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Kangaroo Court

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Capitol Police Officer Suggests Committing Violence Against Trump During Jan. 6 Hearing, Later Apologizes

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Woke US Army General Says to ‘Block and Report Trolls’ and ‘Disinformation Tinfoil Hat Team’

Concerned Citizen Reports Increase in Muslim Male Violence After Christian Woman Stabbed, Police Respond With A Warning Not to Use “Prejudicial and Intolerant” Language

No Moment of Silence Offered for Ashli Babbitt, Only Person Killed in Capitol on Jan. 6

Fact Check: Capitol Cop at Jan. 6 Hearing Falsely Claims Cop Brian Sicknick Died from Injuries on Jan. 6

3 Children Wandering Streets Alone Lead Police Back To Blood-Soaked Apartment

Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale Sentenced to 45 Months in Prison “For Exposing US War Crimes”

4M Virtual Reality Face Liners Recalled: 5,716 reports of “skin irritation”; “approx. 45 reports of consumers that required medical attention”

New Law Bans California Police From Posting Mugshots Of Most Suspects

$11B Invested into Data Collecting Autonomous Trucks; “And yet, there’s still not a true driverless truck—and may never be.”

Majority Of Hospitalized Covid Patients In UK Only Tested Positive After Admission: Leaked NHS Data

Fleeing Texas Democrat Now Facing Arrest Warrant

Gunman Bricked to Death After Opening Fire on Forth Worth Party

Texas House Speaker Issues Arrest Warrant for Dem Rep as He Flees to DC for Second Time

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Swastika Found Engraved at State Department Draws Condemnation

Police Officers Deliver Angry Testimony On First Day Of Capitol Riot Hearings