Democrat Senator Leahy Reveals Washington DC Will Stay Occupied By The Military Until Dems Can “Root Out The Hate”… This Is So Creepy

( Exclusive) – Despite the fact that there really is no evidence or justification for the ongoing military presence and lockdown of Washington DC, the military remains.

The Democrats have declared war against their political opponents, which include every single one of the 74 million Americans who voted for President Trump and the many more who support him.

While they hide under the guise of rooting out “white supremacy,” “domestic terrorists,” and “hate” we all know what Democrats really want.

Some on the left have even been bold enough to say it outright, voicing their desire to see Trump supporters “re-educated,” “deprogrammed,” and “punished.”

Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy (VT) has revealed the truth about the military occupation of Washington DC saying that it will continue until Democrats can “root out the hate.”

Though Leahy is incredibly torturous to listen to (we’re not sure who is actually voting for this guy still), if you have the patience to listen to him slowly string together sentences, you will hear him say during the Senate Homeland Security and Rules Committee meeting on Tuesday, “I think until we root out the hate that drove the rioters through the doors that day, no fence or tank or barrier is going to provide the safety we need.”

In other words, until Republicans who support President Trump are dealt with, there will be a need for military presence in our nation’s capital.

Before mentioning the “hate” that needs rooted out, Leahy first pointed out to former chief of Capitol Police Steven Sund, who asserted that the DC police lacked the necessary resources to prevent the riot, that he drafted a critical intelligence report prior to Jan. 6 indicating that leftist groups like Antifa had been planning to riot at the Capitol for months.

“You said there wasn’t enough intelligence shared, but in your same letter you stated the intelligence assessment, ‘indicated that members of the Proud Boys, white supremacist groups, Antifa and other extremist groups are expected to participate in the January 6th event, and may be inclined to become violent,’” Leahy said.

At first the military was supposed to stick around DC under the guise that Trump’s sham impeachment trial may incite some to become violent again yet Leahy has revealed that the Democrats plan on keeping the military there until they can “root out the hate.”

Until Trump supporters can finally accept that Joe Biden won the election fair and square and that it was the “most secure” election in history, the Democrats will need to keep the military whom they apparently think are their personal protective service, funded by US taxpayers of course.

Ironically, Democrats and Big Tech routinely use the term “hate” to justify their assault on American citizens’ First and Second Amendment rights all while being fueled and driven by their very hatred of conservatives.

It’s the epitome of hypocrisy.

Part of rooting out the supposed “hate” is, apparently, going after news networks that refuse to kowtow to the left’s radical agenda and refuse to accept that the election was secure and free.

House Democrats recently sent a letter to several cable providers insisting that they drop conservative channels like Fox News, OANN and Newsmax citing “misinformation” that leads to “real world harm” as their reasoning.

Nevermind the daily propaganda and lies spewed by leftist mainstream media outlets that have led to the brainwashing of millions of Americans to believe the Democrats actually care about them and America.

Nevermind the “real world harm” that has resulted in millions of “liberal” Americans being convinced that “America First” is a heinous and evil policy for the leader of America to implement.

Nevermind the “real world” hatred that is constantly spewed from the mouths of “tolerant,” “inclusive,” and “loving” leftists who make no secret of their hatred and disdain for anyone who dares to think differently than them.

Leahy wants to “root out the hate” but the very source of hatred in America comes directly from Democrats and their sycophants. There is no rooting out the hate until Democrats are held responsible for their divisive, wicked behavior and made to stop lying and deceiving Americans.

Democrats want total control at any cost.

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