Cheat the IRS and Get Away with it – Maybe.

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Written by Steve Cannon for USSA News.

Look, we all hate the IRS. For years we pay up to 50% of our earnings, or more, and what do we get for hard-earned money? Crooked politicians who line their pockets and waste our money. Not to mention the IRS itself who regularly targets conservatives. This is why 200,000 people per year are moving “off-grid.” It’s our money. Let’s keep it and not feel guilty about it!

So, how do you beat the IRS at their own game? Here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years:

– Start a business: Businesses have expenses that can be “written-off,” meaning the money you spend on an expense (like rent, production materials, and so on) will not be taxed. The more expenses you have, the less you pay in taxes. It cost literally nothing to start a business. A sole proprietor who draws cartoons all day can be a business. Running a simple website is a business, and so on.

Let’s go with the latter, you want to start a website business selling Trump stickers. You can spend $1,000 on website design, $1,000 on web hosting, $750 on software, $2,500 on producing the inventory, and so on. All of these expenses are write-offs. These expenses are what you tell the IRS you spent this year on your business. In reality, if you’re clever, those expenses can be done for next to nothing. Boom! Come tax time, you lowered your tax burden by $5,000 and pay less than you would have, or get a fat refund (which was your money to begin with).

Don’t I need receipts? Well yeah, if you’re audited. And the chances of that are about 200 to 1. If you pay taxes for 50 years and your odds are 200 to 1, the odds are you’ll never get audited and caught. You can double your odds by playing this game every other year. The IRS does not have enough workers to go after the litte fish. They primarily go after the evil millionaires and billionaires. $5,000 or so to them is not worth the time to even send a letter, usually.

– Check the, Donate to President, box, or not: By now you should have learned that the IRS is replete with liberal democrats who love nothing more than screwing with conservatives and taking them down. In my opinion, you can avoid having your taxes scrutinized by the IRS thus: If a democrat is in the White House, check the box and donate the dollar or two. The logic being…The IRS sees this as tip off. By donating to a democrat president, you’re one of us and we’ll let everything slide. If a republican is in the White House, do not check that box. By donating to a republican president, the IRS is probably thinking, we’ll have to really scrutinize your tax returns and turn everything inside-out. You’re evil because you’re a republican. See what I mean? Mind you, this is all conjecture, but I have not been audited one time in my 50 plus years of fudging.

On a side note, my new wife has been audited for the past ten years because her late husband was “negligent.” They have made her life a living hell. To avoid being scrutinized myself, my wife and I file separately. Naturally, we lose a couple of thousand dollars in tax breaks every year. The upside is I make sure I screw them hard every year as an “individual.”

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