Hysterical! Joe Biden Memes to Flood Facebook and Twitter

Written by Steve Cannon for USSA News.

We all know Facebook and Twitter are banning any type of endorsement for Donald Trump, as well as any negative press for Joe Biden. That said, we here at USSA News have come up with an ingenious way to get the message out about Joe Biden, and there’s nothing Facebook or Twitter can do about it.

Both Facebook and Twitter have algorithms that read the text of your posts. If they discover something they disagree with, the post is blocked, you become suspended, banned, or any combination thereof. In other words, you have no free speech to endorse or negate the candidate of your choice because they say so.

This article is chock full of memes that can easily bypass their “banning” algorithms. Fortunately, the computers at Facebook and Twitter aren’t quite quick enough to read the text of images (though it is possible).

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Send this article to all of your friends so we can flood social media with our message that they’re trying to ban.
  2. Copy and paste each meme into a separate tweet and Facebook post. (Remember, Big Tech cannot read texts of an image so they won’t know that they don’t like it.)
  3. Soon, thousands of people will see all of them through re-tweets and post sharing, thereby bypassing social media’s ban on free speech. Additionally, our message will finally get out, free of charge. In other words, “Screw you Big Tech! We’re Americans and we push back!”

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