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Systemic Injustice and the Good News of Jesus

Mother’s Day Massacre: Seven dead, including gunman, in birthday party-turned bloodbath

The Liberty Belles Ring Out So You Can Effect Change! (Video)

Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski Arrested for Holding Church Service, Similar Unlawful Arrests Continue in America

Thousands of Weapons Seized by US Navy – Arms Bound for Yemen

On This Mother’s Day, We Need More Women to be Like Jochebed

Pfizer betting big on steady stream of adults and children getting yearly COVID-19 vaccines… (Hint : It’s all about REPEAT PROFITS)

FAUCI: ‘It Is Conceivable’ That Mask Wearing Could Become Permanent

ONE child dies and Peloton recalls its ENTIRE line of treadmills – yet when thousands of children die from vaccines, there’s no recall, no lawsuits and no government oversight

REPORT: Arizonians File In State Supreme Court To Remove State Officials From Office

Breaking! Klaus Schwab Calls For Global Health Pass Based on Implantable Microchip

No Question Some Battleground States Were Stolen in 2020 Election – Newt Gingrich

Sen. Johnson demands answers from Fauci about US funding of Wuhan lab research: ‘What were we doing cooperating with China?’

What If the Trump Voter’s Shoe Was On a Liberal’s Foot?

Putin Calls Moderna/Pfizer ‘Vaccines’ Experimental Therapy, Versus Russian Sputnik’s Proven Medical Technology

6 People Murdered At Colorado Birthday Party, Suspect Committed Suicide After

Roundup Time: Derp & Evil – Leftwing Band Name

Gov. Hogan Waves His RINO Pom-Poms – But, Don’t Count Your Cheney’s Before They Hatch

Southwest Airlines Kicks Disabled 3-Year-Old Off Flight Over Fears He MIGHT Remove His Mask

Former chief doctor of Siberian hospital goes missing after treating Putin opponent Alexey Navalny

Fauci: America can be ‘close’ to normal by next Mother’s Day — but there are ‘conditions’

NYC Veterans Incensed: Parade Permit Nixed by City While Pot-Smokers March Granted

Newt Gingrich: In My Mind “There Was No Question” Battleground States Stolen

Texas Republican Legislator Calls Woman ‘Crazy’ For Wondering Why He Won’t End Child Gender Transitions

WHITE GIRLS GONE WILD? Nevada Congressional Contender’s Social Media Posts Raise Questions

What Happened to the ‘Numa Numa’ Guy?

Border Patrol is being Overwhelmed by Illegal Aliens Who Evade Arrest Attempts

Parents are Enraged After Three Students Get Suspended From UMass-Amherst for Taking Maskless Photo Outdoors

Maryland: Young Woman Stops To Help Man Hit By Car – Drunk Cop Drives Up & Kills Both

Trump Issues Utterly Deranged Mother’s Day Statement To America

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