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NYC Man Admits to Stabbing Wife to Death After 2 Weeks of Marriage: “I felt like it was her time to die.”

‘That is theft!’ — Pat Gray calls out ‘despicable’ FBI for seizure of property belonging to innocent citizens

Hero Down: Benton County Deputy Paul Lancaster Dies Unexpectedly

Juneteenth Celebrations Around the Nation Marred by Shootings, Death

Carl Nassib of the Las Vegas Raiders becomes first active NFL player to come out as gay

Hero state trooper rescues five people from crashed fire crew helicopter

Gunman Accused Of Repeatedly Shooting Iowa Deputy Gets Captured

Disgrace: 39 NYPD cops recommended for discipline as charges are dropped against rioters and looters

Russia making a killing selling oil to America as Biden buries U.S. energy

Bernie Sanders says Justice Breyer should ‘make his own decision’ on when to retire

Poll shows Biden under 50 percent approval rating for the first time

Catholic bishops move to allow denial of Holy Communion for pro-abortion politicians

GOP lawmakers request Harris be replaced on border crisis in signed letter to Biden

Report: Up to 6 in 10 Americans could face higher taxes under Biden

Adviser says Biden won’t make ‘threats’ against China without ‘consensus’ among US allies

Gavin Newsom assaulted by ‘aggressive’ homeless man with water bottle

DANIEL VAUGHAN: The United States needs more nuclear power

LBJ’s Daughter: ‘My Father Would Condemn’ Election Security Laws

Harris dragged online by family of singer Nina Simone for taking away star’s estate

New poll reveals Iowa’s Grassley is in trouble if he decides to run in 2022

Top Biden adviser warns China will face global ‘isolation’ for blocking pandemic investigations

More non-white voters approve of photo ID for voting than white voters: Poll

Transgender US Olympic athlete threatened to burn flag on podium, joked about exploding Trump’s head with dynamite

McCloskeys get the last laugh, show off brand-new AR-15 after having guns seized

Nina Simone’s granddaughter says Kamala Harris ‘bullied’ her mother into near suicide and left her estate in ‘SHAMBLES’

LGBT Charity Calls on Teachers to Say ‘Learner’ Instead of ‘Boy’ and ‘Girl’

WHOA!: Watch Massive Explosion In Ocean Trigger Earthquake After Navy Sets Off 40,000-Pound Bomb

Biden Believes Rise in Crime is Result Of Gun Violence, Psaki Says

Stew Peters Show: Dems Complicit in Genocide, Pilots Dropping Dead After Jab, ‘Vaccinated’ BANNED From Family Visit

Aunt Claims Healthy 13-Year-Old Nephew Died 3 Days After Pfizer COVID Vaccine

Hydroxy hell: The deadly attack on a long-proven COVID treatment

Trump, Bo Snerdley on Rush and The Steal

Clueless celebrity of the week rips our flag

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