Weapon Debate: Should Airsoft Guns Be Banned?

In a world where we discuss America’s right to hold on to its weapons, a new debate may arise: should we allow our kids to play with gun replicas like airsoft weapons?

Sadly, the gun control debate resurfaces with every dark event where a rogue shooter is involved and, because of the Las Vegas mass shooting, it gained force again. The quarrel between the authorities and the Americans who fight for their freedom and fundamental rights has begun again, but this time gun control supporters included airsoft guns in the mix.

Airsoft Guns Are Too Realistic

The main concern with airsoft weapons is their design. In today’s market, producers try and succeed in creating real gun replicas that, from a distance, look like the real deal. Even more, some that are used for law enforcement and military training are so realistic that they feel like a real gun as well – however, these are not available to the public.

A quick browse through Goog Gun will show you that these highly realistic replicas are available to civilians online and can be easily bought by kids as well. Also, if you get the orange tip from one of these rifles or pistols, you end up with something that looks like a gun to anyone else.

The argument here is that, if a kid or an adult, would show up in a public place with this type of gun, it will definitely manage to create panic (at best). At worst, he or she may get shot by the police as no one can tell that’s a harmless BB gun.

BB Guns Get More Powerful

BBs are not to be used against people who don’t wear protective gear because they can produce a lot of damage, especially to the face area. This happens because, even small, the BB is projected out of the gun at impressive speeds.

Due to technical developments, airsoft weapons are getting more and more powerful. For instance, you can use such a weapon, which shoots at about 300 to 450 FPS, to hunt small game like squirrels or birds. So who is to say that we shouldn’t ban them from use by the general public and kids if they are so powerful?

The Pro Arguments

By now we covered the main Cons: the realistic aspect and increasing power, but I believe it’s time to bring the Pros in the debate as well.

The first Pro would be the fun aspect of the game – airsoft is a war game that teaches both kids and adults about tactics, leadership and teamwork. It’s also a lot of fun and brings people from different corners of life together. Even more, specialists in sociology and psychology recommend airsoft as one of the best activities for teambuilding.

Another aspect I really like about this game is that it teaches people how to behave around guns and how to maneuver them without presenting the risk of accidental shootings (as it happens on a shooting range). The fact that the guns are so realistic helps you learn how a firearm should be held and how to use it properly in a confrontational situation (the famous CQB scenario).

Finally, airsoft weapons are great for training your skills as a shooter and for scaring pests away without spending money on live ammunition.

In my opinion, airsoft and the guns used in the game shouldn’t be banned (or even considered for this) – they have their use and, as long as the rules are followed, no one will get hurt.

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