New York Gets $15 Minimum Wage, Businesses Cut Staff

Liberals, we tried to warn you. We tried to tell you what would happen if you raise the legal minimum wage. We told you that low skilled workforces would get downsized. We told you that people would get replaced by automated kiosks. We told you that the prices of good and services would go up.

And how did you respond? You called us names. You called us uncaring. You called us bigoted. You called us shills for big corporations. In other words, you resorted to the only thing you know how to do, slander, blame, and attack. You slack-jawed goofballs.

Well, we hope you’re happy now. Because Mayor De Blasio of New York City has just instituted a $15 minimum wage – and as a result, everything we predicted has happened. Low earning New Yorkers have lost their jobs, robots have been permanently put in their place, and the cost of good and services has gone up.

So now, the low wage workers you pretend to be so fond of are out of work, and their cost of living has just increased. Good job, losers. Maybe next time you’ll listen to us. But we know that you won’t. We know that this isn’t about making anything better for you. It’s about looking for things to complain about because you think that makes you look smart. Well, why don’t you go work out your daddy issues in some other country, and leave ours alone?

Here’s Mark Dice with more.

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