The Week in Radical Leftism, 04/19/2019

Welcome back! Hopefully tax day wasn’t too painful, and if you’re interested in a creative idea on tax reform be sure to check my archives link at the end of this post. Let’s get to laughing at the insanity of our Lefty pals! I’ve got a busy weekend ahead so you get this weekend’s post a bit early.

4/10 – Facebook and Twitter Reps Squirm, Refuse to Say Whether Mother Teresa Quote Is ‘Hate Speech’

Watching the collective Leftist meltdown that will come when Cruz gets sworn in in January 2025 will be awesome!

4/12 – In case you’re wondering in what manner the Obama administration spied on Trump…

We all know what The Radical Left did. This link is a good succinct summary of six ways that makes it worth bookmarking for reference.

4/13 – Media Matters to Dem Candidates: Avoid Fox News to Save the Earth

I’ll give The Radical Left credit for one thing – at least the science behind this claim is as sound as the rest of their Climate Theology


Chris Christie is the Dave Kingman of politicians, in that every time he opens his mouth it’s either a home run or a massive strikeout. Weighing in on Ilhan Omar, and a bit on Gulag Barbie, here’s one of the gems from this interview:

This is the problem with people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They like to talk a lot, but they don’t want to be held responsible for anything they say…

The post is pretty short, so take two minutes to read the whole thing.

4/14 – Trump’s Rebel Alliance Attacks the Left’s Death Star

One of the best things about the last two years has been watching Conservatives finally go on the offensive against the radicals who’ve taken over the Democratic Party

4/14 – Conservative Journalist Ejected from Bernie Sanders Town Hall in Ohio


Great bi-line – #RepublicanLivesDon’tMatter

4/16 – The New Democrat Poster Child For Economic Illiteracy: Pete Buttigieg: ‘Capitalism has let a lot of people down’

We really need to start teaching basic economic literacy in schools. The fact that this idiocy isn’t getting laughed off the stage outright is just disturbing


As humorless as they are stupid!

4/18 – Robert Francis O’Rourke Hates America (But Wants to Be President Anyway)

In honor of the 4/17 link – Fact check: Partially true. These days what Democrat, presidential candidate of otherwise, doesn’t hate America?


I say we nuke the public education system from orbit. It’s the only way t be sure.

From the archives:

On taxes, if you were paying attention in previous weeks I told you why the ideas we hear most from Conservatives (a flat tax) and Lefties (Eating the rich) won’t work. Looking for an idea that’s both practical (in terms of raising the revenue that the government needs) and realistic (not such a radical change that it guarantees political opposition from all sides)? Let’s jump into The Wayback Machine of nearly seven years ago – How About a Major Tax Policy Overhaul that Could Actually Work? Introducing the Neutral Tax

And we also get a twofer in this week’s archives. Given President Trump’s genius in trolling The Radical Left with his proposal to send illegal aliens to sanctuary cities, I like to think that someone in his administration read my piece from three years ago that asked Is The Left’s Biggest Strength Also the Key to How We Defeat Them? Of course, my proposal would have made it far more difficult for Lefties to oppose than what President Trump did, but I’m not complaining about our president taking the fight to them.

Happy Passover, and to everyone celebrating Easter this Sunday give thanks that He is Risen. And building hot rods!

Have a great weekend!

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