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“This Is Wealth Redistribution”: Blackrock And Other Institutional Investors Buying Entire Neighborhoods At Huge Premiums

Charles Barkley To Retire From “Inside The NBA” In A Few Years – Cites Cancel Culture & Censorship

BOMBSHELL INTERVIEW: Investigative Journalist Exposes FBI Involvement in Capitol Riot

New ICC Prosecutor Vows to Take ‘Stronger Cases’ to Trial

How Arthur Szyk, ‘Soldier in Art,’ Fought Nazis, Racism and Antisemitism With a Paintbrush

Pro-life organizations fight back against buffer zone ordinance in Kentucky

Sen. Blumenthal says he’ll ‘wait for the Supreme Court’ to decide if 15-week preborn baby is human

‘Every Oxygen Concentrator We Provide Can Save 20 Lives’: Israeli Aid Continues as India Faces Possible Third COVID Wave

China’s Third Aircraft Carrier Takes Shape: CSIS

Massachusetts School, Police Investigating After Swastikas Drawn in 20 Eighth-Grade Yearbooks

Prepare: CA Drought Could Result In Temporary Power Plant Shut Down

Democrats Introduce New Bill to Eliminate Every Single Pro-Life Law Nationwide

Webinar: Taiwan Invasion – How Would China Do It?

Green New Deal: California To Cut Off Water Supply Over Drought — After Dumping Trillions of Gallons of Freshwater Into Ocean!

Michigan officials asked police to help levy ‘threat’ for COVID violators, emails show

SecDef OKs Joint Warfighting Construct; Joint Requirements Due Soon

Congressional abortion supporters reintroduce radical abortion bill

Biden Admin Threatens to Have VA Hospitals Kill Babies in Abortions

Zara Faces Calls for Boycott Over Head Designer’s Exchange With Palestinian Model on Israel Conflict

Sudan Said to Be Disappointed With Results of Normalization With Israel

Texas Becomes First US State to Adopt Leading Definition of Antisemitism

Ben Shapiro: How Blue City Governance Is Destroying Blue Cities

Gulf States: Nuclear Talks Should Address Iran Missile Program

Biden-Putin Summit: Putin Calls Out BLM Riots, Ashli Babbitt Death — Biden Flops, Mistakes Putin For Trump

British Neo-Nazi, Ex-Army Driver Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison on Terror Charges

Thanks to the Left, Jews are under attack – in the US, Canada, and Britain

Netanyahu is down, but is he out for good?

Israel needs land buffers, not ‘peace deals’ with terrorists

Heading to Canossa – Detestable submission: Explaining Biden’s summitry with Putin

Biden’s ‘sanctions hygiene’ will rearm Hamas terrorists

How to start, and lose, a nuclear war

Vanity Fair cites Newsmax for raising US funding of Wuhan lab in 2020

Situation Report: Safety issues at Chinese nuclear plant highlight the need for transparency

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