Month: September 2020

Hillary Clinton Tells Rachel Maddow Democrats Must “…Use Every Single Possible Maneuver…” To Prevent Republicans From Replacing Ginsburg

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POLL: Chris Rock Says Democrats ‘Let The Pandemic Come In’ While Pushing Impeachment, Do You Agree? [VOTE NOW]

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WOW! Watch Unhinged Thug Joy Behar EXPLODE AND ATTACK GOP Candidate Kim Klacik after She’s Called Out for Wearing Blackface!!

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Camden Drive-By Shooting at Home of Police Officers

6 Rioters Charged For Trapping Police Inside Aurora Police Station


Deutsche Bank Trader Prosecuted By DoJ Was A London Gold And Silver Fixer

Russia Claims Ownership of Planet VENUS in Unexpected Announcement


Drudge is Dead! Meet and The Alternatives for Truth in News without the Liberal Brainwashing.

Barack Obama, Joe Biden perform total 180 on filling Supreme Court vacancy in election year

‘If You Are White And Own A Dog You Are Racist’ Russian Troll-Turned ‘Educator’ Claims on News Site

“We Have this Obligation, Without Delay!”: President Trump urges Supreme Court nomination ‘without delay’

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“It’s Time To Lighten Exposure”: Here Are The Next Four Risks For Markets

Identity Politics Normalizes Pedophilia

Golden Girls Action Figures Are Now a Real Thing!

Caught! Pittsburgh BLM protesters charged after police review video showing them cursing diners

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Biden continues to campaign on “no deportations for the first 100 days” (and that includes criminals)

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Biden, Cooper Caught on Camera Abandoning ‘Social Distancing’ During Commercial Break

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‘O.C.’ Actress Samaire Armstrong Voices Support For Trump, Says ‘Far Left Mob’ Has Silenced Americans

Trump Tweets Support For Confirming New Supreme Court Justice Before Election

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Biden Claims Trump Should Step Down Over Coronavirus Response

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Pastor Scott: Trump has “done more for the black community than any other president in my lifetime”

AOC: Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death should ‘radicalize’ Democrats


Professor Calls For Biden To Nominate Michelle Obama To Supreme Court

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Mail-in voting scheme: Ballot harvesting in Michigan, mail-in balloting deadlines extended

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