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CPRC in the News: The Blaze, Pittsburg Tribune, Townhall, Epoch Times, KGVO, Epoch Times, and many other outlets, including Peru

Quietcomfort Earbuds Soapstone1

Bose Noise-Cancelling Earphones

Joy Behar to Black Congressional Candidate: Everyone Loved Me in Blackface

Woman Films CVS Employee Who Reported Shoplifters to Police. The Blowback Against Her was SWIFT!

Dan Crenshaw Brilliantly Defines Antifa in Only 40 Seconds

Seema Verma’s “Most-Favored Nation” Proposal Imports the Worst Parts of Foreign Healthcare

YouTube STRIKES Crowder’s Biden Stream. But the Claim was Fraudulent!?

BLM Marches in Support of ‘Black Criminals.’ No, Seriously. That’s Literally What They Say.

An MS-13 Murderer Facing Federal Charges Was Out on Parole. Because New York.

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