Black Lives Matter Proves Black Lives Don’t

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A man is lifted up and taken to police lines after being beaten in clashes between protesters supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and opponents in central London on June 13, 2020, in the aftermath of the death of unarmed black man George Floyd in police custody in the US. – Police in London have urged people planning to attend anti-racism and counter protests on Saturday not to turn out, citing government regulations banning gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo by DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS / AFP)

By L.C. Vincent.

This may come as a shock to those who consider themselves to be in the vanguard of the Social Justice Warrior psychopathy, but the mass media presence of the Black Lives Matter movement and slogan actually proves the opposite—Black Lives Don’t.

How can I possibly say this? Simple. If it were really true, it would not be necessary to preach and shout it constantly thru billboards, on TV public service spots, or by renaming town streets and squares. It would not be necessary to beat and berate this mantra into the heads of everyone in sports, with a basketball court emblazoned with this very phrase, or have it written in a football end zone, nor write it on the asphalt streets of New York or DC with paint rollers.

On the contrary, if Black Lives truly mattered, none of this would street theater would be necessary. None of this absurd genuflection to a movement headed by 3 committed Communist lesbian self-styled “revolutionaries” whose stated goal is the destruction of the United States and the elimination of the nuclear family — the building block of human society — would ever take place nor even be tolerated.

BLM, as if to further guild the lily of their racist dogma, further insist that ONLY Black Lives Matter, and that ALL lives DO NOT. There you have the accurate description of a psychotic social movement which is grounded not in the realities of real life, but instead is an inverted tribute to its founders’ avaricious ambitions and hypocrisy as they rake in millions from capitalists heads of guilt-ridden corporations, while BLM further foments racial frictions and hatred with their infantile, over-the-top demands and demonstrations.

BLM is not real. Yes, it exists as a structure, a money funnel for their founders and Democrat backers, while serving as a Progressive sop to guilt ridden Liberals who feel compelled to prove their sniveling servitude to the movement du jour, like the president of Chick Fillet, who prostrated himself before a Black man to shine his shoes while doing penance for the slavery imposed upon this man’s ancestors centuries ago. Makes perfect sense — if you are an intellectual cripple. But as a real, genuine social movement to effective positive change, it is a sham, a charade, a hoax.

BLM pretends to be seriously interested in promoting the lives of Blacks throughout society; not just in the United States, but worldwide. After all, dedicated Communist shills, like these 3, never have small ambitions; indeed, their outlook must by necessity be global, so that they may acquire more power. But I must say I find it fascinating that BLM has never so much as even once made the constant carnage in Chicago by street gangs that predictably mow down dozens of innocent men, women and children, nearly every one of them BLACK, by the denizens of the ghettos and slums surrounding the nation’s third largest city, appear on their radar.

BLM is quick to point out, publicize and promote the deaths of Black people reputedly murdered by Whites like George Floyd, or Breanna Taylor or the “gentle giant”, Mike Brown. They reputedly were inspired by such obviously racist crimes to establish concrete goals and an agenda for social change that would make people recognize the constant persecution and murder of innocent Black people by racist Whites.

The only problem is that BLM conveniently ignores the THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of Black people who have been shot and killed at the very hands of their own Black people! Rather than focus on this on-going carnage and atrocity, BLM preys upon the collective White guilt ginned up by their “woke” media allies while routinely ransacking and burning down businesses around the country. BLM would rather focus on the rare occasion which can be exploited because a White person killed a Black person, rather than shine a light on the mass slaughter of Blacks killed by their own kind. Perhaps that would be a bit too revelatory for the Marxists of Black Lives Matter. Apparently, the only “lives” that Black Lives Matter cares about are the very rare instances where a White kills a Black person; the bloodbath that is Chicago must be conveniently overlooked lest it raise uncomfortable questions that demand answers from these money-sucking hypocrites.

The unmistakable “signature” of BLM’s search for social justice apparently does not include innocent business owners — both Black, White, Asian and Hispanic — who happen to be in the wrong neighborhood when BLM and their Antifa cohorts decide to hold a block party. BLMs quest for “social justice” has included murder, the burning of police cars and stations, the ransacking and looting of businesses, the senseless destruction and theft of property, and the complete elimination of businesses which served the very communities wherein these poor, oppressed Black people reside.

Of course, all of the attitude and hatred and rage embodied by BLM happens, we are constantly reminded, because at one point in the past history of the United States, White people enslaved Black people. Forget about the fact that hundreds of thousands of White people died to correct this injustice in the Civil War. BLM demands today’s White people pay for the crimes of people who may or may not have been their ancestors, to atone for the non-slavery of their welfare dependent offspring infesting our cities who were never slaves.

But if BLM were truly the flagship movement of Black racial freedom they claim to be, why do they not and why have they not ever protested the on-going slave markets of Tripoli, which are enslaving men, women and children RIGHT NOW in our world? Where is all the outrage, the fire and brimstone of their self-righteous virtue to bring freedom to their brothers and sisters if they are willing to stand by and allow this on-going slave market to prosper off the sweat and blood of their own race???

BLM ignores these current slave markets because they cannot be exploited for financial gain; nor can they be used to foment racial friction within the United States, which is their real goal.

BLM, while raking in millions of dollars, is actually creating a psychic resistance to everything Black, including any worthwhile goals they may have accidentally harbored.

I would love to see the elimination of Black poverty, the re-establishment of fathers in the Black family (a formation, by the way, which BLM opposes) and Black economic achievement to be on par with other groups and peoples of “colour.” But the sad fact is this: Black “culture” is, by and large, diametrically opposed to achievement and accomplishment in any areas other than sports or entertainment, because to become a successful businessman, or teacher, or scientist, or lawyer, is put down and ridiculed as “acting White.”

This self-sabotage permeates the Black community, and has been alive and well since the Great Society of racist-progressive Lyndon B. Johnson was imposed upon Blacks to destroy the Black family and the first manifestations of a movement that may have been destined to truly allow Blacks to lift themselves out of poverty by establishing their own businesses.

Black parasites like BLM and their White enablers hate to admit it, but Black people have absorbed one TRILLION dollars of social welfare largess in the guise of Head Start, business set asides, and a myriad of social programs designed to help them achieve prosperity and independence.

Yet in the 1960’s, in contrast to the ongoing poverty that is the overriding Black experience in America, new immigrants arrived from VietNam and India.

These people, who did not speak English, who did not use the English alphabet or our number system, who moved from their own culture into a foreign culture, flourished and prospered. Their children routinely achieved the highest SAT scores and became brilliant business men and women, scientists, doctors, lawyers, accountants and entrepreneurs. Their academic achievements were so spectacular that Ivy League colleges such as Harvard and Yale actually restricted their admission so that they would not flood their schools. All this while Blacks had “outreach” programs and lowered “standards” of achievement so that they could be represented among the intellectual elite of America on campus.

Will BLM ever address on-going slavery, the mass slaughter of Black on Black crime, the grinding poverty and filth that is the inner city ghetto experience for so many of their race? Or will they continue to milk Whitey for every corporate and government dollar to fecklessly assuage White Guilt in corporate America?

Will “Affirmative Action” and quotas never end? Will government and corporate forms constantly ask us about our racial identity, as if it is any of their business? When will we ever become a color blind society?

If spurious jive organizations like BLM have any say, seeing examples of “racism” and therefore excuses for non-achievement, true integration into our society will never happen, because doing so obviates the need for bogus Communist dogmatists like BLM. It is in their inherent interest to maintain their faux status quo, perpetuate the stereotypes, ignore the real plight of their own people, and enter the corridors of power of the guilty Liberal Social Justice Warrior “elite.”

LC Vincent
Copyright 2021, LC Vincent, all rights reserved.

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