Liberty Lament

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By Terry McDermott.

Can you see me as I stand tall,
My eyes overlooking all.
A woman representing liberty,
Yet so many children never free.
Long ago a gift from France,
I see child who will never dance.
A freedom torch I raise high,
While American children continue to die.
“Land of the free,
Home of the brave”,
How can it be,
Millions of children we never save.
Life, liberty and justice for all,
The American lie, how far can we fall.
No equal protection under the law,
As unborn children get a bad draw.
Beyond the darkest shade of black,
America’s best, stabbed in the back.
The crack widens in the Liberty Bell,
Can you hear the applause from hell?

The American Lie

I looked at the U.S. Supreme Court,
Thinking about the children we abort.
The lie on the building is all I saw,
“Equal Justice Under Law”.
Blood dripping from each word,
Tiny tears need to be heard.
America tries to hide her shame,
There is no one else to blame.
We deny them justice in a hurry,
No trial, judge or jury.
Our country imploding from within,
Innocent blood our national sin.
Tiny caskets from East to West,
Just may have killed America’s best.
Change the sign on the Supreme Court,
Before another child we abort.
A little truth would go a long way,
Let the children have their say.
“No right to life for the preborn,
Discriminated against, hearts torn.”

Death Roe

A young child has not a clue,
That its life is about to be through.
In what should be the safest place,
Their life about to be erased.
Hundreds of thousands every year,
Will have stolen what we hold dear.
Convicted of living in a womb,
Now transformed into their tomb.
America arrogantly lives a lie,
Sentencing innocent children to die.
The executioner has no burden of proof,
Has no interest in hearing the truth.
Our country is upside down,
Abortion rampant in every town.
A little heart beats at 24 days,
Don’t expect any execution stays.
Arm and legs torn apart,
Forever silencing a broken heart.
Another life about to fade,
In innocent blood his feet Wade.
Millions of coffins in a Roe,
The winds of change starting to blow.

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