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Birth of the Tea Party

March 4, 2010, midnight. I watched Harry Reid live on CSPAN gut a passed bill that had nothing to do with health insurance and stuff over 2,000 pages between its covers. This “amendment” was now Obamacare. I was so enraged I wanted to smash my head through the TV. I didn’t. Instead, I created that very day. It was time for me to do whatever I could to educate the people and stop this corruption. The Tea Party was born.

I Had Finally had Enough

This site is here directly because of the direction this country, the USA, is headed. Too much government!

At the debut of this site, March 2010, I was 41. At age 37, I was working two full-time jobs and had a part-time business in NYC, all in the financial industry. I moved to Austin, Texas and discovered America. I discovered an America where I could solely afford a house with a mortgage, as opposed to renting a tiny NYC apartment for the same amount. I discovered I could make $10,000 less a year and take home $5,000 more due to a lack of state, county, and city taxes. I discovered I could get a driver’s license (including the road test) in under an hour, as opposed to the ten hours and five visits to the NYDMV (because of endless bureaucracy) it took me simply to exchange my license. I discovered a place where the taxes imposed are not more than the cost of the product itself, (e.g.: cigarettes). I discovered that government is the problem, and not the solution.

At age 40, I was single, had a good job, could afford to own a nice house, car, pool, and pay my bills on time and consistently. I worked hard to acquire this “wealth.” At age 41, the economy fell apart, as did my life. I lost my job, lost my house, lost my credit cards, filed bankruptcy, and was broke. In fact, my friends and I tried to create our own jobs rather than be on the dole (the American spirit) by attempting to open a bar and even running a simple hot dog cart. The banks said “no” to parting with any of their money for a bar despite the fact that we were willing to put our houses up as collateral.

Even the simplest business (a hot dog cart, which we paid cash for) required us to jump through countless government hoops. One hoop in particular I find unbelievable is this: “You can’t place your hot dog cart here because you’re too close to this restaurant and will take away their business.” America? Competition? Anyone? That’s the very point of capitalism, stupid! Competition! (Also, we were allowed to buy pre-cooked food from the grocery store, take it home and eat it ourselves just like the rest of the country. But sell it? Well now we needed ten hours of food handling classes and two hours of tests (at a hefty cost), even though the food is exactly the same as if we were to take it home and eat it ourselves!) Add the ridiculous fees, taxes, and restrictions they wanted to impose and we were stymied. The government was in our way!

Now we have Obamacare: A government actually compelling its citizens to buy something so they can regulate it. Our founders would be ashamed.

Today, we have countless rules and regulations the politicians create at will, simply to achieve their own ends without any care whatsoever for the people they impact. The U.S. Constitution had barely 40 pages. Today we have millions of pages of laws.

The Facts:

  • Our debt is over $20 trillion
  • We have millions of pages of laws
  • We are forced to buy health insurance by our government, lest we be fined
  • Our taxes now are much higher than the amount we revolted against Great Britain for, yet we do nothing. High taxes slows down hiring, which in turn creates fewer taxpayers, more debt, and angrier people
  • Illegal aliens have espoused rights they are not entitled to
  • Politicians care about themselves, not the people they work for
  • Welfare programs take from the working man and give to the non-working. “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.” – Free money encourages people not to work
  • Our Government spent our money to close cost-free parks and memorials to deliberately hurt the people
  • People actually believe it’s okay to take from the rich to give to the poor. Newsflash: My being rich does not depend on you being poor. We can all be rich, if the government gets out of our way by removing regulations and allowing us to simply try. I would rather be poor in South Korea (Free market) than poor in North Korea (Communist). The poor in the south are ten times richer than the poor in the north.

The Revolt Begins

I have read the Declaration of Independence as well as the Constitution. This was not the America that our founders had in mind, this much I know. I want my life back. I want my country back. Now, I intend to fight for it, again, this time out of uniform.

I believe our founding fathers would be proud of this effort. I am. Please use this site to educate yourself. We have God-given rights to be free. These rights are not given to us by the government. And if you work for the government, have a spine and quit. Don’t always do as you’re told. Nazis did as they were told because they were not thinking.

Slowly our freedoms are being chipped away with, “We know better…” justification as its hammer and chisel.

Do not let this become the United Socialist States of America!

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