexico

Housing Hubris: Can Home Prices Spiral upward Forever?