Opinion: Trump Is Wearing Out 2020 Frontrunners – Two Top Democrats Are Bailing Out From The Campaign Trail

Donald’s got them on the run – they’re already jumping ship!

The real 2020 election season hasn’t even started and already Trump may be wearing his rivals out.

On the left, top Democratic candidates are fighting it out in what already feels like a long primary.

They are going through the same process Trump went through in 2016. With one key difference: we never saw Trump having to take a break.

Yet the left’s top frontrunners seem to be running out of juice. Apparently, they are so exhausted, they need some time off.

From AP News:

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is canceling some campaign events to rest his voice…

Three campaign events and appearances by the Vermont senator in South Carolina on Monday and Tuesday have been canceled…

Campaign spokesman Mike Casca says that while addressing a rally in Denver last Monday, the senator began to lose his voice.

Uh-oh! Bernie Sanders is being forced to take some time off his campaign, because he lost his voice!

This is a crucial time during the primaries. Other candidates are dropping off, admitting defeat.

There have been three debates. It’s a key time for those who want to win, to strike hard.  Especially as their (younger) rivals are trying to steal the spotlight.

But even though it’s so early on in the 2020 election, Sanders can’t keep up? He lost his voice already?

When did we ever see Trump lose his voice during the 2016 Election? Oh, never. Not even Hillary Clinton lost her voice (that I remember).

But we’ll never forget the day she fainted and was thrown into the back of a van!

Things aren’t much better for Biden. He had to take some time off recently because of his frequent gaffes.

Apparently, his staff thought it better for him to slow down and rest up. Or else, he would keep saying things that turn people off.

Sadly for him, even after his rest, he kept making gaffes. It’s only getting worse, with his eye getting bloody red and his teeth slipping out!

You know, it’s easy to get mean. These are old guys, after all. And they can’t help getting worn out.

But let’s be honest. They want to become President of the United States. It’s not a job for someone who gets tired easily. The Leader of the Free World needs a ton of energy.

He can’t take a break from crucial problems or natural disasters, just because he’s tired.

It’s a hard truth, but they got to face it.

And every last voter needs to know that. If Sanders and Biden can’t cut it now… I don’t feel good about their futures.

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Source: AP News

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