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Senator Wants to Judge your Social Media History Before You Can Buy a Gun

Written by Steve Cannon for USSANews.com

Kevin Parker is the New York state senator who does not care about you or your rights as an American citizen. This man wants to make his state “safer” by demanding your social media passwords and reviewing everything you’ve said, publicly and privately, for the past three years in order for you, Joe Citizen, to purchase a gun. Think about that. A politician whose power is given to him by the people, wants to judge you and decide whether or not you qualify to exercise your second amendment, God-given right. Did we get to go through his social media history before he got elected? Hardly.

The thing with liberals is that they only feel, they do not think. For example, a liberal might see a shooting and say something like, “People dead. Guns used. Ban guns.” Where a normal thinking person might say, “Damn, that guy was crazy. Good thing I had my gun to protect me and my family from that nut.” In other words, people kill, not the tool that is used. Has anyone ever said, “Ban cars” when someone gets killed by a drunk driver? Of course not.

Back to Mr. Parker.

  • I have the explicit right to “keep and bear arms,” uninfringed.
  • You do not have the right to put subjective qualifiers on that right, or any other right.

Had Mr. Parker learned anything about American history, perhaps he would know why we broke away from England and fought the Revolutionary War.

  • We fought to not be thrown in jail when we published unpopular opinions in the newspaper…because that’s exactly what the British government did to its subjects.
  • We fought to keep our arms for fear that a tyrannical government would take them away…again, see Britain.
  • We fought to keep soldiers out of our homes, because that’s what the British did.

The point is we have these rights now because we did not have them before the Revolutionary war. (Well, we had them, the British monarchy just didn’t recognize them). Mr. Parker, what other rights will you “grant” the people if we pass your subjective social media tests?

  • Will the state need to examine three years of my social media history before I may speak? Freedom of speech is protected, specifically unpopular speech. No one needs to protect speech everyone agrees with. And I certainly do not need the state’s approval.
  • Will the state need to examine three years of my social media history before I may defend myself from a home invader? As they say in Texas, “Good luck with that.”

Ideas and actions like this are the very reason USSANews.com exists. Our slug line is, “Slowly our freedoms are being chipped away with, ‘We know better…’ justification as its hammer and chisel.”

Guns are banned in Chicago, yet it’s the gun murder capital of the country. Additionally, there are over 400 million guns in the USA. How many stories do you hear about those 400 million not killing anyone, each and every day?  Do politicians really know better than the individual?

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