Voter Fraud: The Day America Fell as a World Power

Written by Joseph L. Campos Jr.

Part I

November 3rd, of the year 2020 will forever go down into the ancient archives of history as the direct moment as to how The Great American Empire fell from being a beacon of Christian Conservatism, a Democracy based Republic, and a lighthouse for Liberty; to being trainwreck sliding about toward a status of being a third world dystopia, where corruption, infanticide, faggery, greed, and immense communism, continue to clip away at the wings of The American Eagle…our Freedoms.

The mainstream liberal media, and the world of socialist academia, continue to cover for their satanic communist overlords within both the Democrat Party, and The Republican Party, and will consistently, and vehemently continue to fully utilize Karl Marx’s tactics of “deflection,” and “denial,” whenever they are caught ‘red’ handed with committing any kind of corruption! In this case, mass voter fraud, and stealing an election, from a Valiant President who was properly, and lawfully, elected by The American People! We The People Will Not Let This Stand!

There were a lot of bizarre discrepancies within this past election. Hell, there are a lot of bizarre happenings, and discrepancies with every damn election dating back to the 1960’s, and perhaps even before! The only difference is that the satanic deep state punks are now no longer being subliminal about it, and are mocking us openly with having the audacity to commit the corruption out in the open in a blatant fashion! They are not even trying to hide it anymore!

This set of articles is going to be dropped in a “series,” format. Our intention here at USSA News is to give not only The American People, but other Christian Freedom Loving Patriots around the world a step by step break down of how the satanic surge of communism operates, so that what happened to us in 2020 does not happen to their countries as well. Hopefully their countries can have Democracy, and can continue to remain free if they haven’t fell to leftism already. Communism/socialism/globalism/leftism are all just subliminal terms for Lucifarianism, and the anti-christ system. Always remember that! Remember it for your children, and your grandchildren’s sake…

All of this started as far back as 1950’s-1960’s, when Christian Catholic Traditionalist Senator Joseph Raymond McCarthy, and his special task force, uncovered a diabolical plan by Bolshevik Jew satanists from the far East that seeked to use tactics of espionage, and subversion, to infiltrate all of America’s most prime institutions in means of pushing a New World Order Agenda.( This Lucifarian plan was titled “Operation Mockingbird,” and it’s aim was for ‘Deep State’ puppets from various satan worshiping communist/liberal cults to slowly gain positions of power within different aspects of our society like our government, academic, media, science, technology, medical, sports, entertainment/Hollywood, music, pharmaceutical, food, law enforcement, military, banking, The Federal Reserve/WallStreet/economic, fashion, commerce, advertising, historical/archeological, and Religious Christian, Institutions, Enterprises, and Corporations! They have infiltrated it all! (

Reporter James Carden explains the scenario very well within his article for titled “Why Are The Media Taking The CIA’s Hacking Claims At Face Value?” where he further highlights how secret societies, law enforcement, and American Intelligence Agencies, all colluded to usher in a communist regime, and the overthrow of America, that we are witnessing first hand today… “A CIA program known as Operation Mockingbird is a covert program involving more than 400 American journalists who in the past 25 years have secretly carried out assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency. In many instances, CIA documents revealed that journalists were engaged to perform tasks for the CIA with the consent of the managements of America’s leading news organizations.”

Russian Premier (President-Dictator), Nikita Khrushchev then further made these evil, and Lucifarian-esc declarations years later live on the mainstream liberal media (which already was starting to become infiltrated at the time). “We will take America without firing a shot…we will bury you! We can’t expect the American people to jump from capitalism to communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have communism. We do not have to invade the United States, we will destroy you from within.”( This psychotic piece of trash named Khrushchev assisted satanists like Joseph Stalin, Leon Trotsky, and Vladimir Lennon, and all of the other Bolshevik Jew satanic communists in murdering millions upon millions of White Christian Russian, and Ukrainian, Citizens during the Bolshevik Revolution, and over 66 million more during the Holodomor Genocide atrocities within his younger years! (

Poor Senator Joseph McCarthy was absolutely right about the satanic commie scourge that was trying to take over Christian Conservative America! Yet, the mainstream liberal media, and Hollywood’s, propaganda were used against him to try to lie, and label, this Brave American Hero, and True Patriot, as crazy; just like how they are trying to do the same with President Donald J. Trump, and his Libertarian Christian Tea Party Supporters now! They are utilizing the same exact game plan, and history is just repeating itself! Just like how “the deep state,” is using fake news reporters like NBC’s Lestor Holt (who admitted live on air just a few weeks ago that he doesn’t even have a college degree), and ABC/Disney’s George Stephanopoulos , to purposely; and unfairly target President Trump now…is exactly like how these same communist goons took shots at Senator Joseph McCarthy with liberal propaganda blowhards like CBS’ Walter Cronkite, and CBS’ Edward R. Murrow. ( Like ABC’s owner Walt Disney, both Murrow, and Cronkite, were well known closet satanists, and were involved with rather bizarre occult secret societies like the satanic illuminati freemasons, the Knights Templar, and The Demolay Society, as listed on their membership rosters if dug up online. (

Fast forwarding to 2021, we have just freshly had The 2020 American Presidential Elections only three months ago, and The American People are still infuriated with the evils that we have just witnessed in means of losing our Constitutional Rights Of Freedom Of Religion, Expression, Speech, Privacy, and now our Right To Vote, And A Fair Election Process! We are sick of both the Democrats, and the Republicans, stealing our Rights, and Freedoms, away! They have no right to do this, because our Inalienable Rights Are in fact Endowed To Us By Our Creator Jesus Christ! Historically, our American Constitution is a derivative of The Holy Bible’s Ten Commandments, and we are sick of the satanists who have been trying to highjack our Country continuing to commit endless amounts of treason! Then these same commies have the audacity to lie on national television with their FBI, CIA, NSA, and ATF, goons posing as “journalists,” by saying such nonsense as, “President Trump, and you all, are lying! There is no evidence of election fraud at all!” These imbeciles have the nerve to say this when the internet is teeming with endless amounts of raw footage, legal documentation, and sound bites, of all of the election fraud that took place that horrible November night in our Nation’s History! Now, they are in a race against time to try to censor, and scrub, the internet of any evidence that exposes what both the Democrats, and Republicans, did to President Donald J. Trump, and The American People on election night!

On Election Night, all kinds of illegal, and unconstitutional, activities were taking place. In liberal commie blue states, as well as red Republican one’s! (Yes, many Republican leaders swindled to help the liberals to take their states too!) Here in California for example…the elections law states that all voting centers, and voting activities in general, are to seize, and stop, by Election Night at 8pm sharpe! At this point, all ballots are to be turned in to be properly tabulated, and the voter lines are to be cut off at the end without letting any new civilians join the line, or extend it. If they missed the cut off period, too bad. Otherwise, people would be just be waltzing on down, and would be just hopping in line for days on end! The process has to be cut off somehow…

Well, conveniently…the voting centers, and post offices either closed, or shut down at 8pm sharpe in Christian Conservative Districts here in California, but in more blue areas, like Los Angeles, and San Francisco, they stayed opened well into the night. This was proven when both NBC, and ABC, reporters went on location to various voting sites on live national television late at night in predominantly Democrat communist areas of The Golden State that are known for where the fags, muslims, blacks, illegal aliens, and jews live. The reporters smiled sarcastically, and sheepishly, as they reported from these voting sites. It was already 12am, 1…2…3 am, and these voting stations had lines of liberal racists, domestic terrorists, welfare divas, sexual degenerates, and the like all lined up for blocks, and wrapped around the buildings! They showed images of this on several liberal television stations (lets face it, every tv station is now liberal), as if to rub it in Libertarian Christian American People’s faces! It was like the mainstream liberal media were trying to subliminally say “haha we are cheating, what are you going to do about it?!” Images like this were not shown in Conservative San Diego, Orange, and Sacramento Counties. President Trump’s White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany elaborated on these irrefutable facts in her press conference as referenced within this video from Next Now News titled, “WH Press Sec Kayleigh McEnany SCHOOLS WH Press on Mail-In-Voter Fraud!” (

Images like this took place all over not just California, but within all 50 states of our Union! The Judicial Watch Organization, The Amistad Project, and several others, have exposed a lot of other discrepancies, and circumstances, of voter fraud on behalf of the liberals like allowing illegal aliens, dead people (zombie voters), or criminals in prison, to vote. The following video titled, “USPS Driver Says 100,000+ ILLEGAL Ballots Were Sent From NY to PA, Whistleblower Drops BOMBSHELL,” by: Mr. Obvious, and The Amistad Project sums it up the best. (

They even went a step further, and allowed minors, pets, and democrat voters to vote at least three times! The American Journal’s video article titled, “Big Tech Panics, As More and More Evidence of Fraud Surfaces,” properly notes all of this.( On top of all of that, multiple United States Postal Service, and Official Poll Workers, also kept scanning illegal counterfeit ballots that were always conveniently marked for Biden, all the while burning, or shredding, any Pro-President Trump ballot that came across them! One America News Network managed to uncover the shocking live surveillance footage which is in the following video titled, “Trump Retweets Video Of GA Ballots Being Counted Multiple Times.” (

Now when it comes to USPS Mail Personel, and Official Poll Workers, burning President Trump Ballots, or shredding them, the following video titled, “Pollster burning ballots,” reported by QKat reveals the evidence, (

The brave Patriotic USPS Driver by the name of Jesse Morgan stepped up, and revealed all of this illegal voter fraud, and wrong doing by his fellow USPS co-workers, (most of which always seem to be black, and have ties to the Marxist domestic terrorist organization ‘black lives matter,’) despite being threatened by nervous; and corrupt, Democrat law makers with perjury, antifa, and black lives matter domestic terrorists, as well. Mr. Morgan filled out complaints, and files, about the incidence…all of which made their way up the law enforcement channels to closet liberal, and American Traitor, jewish Attorney General William “Bill” Barr. This next video highlights some of the activity that Mr. Morgan warned the government, the mainstream liberal media, and the American Public about. It is titled, “U.S. Postal worker from Buffalo, NY busted at Canadian Border with stolen ballots in the car trunk,” by:Truth Archive 2030. (

Now, instead of being honorable, and loyal, to The Constitution, and The American People; Attorney General Bill Barr completely blindsided the American Libertarian Christian Conservative Voters, and backstabbed President Donald J. Trump…thus proving that Barr was a deep state satanist the whole time! Bill Barr then would abuse the power of his office to cover up the Democrat’s obvious crimes, and would utilize the corrupted local police organizations to do it! After all…it was Bill Barr, and the local police stations nationwide that oversaw the voting centers, and it was them who refused to stop the voting irregularities that Democrat, and black lives matters, domestic terrorists (who were posing as Official Poll Workers) were doing as both they, and the local police kicked out all of the Christian Conservative Poll Workers, Watchers, and Federal Agents, that were Officially Appointed to report any cheating done on the liberal’s side of the isle. The following video by Louder With Crowder best exemplifies the following with his evidence titled, “EVIDENCE SUPERCUT: Bombshell Michigan Hearing Highlights,” (

Attorney General Bill Barr then had the audacity to mock American Voters, and President Trump, by stating that “there is no evidence of voter fraud,” without even viewing the evidence that was brought forth to his office, or putting together a team to conduct a thorough, unbiased, and honest investigation!

This is precisely why all Libertarian Christian Conservatives should no longer “back the blue,” the Republican Party, or any other government “intelligence,” or “law enforcement agency,” like the NSA, CIA, FBI, The National Guard, or the ATF. All of these organizations are ran by satanic illuminati freemason punks, and have proven that they are nothing, but bitches, and lap dogs, for the Joe Biden Democrat communist regime. They are strictly there to only protect “The Coastal Liberal Elites,” who unfairly try to rule over us as their slave class, or “proletariat,” as they like to arrogantly label us! All of these so-called “law enforcement,”agencies have obviously sided with the communist left, and are there to openly, and biasedly protect the likes of Marxist domestic terrorist organizations like “black lives matters, antifa, pussy riot, The Southern Poverty Law Center, The Anti-Defamation League, The NAACP, Planned Parenthood, and The ACLU,” therefore…why in the hell should the Libertarian Christian Conservative Right Wing continue to support the police, or any law enforcement for that matter?! The following footage titled, “Raw video: Portland police officers kneel with protesters,” illustrates this, ( .

Let us not forget how the pigs/police whimped out, and actually…and embarrassingly kneeled to praise their new “black lives matters,” massas/masters (que ignorant negro accent here), and let us not forget how those same pigs/police got right back up, and started hip-hop dancing with the black lives matters domestic terrorists, and fag degenerates! This video titled “US police show signs of solidarity with demonstrators | George Floyd protests,” by:The Telegraph News best exemplifies the police, and National Guard’s betrayal of the American Public, and Christian Conservatives, ( And for the love of Christ, let all Libertarian Christian Conservatives remember how both the police, and the good for nothing trick ass National Guard, did absolutely nothing to stop the black lives matters, antifa, and pussy riot, domestic terrorists as they burned our states, cities, neighborhoods, and homes down, and killed innocent White, Latino, Asian, and Armenian American, Citizens! The following video by JJack titled, “Police officers stand by and watch as savage BLM mob attacks white man on the street,” is just one example of how the cops did nothing to help the public when black lives matters, antifa, and pussy riot, attacked innocent civilians. ( Notice that the victim is wearing a Jesus Christ Cross around his neck…I am sure if he had been a satanic illuminati freemason, a muslim, or a jew, the pigs/cops would have jumped right in to help him fight those black lives matters terrorists; but because he is a Libertarian Christian Conservative, they do nothing!

( Both the police, and the National Guard, just stood there, and struck poses for the mainstream liberal media’s news cameras…like a fucking photo op. It was all for show! Then when innocent White, Latin, Asian, and Armenian Arab, American Citizens while injured; and bloody tried to ask the pigs/cops, and queer ass National Guard for help…they simply smirked at us, and said “fuck off,” as reported by several victims! All of the so-called “law enforcement,” agencies, and so-called “Intelligence,” agencies, that are listed above are nothing more than The American version of the Bolshevik jew communist KGB from far back East! This is precisely why The Libertarian Christian Conservative Right Wing needs to support the abolishment of the police, all other intelligence agencies, the Federal Reserve, and the United States Postal Service. The law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies, and the American mail service, should be replaced with Neighborhood Watch Groups, Citizen Militias, and hired private mercenary organizations like Black Water/Academy, or G4S. The mail service can just be replaced with UPS.

What you have just witnessed is only the very first installment of this series pertaining to The 2020 Presidential Elections’ expos’e. Viewers please stay tuned to USSA News, as we prepare to drop you more evidence, footage, and legal documentation, proving that the Democrats, and satanic communists Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris, stole the American Presidential Elections.

Part II

In the second part of our series at USSA News, we will travel further down the Rabbit Hole, to uncover more of the truth behind the Deep State Democrats’ satanic agenda; and how they rigged the 2020 American Presidential Elections to overthrow our Republic, President Donald J. Trump, and The American People themselves, with a political, and military coup de taunt, to destroy our Constitutional Rights!

The anger, and fury, of the general American Public toward our corrupted system continues to mount at an all-time high, as the false liberal government, the mainstream liberal media, Hollywood, and the feds, themselves all take shots at both lower, and middle class, law abiding American Citizens! The satanic illuminati freemason ran Democrat, and Republican, Parties constantly steal our Constitutional Rights of Freedom Of Religion, Speech, Expression, Privacy, The Right To Bear Arms, The Right To A Free (and honest) Press, Freedom Of Association, Affiliation, Protest (if you are a Libertarian Christian Conservative), Our Right To Life (they love killing/aborting babies), Liberty, Pursuit Of Happiness, The Right To Own Property (without Taxation Without Representation, wealth redistribution, or usery), And Now…they have even stolen our Right To Vote in a free, and honest election! All of these Constitutional Rights have been stolen from Libertarian Christian Conservatives/Tea Party Patriots.

The liberal left is even going as far as to label Right Wing Political Freedom Fighting Groups like Patriot’s Prayer (led by Asians Joey Gibson, and Tiny), The Proud Boys (led by Latino Enrique Tarrio), and The Oath Keepers (led by ex-Military), along with other everyday American Citizens; as “White Supremacy Groups, Christian Religious Fanatics, mobs, domestic terrorists, goon squads, Democracy infringers, and public enemies number one,” as labeled, and ridiculed by the mainstream liberal media, and the Democrat, Republican, and law enforcement idiots, that make an appearance on their television programs!

The liberals have been fighting tooth, and nail, to purposely incite a race war, and instigate another American Civil War, for the past three decades starting with muslim immigrant, and fake President Barak Hussain Obama, and the familiar face of communist, Joe Biden. The leftists are trying to ignite a coast to coast street battle between their little favorite pet minorities of the muslim arabs, the gays, the blacks, and the Jewish arabs, versus The White Protestant Christian Conservatives, The Traditionalist Catholic Christian Latins, The Straight Biblical Family Unit, and Conservative Christian Asians! We will get more in depth into this in a future article, but for right now…let’s get into the nitty gritty of how America wound up this way in the first place; and that is with voter fraud!

In today’s article, and Patriotic Discussion…I am going to reveal to you, and elaborate, on how the crooked ills of The United States Postal Service’s illegal acts of ballot back-dating, and how “The Dominion Voting Machines,” all played a factor in swindling the American Libertarian Christian Conservative Voter, and other Right Wing Voters, of their basic Right To Vote. We together will delve into the hidden dark past of how these “Dominion Voting Machines,” came to be, and how, and why, they were truly built…and by whom?

After this second installment of this Religious, political, and economic, expos’e…The American Public will finally know the actual truth, and all of the historical facts, as to what really happened to them, and their beloved Country, on that cold crisp November night; and why they need to take action now…for it honestly no longer matters. America will never have a fair, or honest, election again… whether it be by paper ballot, mail ballot, in person drop off, or by machine, or computer. The fix will forever be in, and the system itself is now irreversibly rigged, against all of us. The only thing that we have to rely on now…is The Protection Of Jesus Christ Himself, and the courage of the last remaining American Patriots of our monumentous era!

Starting with the disgusting actions of the obsolete, and treasonous, United States Postal Service; and their open, and obvious, scheme of “back dating” the illegitimate ballots of Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris voters, all the while purposely either destroying President Trump Ballots, or delivering them too late; so that they could be disqualified, and then discarded during the election cycle…My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell’s Investigative Journalism documentary titled “Absolute Proof,” delves deeper into a plethora of illegal activity by both the Democrat, and Republican, Parties to systematically sabotage President Trump’s Reelection this past Autumn. (

Jesus Christ Himself, and President Donald J. Trump, weren’t the only individuals wronged, and openly mocked this past election cycle, but all American Libertarian Christian Conservative Voters, who love America, and the Freedoms, and Liberties, Endowed to us by Our Creator Jesus Christ as stated in The Constitution! Christ Will not be mocked!!! The same goes for both President Trump, and We The People! All of the events leading up to The 2020 Presidential Elections, and everything that took place that horrible night in America’s History, only proves that the so-called “conspiracy theories,” that America is being attacked, and taken over, by a satan worshiping cult/illuminati freemasons/Bolshevik jew Deep State/muslim brotherhood are in fact true! There is no denying any of this now. There is way too much evidence proving this to be so. Also, the elites that are constantly trying to oppress us within The Democrat, and Republican Parties, Hollywood, Wall Street, the banking system, the IRS, and law enforcement, and The Federal Reserve, are all blatantly showing us this. They are not even trying to hide it anymore! “There was a lot of suspicious activity going on with the algorithms of the voting machines that night,” states Mike Lindell. “I put together a team to investigate these anomalies, but every time that I tried to take it to the press, they would try to censor me! Both social media, and the mainstream liberal media, would try to target, and censor, both me, and my company with ‘cancel culture,’ and boycotts!” (

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell wasn’t the only investigator censored before, during, and after The 2020 American Presidential Elections, Russell Ramsland of Allied Security Group was also! Allied Security Group is a National Security, and Cyber Security Firm based in Dallas, Texas. Both he, and his team noticed many wrong occurrences that night, and they decided to investigate, what they saw first-hand. What they were put through by the elites within our own government, intelligence agencies, and social media outlets was appalling! “People hacked The Dominion, and The Smartmatic Voting Machines that night,” exclaimed Ramsland, who was a guest on Lindell’s Documentary titled ‘Absolute Proof.’ “Plus, the United States Postal Service, and Democrat poll workers, were proven to have kept loading, and reloading the same liberal pro-Biden ballots over, and over again! They just kept loading, and loading them! Someone was playing with this election!” (

Russell Rumsland would go on to say that, “We submitted all of our evidence, and an official complaint, to the FBI, and to Bill Barr, and they did nothing! We then submitted all of the information, proof, and data, that we had to Senators, Congressmen, and judges. They were all notified, and were shown the actual evidence, and they still did nothing! The politicians, and judges, in the state of Texas then meagerly listened to us and replaced their voting machines in their state with ESCS Voting Machines, but they are still derivatives of The Dominion, and Smartmatic Machines! We also reported this to Operation CISA, and they wouldn’t use their technology, or security systems to investigate any of it!” (

This final fact at the end of Mr. Rumsland’s statement should anger all Libertarian Christian Conservative American Citizens! It is disgusting what our own government is doing to us! So, our own government purposely chooses to use high tech surveillance technology, artificial intelligence, and advanced spyware, to constantly violate our Fourth Amendment Rights in means of our Right To Privacy by openly spying on us, but cannot actually use these technological advances to stop crimes like muslim terrorism, murders, rapes, pedophilia, drug deals, assassinations, or in this case; election fraud?! No no no…they don’t want to use these items to stop actual crimes against our Country…treason, domestic, or international terrorism, hacking, etc. Yet, they are oh so willing to use George W. Bush’s “Patriot Act,” and Barak Hussain Obama, and Joe Biden’s “Operation Prism,” and “Operation CISA,” on all of us American Citizens to spy on our every move as if we are the criminals, or “domestic terrorists!?” What is our government really trying to do to all of us? What is it that they are really planning? Issues like “Operation Rex-84, Operation Jade Helm, and Agenda 21,” all come to mind. (
( ( (

Worse yet, all of this troubling information only scratches the tip of the iceberg as it were! More new evidence has come out proving that many foreign muslim, communist, and jew, governments that President Donald J. Trump was cracking down on internationally were in fact colluding with both The Democrat, and Republican, Parties here in America, and were systematically helping them in their sinister overthrow of President Trump’s Reelection, and The Constitutional Rights of The American People! (

Both The Dominion, and Smartmatic, Voting Machines themselves (along with The ESCS Machines) were actually invented, created, and cultivated, by communist foreign enemy countries Venezuela, and Israel! The communist creators of these rather rash, and vile, contraptions were none other than Venezuela’s evil late blood thirsty dictator Hugo Chavez, his protégé Nicolas Maduro, and international Bolshevik jew terrorist tycoon, and prominent Democrat donor, George Soros! Chavez, Maduro, and Soros, were assisted from their techie, and computer engineer friends, and relatives, Alfredo Jose Anzola, Antonio Mugica, and Roger Pinate, to help fully establish their vote counting machine company.(

In an article titled “Who Is Smartmatic, And Did They Really Rig The Election?” By Murphy Fowles; the following information proves to be problematic on The Democrat’s end of the spectrum. “In 2004, three Venezuelan engineers, and their software company Smartmatic emerged from nowhere to win a $128 million dollar contract to manage a referendum on the recall of Hugo Chavez. When Chavez later won that referendum, the opposition turned on Smartmatic, accusing them of corruption, and rigging the count for the socialist leader. Smartmatic was founded in the late 1990’s by three young software engineers: Antonio Mugica, Roger Pinate, and Alfredo Jose Anzola. They moved quickly, and soon formed a consortium involving three companies. There was Smartmatic, another software business called Bizta, which they also owned, and Venezuela’s big telecom provider CANTV. This is where their first brush with controversy begins. The local press discovered that Bizta was also owned by the government. Furthermore, a Chavez advisor sat on its board.”

The previous article listed above also exposes that one of the Smartmatic/Dominion CEO’s Alfredo Jose Anzola was also dating the sister of Jorge Rodriguez, who is Hugo Chavez’s Vice President! Jorge Rodriguez was also the president of The National Electoral Council (CNE) in Communist Venezuela! Therefore, when it came to keeping the monster Hugo Chavez in total power, one can be assured that the fix was in…exactly like Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris! (

“So the young engineers were courting government officials to get business. Before the referendum in 2004, the Electoral Council under Rodriguez suddenly canceled a contract with an experienced election company, and initiated a closed bidding process for a new contract. At one point, Smartmatic was forced to admit that they paid for Jorge Rodriguez to visit an exclusive resort in Boca Raton, Florida.” What the hell were these communist murderous assholes doing in America in the first place?! And this was under the rule of George W. Bush, and Jeb Bush, of Florida?! (

“Rodriguez was eventually named Vice President Of Venezuela in 2007 while his sister, Delcy, would become a powerful politician in her own right. She is the country’s Vice President today, and both siblings are subject to international sanctions for their ties to the regime.” Vice President Delcy Rodriguez was the sister that was dating Alfredo Jose Anzola of Smartmatic/Dominion. She now leads under current Venezuelan communist tyrant Nicolas Maduro. “Smartmatic would also go on to bigger things. Now headquartered in London, they have overseen thousands of elections all over the world. ( CEO Mugica owns shares in their parent company SGO Corp. worth over 72 million pounds ($96 million while fellow founder Roger Pinate is worth about 20 million pounds.” Just to think, of all places, Venezuela’s satanic communist regime would be attacking, and stealing American Presidential Elections from of all places…Britain! Those “blokes,” are supposed to be our allies! Did Britain, The Royal Family, and their current Prime Minister Boris Johnson, know about all of this? How could they let this happen?! Why in the hell would they let a satanic murderous communist regime into their Christian Conservative Westernized Country to conduct business, and to rig the elections in other fellow Christian Conservative Westernized Allied Countries?! Perhaps America needs to really revisit the concept of who in the world internationally is truly, and sincerely, our “allies,” and who is just using, swindling, and trying to undermine our beloved Republic?! If Britain knew about all of this, and they did business with Hugo Chavez, and his gang, anyway…then Britain needs to be punished, and their people need to be held accountable! One can fill in the blanks on that on. (

The plot thickens as the late Hugo Chavez’s communist Venezuelan government now moves to take over American elections in 2020, and beyond with the help of The Democrat,and Republican Parties, “Smartmatic was flush with cash after winning the election contract in 2004. Now they set their sights on the US. In 2005, they bought the US voting machine company Sequoia Voting Systems. The Denver based company had an extensive network of customers across the US, but it was struggling financially. Smartmatic brought in a high-flying executive named Jack Blaine from the multinational Unisys, and quickly revived the company’s finances. They updated the old machines, and introduced the cutting-edge election software they had been using in Venezuela. (

And this is where Dominion Voting Systems enters the picture. The small, and relatively unknown company from Toronto was looking to expand into the US. The newly revamped Sequoia with their suite of new software products was a perfect fit. Which brings us to the software. Designed by young, and ambitious engineers in Venezuela. Used in very controversial elections involving the autocratic socialist leader Hugo Chavez. And now here in the US, to be used in elections across the country.” (
Again, as stated before towards Britain…Canada had a branch of this company headquartered in Toronto. Did their government know about it? Did their government know that Dominion was doing business, and was later owned by Hugo Chavez, and his blood thirsty communist Venezuelan Government?! Years down the line…did Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, or his father Pierre Trudeau, who also used to be Canada’s Prime Minister, know about Venezuela, and Dominion?! Let’s not forget that it was also Justin Trudeau’s Canada who helped Xi Jinping’s China, purposely develop The Wuhan Chinese Virus Biochemical Weapon, and then purposely dumped it on all Christian Conservative Western Countries (we will elaborate on this further in a future article).

One must also question the rather questionable ties of a man by the name of Jorge Massa of the multi-million dollar pharmaceutical company called “Grupo Mistral,” in communist Venezuela, who is also the fourth largest stockholder within The Dominion Voting Machine Company. Massa is one of the richest men in the world, and is in fact married to the sister of communist billionaire Gustavo Cisneros (related to Democrat California Congressman Gil Cisneros? Who knows?) Gustavo Cisneros is also heavily involved with both Bill, and Hillary Clinton, The Democrat Party, and their “Clinton Foundation!” ( Viewers, Patriots, please stay tuned to as we continue to bring you the next installments of this shocking saga that is sure to affect the lives of every Libertarian Christian Conservative Patriot post the 2020 Presidential Elections. We will expose their fraud, and the Constitutional fallout.

Part III

Greetings viewers, in Part II we left you with how bad villains like Bolshevik jew communist terrorist financier George Soros, and the likes of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Canada’s Justin Trudeau, and even Barak Hussain Obama, all played a role in the highjacking of America’s 2020 Presidential Elections, and the stealing of American’s Constitutional Rights! In this ground breaking new Viable News Article, we here at USSA News will dive deeper into the wretched satanic Deep State Swamp, to uncover how a secret satanic cult managed to overthrow our once Christian Conservative Country, the Holy Word Of Jesus Christ in our land, President Trump, and American Patriots from Coast to Coast!

Hugo Chavez, and Nicolas Maduro, helped put together a trained crew of their technologically educated friends, and family members, to cook up a rampid voter fraud scheme to steal elections with their voter fraud machines of Dominion, and Smartmatic. George Soros, The Clintons, and Obama also helped to finance the operation! See, George Soros also has a team that assisted Chavez with this horrible crime, and The British Royal Family, as well! Both George Soros, and his close friend George Mark Malloch Brown (a British Baron/King within The Royal Crown), created a communist political think tank, and fake “charity organization,” called “The Open Society Institute,” which violates human rights internationally, and helps to spread satanism, islam, and communism! (

Not only does Soros, and British Baron Brown, finance The Dominion Machine Company in Venezuela with their “Open Society Institute,” but they also own, and fund evil corporations, organizations, and domestic terrorist groups, like the baby murdering enterprise known as “Planned Parenthood,” which was created by Margret Sanger, and her Bolshevik jew kabbalist husbands…both Soros, and British Baron Brown, also own, and or finance, groups like the anti-Christian bigot terrorist network called “The Anti-Defamation League,”(which is conveniently ran by a bunch of alt-leftist jews, gays, and blacks); and their counterparts from another group known as The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) which is basically the same as the ADL listed above. (

Soros, and British Baron Brown, have also hooked up their “Open Society Institute,” with “The Muslim Brotherhood,” arab terrorist organization to create racist black supremacy groups like “The Black Panthers, The National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People (NAACP), and the much newer Black lives Matter,” domestic terrorist organization which is ran by a super light skinned muslim arab woman by the name of Melina Abdullah who is not even black! She is a muslim arab, and a jew arab. Her grandfather was a Bolshevik jew communist economist named Günter Reimann (born Hans Steinicke). Steinicke had direct ties to Leon Trotsky (who’s real name is Lev Davidovich Bronstein) who was a 33rd degree mason satanist, and a Bolshevik jew communist leader from Russia. (

This is all rather interesting, hypocritical, and contradictory, in regards to the black’s rather homo-centric obsession with the arabs of the middle east! ( The rather bizarre fascination, and rather devoted undying alliance between the blacks, and the arabs, is rather ironic considering the historical fact that it was the muslim arabs from Persia/Iran who actually started the black slave trade, and human sex trafficking business going back into ancient times. The Bolshevik jew arabs saw their fellow arab brothers from the same race doing this to the blacks of the third world worthless shithole Continent of Africa, and immediately thought to themselves while waving their Babylonian/ Iraq talmud books in the air “oye vey! We can score some more money/shekels from exploiting them,” and so they did. (

Yet, the blacks think that they carry some untapped ancient wisdom just, because they convert of Rastafarianism, smoke tons of mind altering hallucigenic drugs, and listen to bullshit hip-hop tapes…that it all somehow gives them all of the historical knowledge of the true past?! Now what is even more outrageous is the fact that the blacks are so desperate to imitate, and be, middle eastern…that they even went as far as to create cults like the joke of Louis Farrakhan, Muhammad Ali, and Malcom X’s, “Black Nation Of Islam,” or how about “The Black Hebrew Israelites,” and let’s not forget about the even more laughable black “jews” of Ethiopia. My goodness…blacks trying to be arab?! Isn’t that “racial appropriation,” like black liberals are always bitching, and complaining, about in the world of academia? They are so busy going out of their way to kiss ass to the muslim arabs, and jew arabs, that obviously hate them…one can actually say that they truly are a bunch of “Uncle Tom, and House Niggers!” All that is written above can easily be verified by just simply flipping through a history book, reading, and studying…Christ forbid! (

The article titled “East Africa’s forgotten slave trade:Over several centuries countless East Africans were sold as slaves by Muslim Arabs to the Middle East and other places via the Sahara desert and Indian Ocean, Experts say it is time for this to be discussed more openly,” for DW News properly explains how it was actually White Europeans, and European Latins, who were slaves first by the muslim arabs, and jew arabs. Only after White, and Latin, Countries fought back and beat the muslims arabs, and jew arabs, during The Great Christian Crusades to free their Christian People, that is when the muslim arabs, and jew arabs, retreated in typical cowardly fashion, and went off to find a new race to try to enslave…this was the blacks who could never build a viable Christian First World Society Empire to protect themselves like The Whites, and The Latins, could. See, it was the muslim arabs, and the jew arabs, who first enslaved blacks, not Whites, or some Latins! Slavery is a typical outcome for certain races, and so-called “nations,” who purposely choose to remain ignorant, lazy, primitive, obsolete, and tribal; and who refuse to modernize, organize, and innovate, to protect themselves, and their so-called “culture!” (

“The sale of African slaves can be traced back to antiquity. It became popular in the seventh century when Islam was gaining strength in North Africa. This was seven centuries before Europeans explored the continent and ten centuries before West Africans were sold across the Atlantic to America.” The article by DW News would go on to say that, “Initially, the Arab Muslims in Eastern and Central Europe took white slaves to sell them to Arabia,” Senegalese author Tidiane N’Diaye told DW in an interview. “But the growing military power of Europe put an end to Islamic expansion and now that there was a shortage of slaves, Arab Muslims were looking massively to black Africa.” It is well reported that arab muslims, and arab jews treated the blacks far worse than any White, or Latin did. “Author N’Diaye estimates that 17 million East Africans were sold into slavery: “Most people still have the so-called Transatlantic [slave] trade by Europeans into the New World in mind. But in reality the Arab-Muslim slavery was much greater,” N’Diaye said.” (

With this being said…even more shocking revelations would come out about George Soro’s business partner British Royal Baron, George Mark Malloch Brown; like the fact that he conveniently is a politician for The Labour Party (which is the British version of the communist party), and is one of the United Nations’ “Ministers Of State,” for Asia (think China/North Korea), and Africa (think Somalia), to top it off! Wow! What a coincidence huh?! Britian’s Baron Brown now works directly within Dominion/Smartmatics Corporation, with the late Hugo Chavez’ beloved communist friends, and family members like Nicolas Maduro, Antonio Mugica, Alfredo Jose Anzola, and Roger Pinate. All of them together would team up again with Israel shill George Soros to combine the Dominion Corporation with The Open Society Institute, to now create “SGO Corporation Limited!” This is where major players like Bolshevik jews Christopher Stone, Aryeh Neier (ACLU National Executive Director), and George Soro’s own son Alexander Soros…not to mention Patrick Gaspard, who was a former high ranking official within Barak Hussain Obama’s political cabinet; all come into play with their involvement with Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris’ Voter Fraud Scheme of the 2020 Presidential Elections! (

Speaking about Barak Hussain Obama, he too has been uncovered as having his filthy hands deep inside the swamp, and has been consorting as a type of lucifarian puppet master within The 2020 Presidential Election Scandal. Barak Hussain Obama has been proven to have not only colluded with all of the scumbags at Dominion, and George Soros’ Open Society Institute, but with foreign governments like Mateo Renzi’s Italy, Justin Trudeau’s Canada, Angela Merkel’s Germany, King Felipe VI, and Pedro Sánchez’ Spain, Aleksandar Vučić’s Serbia, Xi Jinping’s China, Vladimir Putin’s Russia, and many others to cheat to bring down President Trump, and The American Constitution! (

In a recent article from The Marshall Report, titled “ITALY-GATE – FOREIGN ELECTION INTERFERENCE – SEAL TEAM SIX HAS THIS ONE!,” on January 8, 2021; the following excerpt from “The Eric Metaxas Radio Show,” was relayed. “The theft of the election was orchestrated in the Rome embassy by an employee Stefano Serafini, foreign service officer of over 20 years. He retired the day before the election to ensure he would not lose his pension unlike what happened to some of the FBI agents who betrayed our country in 2016 and did lose their pension just days before their retirement. Stefan Serafini coordinated with a general Claudio Graziano, who is on the board of Leonardo SPA (an Italian aerospace defense contractor). Leonardo used their military satellite uplink to load the software and transfer it over to change the votes from Trump to Biden. The plan was orchestrated by Barack Obama with the help of Matteo Renzi, the former prime minister of Italy. The Italian intelligence service supplied intercepts, photos, phone calls, and (shockingly) pictures of the CIA agents who have been involved in orchestrating this. Italy did it. Senior IT Expert at Global Defense Contractor Testifies in Italian Federal Court that he and Others Switched Votes throughout America in the U.S. Presidential Race.” (

The previous article, along with the video interview with Professor Alfio D’Vrso (who is a Lawyer for The Supreme Court Of Italy), reveal that the National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau Of Investigations, and Angela Merkel’s German government helped Barak Hussain Obama, and former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, to hack into the Venezuelan Dominion Voting Machines to erase President Trump Supporter votes, and to also switch some of those President Trump Supporter votes over to make it look as if they switched their votes to outspoken Communist Joe Biden, and his running mate Kamala Harris!

The Italian government utilized their cyber security program, and spyware machines, known as “Operation Leonardo,” to connect their spy satellites to the Communist Venezuelan Dominion Machines that were being used by both democrats, and republicans, in America to purposely, and unfairly, sabotage President Donald J. Trump! The article by The Marshall Report would go on to state that, ‘An excerpt from the beginning of Italy-Gate from an article relating to the backstory as it developed from the investigation after the Frankfurt (Germany) CIA server confiscation: “There is another actor that played a crucial role in this operation and it is Leonardo, an Italian government company leader in the aerospace and defense sector. Once that the hackers created the new algorithms to switch more votes from Trump to Biden, they sent these new numbers back up to a Italian military satellite operated by Leonardo” claims Mr. Johnson.’ (

“After been doing this, the new manipulated data were sent back to the Dominion voting machines in the US. Therefore, the Italian government would be directly involved in this attack. Leonardo’s largest shareholder is the Italian government, because the Italian ministry of Economy owns 30% of this company. Leonardo CEO, Alessandro Profumo, was appointed in 2017 by the former Italian PM Gentiloni, apparently involved in the Spygate as will be mentioned later, and confirmed in 2020 by Conte’s incumbent government. Mr. Profumo was also recently found guily for committing fraud by an Italian court and he received a six-year jail sentence. Therefore, Conte’s government would have played a decisive role in the hacking operation because it would have allegedly provided Leonardo’s technology to perpetrate a direct attack against the US sovereignty. ” (

The Marshall Report also states that Barak Hussain Obama gifted his native Iran (Obama is half black/Kenya, and half muslim arab/Iran), illegally with 14 cases of American hard earned tax dollars right before he left office. A portion of this money was to be given from the Iran Sharia Law government to Italy under Prime Minster Matteo Renzi. The exact amount was $400 million American Dollars to aid in Operation Leonardo if the need ever came up to rig a future American Presidential Election! Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and others in the democrat camp were already worried about a very Charismatic Evangelical Presbyterian Christian Conservative Patriot, who happened to be a big shot Celebrity Architect from New York, running for political office. This man happened to be none other than The Teflon Don himself….Donald John Trump…or otherwise known from his playful New York mafia moniker as The Don!(

Through Obama, and his band of miscreants, he unconstitutionally utilized George Bush Jr.’s monstrosity known as “The Patriot Act,” along with his very own diabolical concoction of “Operation Prism, and Operation CISA,” to illegally spy on Donald Trump as far back as 2014 after he hinted that he may, or may not run for President Of America! This was a violation of now President Donald J. Trump’s Constitutional Rights regarding The 4th Amendment, and The Right To Privacy. This unconstitutional, and illegal act, by Barak Hussain Obama was then titled “Operation Spygate!”

The $400 million American Tax Payer Dollars that Obama funneled through Iran to Italy, with his infamous, and yet again unconstitutional “Iran Nuclear Deal,” not only jeopardized America’s safety, and sovernty, in means of heightening its chances of getting nuked in a future strike from the deeply, and disgustingly, corrupted muslim third world shithold country…but it also effectively erased all Libertarian Christian Conservative American Citizen’s Constitutional Right To Vote in what is supposed to ironically be the ‘most free country in the world!” On top of all of that…it was America’s very own FBI, CIA, and NSA, who essentially had hidden bases in Italy, and in Frankfurt, Germany to help make sure that the money transaction, and the rigging of the Communist Venezuelan Dominion Voting Machines in America happened…and that both Angela Merkel, and Matteo Renzi, were effectively paid off! (

Thank you fellow Patriots, and Viewers! Please stay tuned for part four of this ground breaking series! In the next installment, we will drop you more information on more of the foreign satanic deep state, and communistic, countries that rigged our election process, and sabotaged The American People!
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