Police-bashing show ‘Law and Order: Organized Crime’ once again portrays cops as criminals who hunt black Americans

The following contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

HOLLYWEIRD- The war on police continues, not only on the streets and in Congress but also on television. The latest piece of garbage designed to push the Black Lives Matter narrative was an episode of “Law and Order: Organized Crime” on NBC (the Nazi Broadcasting Corporation).

In the May 13 episode entitled “An Inferior Product,” the opening scene begins in a musical instrument store, according to the Media Research Center. The television prominently displayed on the clerk’s desk is showing scenes from Black Lives Matter riots in New York City.


Of course the footage doesn’t show footage of the typical Black Lives Matter “peaceful” protests, with the looting, burning, assaults and mayhem. As the footage plays, a young black man comes into the store to drop off a guitar for repairs.

After dropping off the instrument, he exits the store just as a group of “peaceful” protesters run past him. Bad move, the writers and producers of this pile of vomit show. Some “evil” police officers come upon the young black man and unceremoniously throw him to the ground.

Then, predictably one of the officers decides to stomp on the young man’s hand, breaking it as the youth screams in pain.

The young man speaks out in protest, telling the evil police officers that the real bad guys ran down the street. That mattered not to the cops who then decided to exact their own form of “justice” on the innocent black kid.

This is typical of the narrative put forth by Hollywood (with maybe the exception of Blue Bloods, which is extremely well done).

Predictably, there is a great deal of other wokeness in this episode. The young black youth happens to be the nephew of the lesbian “wife” of the commander of the NYPD Organized Crime Unit. As the story evolves, we find out that every bone in the young man’s hand was crushed, and he would likely have permanent nerve damage.

This is just a repeat of the type of anti-police garbage that has been polluting the airwaves for some time now. Hell, you can’t even watch a comedy show such as Last Man Standing, which stars conservative stalwart Tim Allen without getting bombarded with woke messaging.

The messaging has gotten worse in the 12 months since George Floyd died from complications of fentanyl and meth intoxication while in police custody in Minneapolis, for which former officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of murder.

Network television continually pushes the fantasy of systemic police racism thought up by Black Lives Matter and race hustlers such as Ibram Kendi, Al Sharpton and Jemele Hill.

You know the narrative right? That cops are a bunch of goons whose mission when they put on the uniform and strap on their gun is to see how many black males, they can oppress during their eight-hour shift. And maybe if they’re “lucky,” they can actually assault one or two, maybe shoot one.

This is the narrative being perpetrated by left-wing media outlets.

As MRC noted, television portrays cops like they were Soviet-era national police, however targeting blacks instead of kulaks. The irony of course is that Black Lives Matter was founded and is run by neo-Marxists, an ideology by the way which has made its name by terrorizing innocent people.

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As far as Law and Order, that franchise has made its life mission in trying to portray American police officers as insensitive violent goons. And they are hardly alone. It’s no wonder that people are afraid of police.

Contrast Law and Order with Blue Bloods, which is from what we are told an extremely realistic portrayal of life as a NYPD cop. They have not shied away from showing police officers use force, but it is typically portrayed under circumstances where it is necessary.

The few times when there has been a program showing excessive use of force it has been dealt with. But the show balances that with episodes which show the compassionate, human side of policing.

Police-bashing show 'Law and Order: Organized Crime' once again portrays cops as criminals who hunt black Americans
Blue Bloods (CBS) shows a realistic portrayal of cops-YouTube screenshot

Likewise, the program has taken great pains to have the commissioner, Frank Reagan portrayed by Tom Selleck back up his cops when maybe a video taken of a scene was clipped and portrayed without context.

As a retired cop, it’s refreshing to see an appropriate balance shown, as opposed to the propaganda being shown on some of the other programs.

One recent story line on the show had Reagan’s son, Sgt. Jamie Reagan paired up with a rookie partner. While the rookie goes inside Grand Central Station to pick up coffee, he comes across a woman who is clearly emotionally or psychologically disturbed…and EDP.

Long story short, the woman ends up pushing the rookie cop, who called for assistance. 

Reagan came in and as he did so, the rookie started to place the woman under arrest. Reagan told the rookie that he would take care of the incident, since he apparently had past interaction with her. 

Police-bashing show 'Law and Order: Organized Crime' once again portrays cops as criminals who hunt black Americans
Reagan patriarch and NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck), Blue Bloods, CBS-YouTube screenshot

Fast forwarding, it comes out that this woman was actually a Marine veteran who served in Fallujah and who was suffering from PTSD. While in Fallujah, the woman had actually saved Jamie’s brother, detective Danny Reagan after they were attacked with an IED.

As it turns out, she had saved Danny’s life. 

What this episode of Blue Bloods showed is that cops are not as they are portrayed by Black Lives Matter, Congressional Democrats, the White House and most especially in Hollywood. It was the antithesis of how cops are being portrayed across the board. 

It’s maddening to see Hollywood elite, most of whom would likely wet themselves when dealing what cops do on a daily basis, portraying all police as a bunch of evil thugs.

Maybe if the media and television producers showed the truth about Black Lives Matter, people would have a better idea of what the cops are up against.

Of course, that will never happen because it doesn’t further the agenda of the loony left.

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