Gabby Gifford Uses Victimhood Status to Lie about Gun Stats, Again

It’s not nice to play rough with folks who have had an especially hard time in life, been the victim of a horrifying crime, or experienced unusual hardship. But, when such a person manipulates statistics and concocts a fake narrative which is then repeated to the American people trying to use victimhood status- that’s when they lose their special protected status and ability to remain above reproach.

In 2007, Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was shot in the head during an assassination attempt. She survived, heroically. Her injuries have left her with a pronounced speech impediment and mildly disfigured. Under normal circumstances, such a person would get extra respect, maybe even special treatment. But Giffords wants to leverage sympathy to push an anti-gun agenda to deprive the rest of us of our ability to defend ourselves and our families from just such kinds of attacks.

In September of 2018, Giffords gave a speech in which she claimed that 100 or more lives are lost every day in the United States due to the existence of guns. She said, “If gun violence feels like it’s become an everyday occurrence, that’s because it is. Every single day, nearly 100 lives are lost because of guns. But every time you hear news of another shooting, remind yourself that this level of gun violence is not normal. No other developed nation experiences this kind of daily heartbreak and horror.”

Giffords continued, “This is a problem we can solve, but first we need leaders who will fight for solutions. That’s why I’m doing everything I can to elect a new Congress with the courage to pass stronger gun laws. I urge every voter to stand with me. When we vote together, we will save lives.”

We don’t need to tell you that that number is arrived at by including people who commit suicide using guns. Suicide by gun is not gun violence. For violence to have taken place requires that a violation has taken place. And no one is “violated” when a person takes his own life.

But this is nothing new to the Manchurian anti-gun demagogue. Since 2013, Giffords has been doing her damnedest to impugn gun owners, to make it sound like guns have legs, and to convince people that criminals can’t break any magical gun laws that Congress passes.

In 2013, she wrote, “In New Hampshire, 93% of Democrats, 79% of Republicans, 82% of gun owners and 60% of NRA households support background checks.” This is part of her argument that because most people are for background checks, that means we’re all anti-second amendment.

Apparently, she believes that because we want to restrict the access of criminals and the mentally ill to guns, therefore we must not mind taking away the rest of people’s gun rights too. But what exactly is the point? Saying that most people on all sides of the issue are in favor of protecting people from criminals isn’t much of a surprise.

In 2019, Giffords hasn’t improved her arguments or her fact checking in the slightest. She’s still using skewed facts, made up stats, and goofy logic. Earlier this month, she took aim at Florida teachers who have a permit to carry a weapon. In an article opposing a Florida measure that would expand teacher’s ability to obtain permits to carry, Giffords wrote, “Although the proposal to arm teachers is popular among some conservatives, most Floridians oppose such a plan, according to a recent Quinnipiac University poll.”

Giffords continued this time impugning teachers and administrators, “There’s also plenty of evidence that teachers with guns can be downright dangerous. Last week, the gun violence prevention organization led by former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, put together an analysis of more than 60 incidents of mishandled guns at schools across the nation, including nine in Florida. Last year, the Tampa Bay Times did something similar, pulling state disciplinary reports that showed teachers and other school staff had made threats of violence, sometimes against students.”

If you can get past the first sentence in which she says “some conservatives” as if to indicate ‘a fringe element’ and the word “popular,” then you’re more forgiving than we are. A thing cannot be both fringe and popular, but we knit-pick.

Her claim includes an incident where a teacher brought a paintball gun to school. It includes a couple of teachers who didn’t have guns but said they would shoot the President if they did, and a number of teachers getting in trouble for pointing their fingers like guns.

If this is the best we can expect from anti-gun leaders, frankly, we don’t have much to worry about.

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