Author: Constitutional Nobody

Twitter Refuses To Unlock New York Post’ Account

Trump Slams Moderator For Next Debate

Moderator For Next Trump/Biden Debate Reportedly Deactivated Her Twitter Account. Trump: ‘I Wonder Why? I Can’t Imagine.’

Anti-Twitter Protest Turns Violent After Antifa Arrives

Mayor Calls Police Chief To Get Her Out Of DUI Stop, Learns Hard Way That Deputy Doesn’t Care

Twitter Takes Down Tweet from White House Advisor Dr. Scott Atlas

Source Confirms Veracity Of Hunter Biden Emails

Ice Cube Takes Aim At Don Lemon After Network Rebooks Interview

Pelosi Gives Trump Administration 48-Hour Deadline To Compromise On Coronavirus Relief

Sugar, high-fructose corn syrup linked to ADHD, bipolar, aggressive behavior

Jape Tapper Abruptly Ends Interview with Lara Trump

America’s Stimulus & Debt-Deferral Economy Exposes The Surreality Behind The Rise In Retail Sales

Twitter removes White House coronavirus task force member’s tweet saying masks don’t work

Biden Says His Drug Addict Son Has SHOT GUNS and SHOOSHES Female Staffer Like Farm Animal

Email Sent to Computer Shop Owner John Paul Mac Issac from Hunter Biden’s Attorney Is Released!

Trump Unleashes On Moderator Set to Question Him And Biden During Next Debate — Calls Her ‘Terrible And Unfair’

BREAKING: During Unrest On the ‘Day of Rage’, Portland Protesters Topple Statues Of Lincoln And Roosevelt

Officials In San Francisco May Change ‘Inappropriate’ Names of 44 City Schools, Including Washington And Lincoln

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