Author: Constitutional Nobody

Biden Fuels Our Foreign Adversaries by Licensing Violence in Our Cities and Blaming White Supremacy

Biden erupts at reporter for asking about Putin; ‘The Five’ react

Biden & Putin FINALLY Meet. Who Won the HANDSHAKE? | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 801

23 Long Guns Stolen From Bass Pro Semi-Trailer In Memphis

Chrissy Teigen Tells Designer He ‘Deserves to Suffer and Die’?!: Will & Amala React

Right Wing Round-Up: A Half-Term President

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: One Nation Under Allah

WATCH: Cruz blasts Biden admin handling of border “Kamala Harris seems to go everywhere else, except our southern border”

You Taking Care Of Yourself Is Victory!!!!

‘What the hell?!’ Biden loses cool over CNN reporter’s question

Video: Biden Desperately Clutching His Precious Cards, Reports Say He’s Headed To Basement

Kayleigh McEnany Says That ‘As A Woman Of Faith’ She ‘Never Lied’ As Trump’s Press Secretary

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace Walloped By Ratings Nosedive

BREAKING: There’s A DEEPER Truth To The Unrest!

Dr. Fauci claims he has ‘always’ been open to COVID-19 lab leak theory — but social media says that’s false and has the receipts

Biden’s Brain Breaks, He Misquotes Declaration of Independence Then Forgets the Rest

Climate Org Inspired by Greta Thunberg’s School Strike Calls Itself ‘Racist,’ Disbands

Russia Jabs US with Largest Pacific Military Exercise Since Cold War Just Before Biden-Putin Summit

Here Are the Anti-Trump Talking Points on Biden’s Note Card in England

Media remains silent on the border | National Report

BREAKING: “Stunning” Republicans derail two bills Pelosi had hoped to fast-track

Anti-CRT Laws Are A Solution In Search of A Problem | David Thornton

Twerking Toddler Cheered-On By Adults in Times Square, Rappers Lash Out at Politician

8 vaccinated crew test positive for COVID on cruise ship, delaying trip

A Group Of Parents Sent Their Kids’ Face Masks to A Lab for Analysis. Here’s All The Diseases They Found

Muslim Parent Warns: ‘Network Of Political Islam’ Joining ‘Far-Left’ To ‘ Hijack Our Schools

Justice Department Inspector General Says U.S. Marshals Can’t Adequately Protect Federal Judges

We Are Excited To Announce That NTEB Gospel Witness Billboard #4 Is Now Up And Witnessing To Saint Augustine Drivers Heading To I-95

Arkansas man admits to paying $50 gift card for sex abuse video of 9-year-old, feds say

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Hit the Supreme Court With an Insane Ultimatum

Mass. Man Convicted of Placing Firebomb at Entrance of Jewish Nursing Home

“What The Hell?!” Biden Loses It After CNN Reporter Shouts Putin Question

WHAT? Biden Gives Putin List Of 16 ‘Off Limits’ US Infrastructure Targets He’s Not Allowed To Cyber Attack

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