The Week in Radical Leftism, 06/21/2019

Welcome back everybody! Schools are getting out, Congresscritters are fleeing to their home states, and Leftist insanity never takes a vacation. Don’t believe me? Look no further!

6/12 – Chilling: Transgender Activist Lays Ground Rules For What ‘She’ Considers Allowable And Unallowable Speech

H/T Kitt – Just like in the Taliban-esque cannoning of our nation’s statues, The Radical Left wants to hold our language hostage to the highest standards of our most mentally feeble

6/12 – ADAMS: Letter To A Hateful Feminist

Mike Adams’ writing is hard to follow since he only posts every 3-4 weeks, but when he does it is strong. I doubt we’ll get the much needed sequel piece to this post, but one can hope.

6/13 – Here’s the EXCUSE the left will use to force actual women to compete against transgender women [VIDEO]

6/14 – Here’s a brave person

Another excellent #WalkAway video from a Trans who had the courage to suggest to some fellow Lefties that maybe President Trump isn’t The Devil?

6/15 – Looks Like Felons Will Serve on Juries in California

The latest unsurprising story out of Northern Venezuela

6/15 – Gay Reparations Are Now A Thing

At the rate we’re going, is it too soon to start demanding reparations for Christians and Conservatives in general?

6/15 – Dear Diary, Nobody likes me. Nobody wants to buy my book about how I hate Trump…

Click the link if you want to read a brutal takedown of that preening jackass that is Jim Acosta. In other word, click the link.

6/16 – This Is What Oberlin Learned After the $44 Million Judgement

Spoiler: Nothing.

6/17 – A Tsunami of Hypocrisy

With all fo the idiocy that The Radical Left is spewing about foreign interference in US elections, let’s just turn to Kurt Schlichter to give our Lefty pals the ridicule  they so richly deserve:

Take this idiocy about the newly discovered TREASONOUS TREACHERY OF TREASON that is taking oppo from grimy foreigners. Trump said (and I paraphrase), “Sure, I guess if some alien offered me dirt on whichever groper, fake Cherokee, Mad magazine mascot or skateboarding furry the Democrats nominate I’d listen,” and the lib elite lifted off into the highest of dudgeons.

“This is his worst treason since his last worst treason!” they thundered. “This is even more treasonous than when The Bad Orange Man called us ‘traitors’ for our treachery after we called him ‘traitor’ for two years!”

6/18 – Why Do Democrats Have a Secret List of Supreme Court Nominees?

Democrats have become self-parody. I never quite understood the stink they raised that outside groups did the research for President Trump’s list of Supreme Court candidates. If it was so horrible why did he make it public and it was used as one of the quieter portions of his platform? I wouldn’t care too much about the Dems’ list, except the fact that they’re keeping it secret makes me wonder what kind of crazed Marxists they want on the court. My bold if somewhat tinfoil-hattish guess: Barack Obama might be on that list. Even though he still enjoys his cultlike status among Leftists, I’m guessing a President Biden/SC Justice Obama prospect would fire up the wrong people in Leftists’ eyes (at least among those not already fired up).

6/19 – Dear Democrats: Please Nominate the Notorious Gaffe Machine Joe Biden

When Biden’s call for “real, physical revolution” can only make the #3 spot on his list of gaffes for this week alone we’ve had an amazing week, even by his standards. As much as I hate to give them a click, here’s how Media Matters tries to defend the indefensible.

6/19 – What AO-C’s ‘Concentration Camp’ Comments Tell Us About the Deconstruction and Breakdown of American Education

This is not just another piece making fun of Gulag Barbie. Dov Fisher does a great job of showing how she’s only a small symptom of a much greater problem.

I have warned for thirty years that, when you build Holocaust museums, you end up teaching ignorant people just enough so that now they can place their issues alongside the martyrs of Dachau and Auschwitz. Thus, Climate Extremists screech that advocates of American energy independence are bringing a Holocaust because the whole world will end in twelve years.

6/20 – The Left does not hate Trump, it hates…

Tough, but fair.

6/20 – War Wounds, Lost Income and the Reparations Debate

An interesting take on this silly debate


Maybe if President Trump started murdering and imprisoning gays his face will be worn by Leftist students too?

From the archives, we look back to that 2012 and What the Recent Contraception Controversy Tells Us About Both Sides. Remember those good old days when Republicans giggled while Democrats screamed at them that thinking that women were capable of managing a $9 a month expense was somehow a “War on Women?” Ah, how Dems miss those happier times!

Have a great weekend!

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