Even TIME Magazine Agrees Jan 6 Prisoners Are Being Mistreated, Forced to Get Jabbed to Talk to Attorneys

Editor’s Commentary: As hit pieces against Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene go, the latest from TIME Magazine is mild. They took the more effective approach of highlighting stances she takes that are unpopular with progressives rather than the standard unhinged rant by radical leftist “journalists” who try to paint her as evil incarnate. But scattered throughout their hit piece on her and some of her Republican cohorts on Capitol Hill were acknowledgements that she is right about the January 6 prisoners and the inhumane conditions they’re forced to endure.

Lest we forget, the “insurrection” amounted to little more than unarmed trespassing. The people who were hurt or killed on that day were not harmed by anyone who is currently incarcerated. Those who did harm, like Michael Byrd, are walking free. The Jan 6 mostly peaceful protesters are being made examples of by a rising police state apparatus that is doing the bidding of their Deep State handlers and Nancy Pelosi.

For this, they’re being put through the type of treatment you hear about in third-world countries. Anyone who thinks that’s an exaggeration hasn’t read the reports. Anyone who thinks it’s just a right-wing conspiracy needs to read the TIME article. Or, for those who wouldn’t read their propaganda, here’s an article by Bob Unruh from our news partners at WND News Center.

Jan. 6 Protesters Forced to Get COVID Shots to Talk to Attorneys

Several members of Congress, blasting Washington, D.C., for the deplorable conditions of the jail in which Jan. 6 protesters are being detained, held a news conference on their concerns and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., described the situation as worse than Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, with some reportedly forced to get COVID shots just to talk to their own attorneys.

And it appears Time magazine essentially agreed.

The publication’s statement, hours after Greene was joined by Reps. Louis Gohmert of Texas, Matt Gaetz of Florida and Paul Gosar of Arizona in condemning the Washington establishment’s detention of the protesters in horrific conditions, explained, “The conditions at the D.C. jail are widely seen as unacceptable. The Department of Justice has waded into the mess and confirmed as much. The site is widely considered a human-rights disaster. There’s no denying that an inmate with recommended surgery, who was arrested after allegedly participating in the Jan. 6 riot, was held without treatment for months. Elsewhere, there are reports of inmates denied diet-compliant menus, access to lawyers and even basic dignities like haircuts, basic dignities that shouldn’t be difficult.”

Greene had just finished explaining, of the protesters, “They have been beaten by the guards. They are called white supremacist. They are denied religious services, haircuts, shaving, the ability to trim their fingernails.”

Greene released a report on the city’s “notorious jail,” and Time explained, “she is absolutely right in her worry about what is happening to pretrial detainees in the capital of the world’s leading democracy.”

Already a federal judge has released one of the Jan. 6 defendants because of the “deplorable” and “beyond belief” jail conditions, and U.S. Marshals were moving 400 inmates out of a section plagued by clogged toilets.

The Daily Mail said Greene’s statement was that the defendants suspected of trespassing at the U.S. Capitol that day are facing treatment “worse” than terrorists in Gitmo. That is a facility described as being for the worst of worst of terrorists. It was set up after 9/11 and has held hundreds over the years, but recently is down to a population of a handful.

American taxpayers spend millions of dollars annually to make sure prisoners there are housed in safe and secure facilities, with reasonable treatment based on religious rights, dietary requirements and such.

Greene explained the mental punishment of the Jan. 6 prisoners was unacceptable.

“They are told that they have to denounce President Trump. They are told that their views are the views of cult members even though these are men that every single night at 9:00 at night, they put their hand over their heart and sing the national anthem voluntarily,” she said.

Greene, who also has been punished by Democrats in Congress for her own political statements, “suggested prisoners were being subjected to Critical Race Theory training and called white supremacists by their own government-appointed lawyers,” explained a report the members of Congress released.

She accused authorities of force-feeding prisoners gluten food, despite their having celiac disease. And she charged the inmates public defenders “hate them” and “tell them they have to denounce their political views, want them to watch videos and read books that basically is Critical Race Theory training.”

While Democrats all the way up to the Oval Office repeatedly have complained the protest was an “insurrection,” Gohmert pointed out no one has been charged with that crime.

“In fact if they were going to charge someone with insurrection, it’s beginning to sound more like those would be agents for the federal government that were there stirring things up, trying to get people to engage in violence,” he said.

Courthouse News explained Gaetz likened the protesters arrested as “prisoners of war.”

The members of Congress issued their report condemning the situation after they toured the facility.

“The physical conditions can only be described as inhumane,” Gosar charged.

Their report is titled, “Unusually Cruel: An Eyewitness Report From Inside the D.C. Jail,” and calls out officials for the atrocious conditions with broken toilets and black mold.

It even reports inmates are forced to accept the experimental COVID shots if they want to talk to their attorneys.

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Author: Bob Unruh

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