Should Dr. Fauci resign or be fired? a breakdown

Newsmax Daily podcast host Rob Carson reacts to his eminence Dr. Fauci’s behavior, should he resign, stay in power, or be fired? – via ‘Wake Up America’ on Newsmax.

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Let’s see. Falsey Fauci should be fired. Falsey Fauci should be tried and found guilty of murder.
Falsey Fauci should be then given to a group of “concerned citizens” for sentencing. Tied with rope. Rope tied to a slow-moving vehicle. Slow-moving vehicle quits driving when the fuel runs out. If Falsey Fauci is still on his feet, he can go free. If not? Oh, gosh, what a loss to society. He will be missed. What was his name again? Ummmm. Gee, I forgot the name Falsey Fauci just that quick.
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