Don’t Lose Your Retirement Money When the Stock Market Crashes!

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Written by Steve Cannon for

You know you’re worried. I was too. I say “was” because I’ve already converted my retirement money to actual gold, silver, and cash. I could cite hundreds of articles and experts warning of the impending stock market crash, but I think that deep down, you know it too.

Look, we’re getting older. Our days of working for a profit are numbered. None of us can afford to lose any money. Here’s why I bought gold and silver:

I truly believe that the stock market is about to crash. Gold and silver typically skyrocket in a stock market crash. Personally, I own 400oz. of silver and 7oz. of gold. Recently, gold and silver have been rising in price. If nothing else, you will never lose money with either of them. Think about this:

  • In 1950, an ounce of gold was about $40 and could buy a great men’s suit.
  • In 2017, an ounce of gold is almost $1,300 and can still buy a great men’s suit, with money to spare!
  • If you just saved the $40 cash from 1950 to 2017 you would have…about $40. What does $40 buy today? A great men’s suit is out of the question, that’s for sure! You might be able buy a bottle of scotch to drown your sorrows, but not much more than that.

My point? Invest wisely. My gold and silver are real, tangible assets that keep their value despite inflation. Cash is literally paper. Paper is worthless. Stocks, bonds, and bitcoins are just computer-generated numbers given value by people who believe that value is real. Precious metals and real estate are tangible possessions that have real value. Why? Because there is a limited supply. You cannot create gold, silver, or land; unlike the government that creates money out of thin air by simply printing it – which causes inflation.

Do your homework, and then protect everything you’ve worked so hard for. Simply fill out the form below to get started. Good luck!

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