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Op-ed: In Europe, Biden laid foundations for an alliance to preserve democracy and check authoritarians

Move Over Pence: Ron DeSantis And Donald Trump Leave Former VP In The Dustbin Of History, According to Conservative Poll

Trump and DeSantis are virtually tied as the Republicans’ favorite for 2024

Iran: “closer than ever” to reinstating Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal

How We Got To CRT: No Child Left Behind Deconstructed Shows 20 Years Of Misery And A 32 Billion Dollar Mistake

‘Break The Monoply’: President Trump’s Acuminous Op-Ed On Critical Race Theory

Deadly Florida Pride parade crash not intentional, police say

US Navy uses 40,000lb explosive to test warship in ‘Full Ship Shock Trial’

France regional election: Macron and Le Pen fail to make ground – exit poll

Detectives probe accident-turned-homicide in St. Petersburg, teens ID’d as fleeing car

Judge shoots down CDC restrictions on cruise ships amid COVID-19

Attenborough Attachment Syndrome: warm and fuzzy but ultimately lethal

LA Mayor Say Soros Is Interested in Funding Reparations Program

Gag! San Fran Giants to Wear Pride Themed Uniforms

BREAKING: Election Bombshell Rocks State – 100,000 Names Will Be…

BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Gets Terrible News About Her Future – She’s Going Down

Government Advisers Warn Third wave ‘Definitely Underway’ in England

BREAKING: 2024 Presidential Bombshell – Donald Trump Stunned

CNN’s Don Lemon is a dumb HUMAN BEING who is FULLY stupid HUMAN and a ridiculous PART OF OUR CULTURE. There. I said it.

California to spend half a billion to thin it’s 33 million acres of forests to lessen chance of wildfires

Over 32k sign petition to “not allow Jeff Bezos to return to Earth” after his space flight

Man Fatally Shot During Dispute With Neighbor Over Grass Clippings

VIDEO: Officer Uses Taser While Being Stabbed, Taser Fails

Ammon Bundy, Who Beat Obama’s BLM, Announces Run For Governor of Idaho

Infamous ‘Tic Tac’ UFO Spotted Clear Across The Atlantic

Swing State Getting Serious, Dumping 100K Off of Voter Rolls

North Carolina Tries Lottery to Increase Vaccination Rate, Fails Miserably

CREEPY: Texas Power Companies Remotely Adjusting Home Thermostats

Pence booed, heckled, called ‘traitor’ by some conservative conference attendees

41,000 sign petitions to stop Jeff Bezos from returning to Earth

Georgia officials to remove 100,000 ‘outdated’ voter files from rolls

Antifa, communists, leftist protesters attack and harass conservative conference attendees

After mocking Trump plan to reduce wildfires, California to spend $500M to thin forests: Reports

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