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Alton Sterling’s Family Gets $4.5M Payday Despite Shooting Being Ruled Justified Twice

Biden-Putin Summit Gets Off to a Chaotic Start as Unruly Journalists Scuffle with Each Other, Security Officials

Senate Launches Plan to Create Extra Votes Just for Dems, End the Founders’ Plan Once and for All

Mississippi Grand Jury Clears Deputy Who Shot Reginald Johnson

New ICC Prosecutor Vows to Take ‘Stronger Cases’ to Trial

Coroner Says Mother, Son From Prominent SC Family Were Murdered

How Arthur Szyk, ‘Soldier in Art,’ Fought Nazis, Racism and Antisemitism With a Paintbrush

Governor Sends Florida Law Enforcement Officers To Texas, Arizona Borders

Biden’s Brain Breaks, He Misquotes Declaration of Independence Then Forgets the Rest

Climate Org Inspired by Greta Thunberg’s School Strike Calls Itself ‘Racist,’ Disbands

Russia Jabs US with Largest Pacific Military Exercise Since Cold War Just Before Biden-Putin Summit

Here Are the Anti-Trump Talking Points on Biden’s Note Card in England

Prosecutor Charges Officers After Grand Jury Refuses To Indict Them For Death Of 16 Year Old

Black man specifically targeting ‘military-looking’ white men shoots five in 20 hour spree

‘Every Oxygen Concentrator We Provide Can Save 20 Lives’: Israeli Aid Continues as India Faces Possible Third COVID Wave

Report: US water and power supply ‘highly vulnerable’ to cyber attacks

Massachusetts School, Police Investigating After Swastikas Drawn in 20 Eighth-Grade Yearbooks

House Republicans Call for Hearing to Hold Dems Accountable for ‘Defund the Police’ Push

Biden Admin Takes Card from Nazi Germany, Asks Americans to Report ‘Potentially’ Radicalized People

Kim Jong Un Slims Down as North Korean Food Shortage Escalates

Biden Edgy After Putin Summit, Snaps at CNN Reporter

Mere Weeks After Cease-Fire, Israel Forced to Respond to Hamas Balloon Attack

18,000 Ballots from 2020 in Limbo as Swing State Opens Investigation

Prepare: CA Drought Could Result In Temporary Power Plant Shut Down

Webinar: Taiwan Invasion – How Would China Do It?

Michigan officials asked police to help levy ‘threat’ for COVID violators, emails show

BREAKING: One Person Shot By Active Shooter Firing At Nevada Highway Crew

Putin Claims Ashli Babbitt was ‘Assassinated’ by US Government

Tucker Exposes ‘Lunatic’ Muslim City Council Candidate Who Threatened to Blow Up School Bus Full of Kids

Biden Admin Slammed for Newly Announced Plan to ‘Airlift’ Family of Illegal Immigrants Into US

Zara Faces Calls for Boycott Over Head Designer’s Exchange With Palestinian Model on Israel Conflict

Sudan Said to Be Disappointed With Results of Normalization With Israel

Texas Becomes First US State to Adopt Leading Definition of Antisemitism

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