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China’s rogue fishing fleet ignores international maritime laws, becoming global threat

Trump-appointed judge stops Biden’s pause on new oil and gas leasing

Chef Paula Deen stages return to TV after years of public ostracism

Reporters complain about being left waiting, excluded during Biden’s Europe trip

Senate votes unanimously to make Juneteenth a federal holiday

Trump Jr. offers support to DeSantis for president if his father decides not to run

‘Pay attention, Joe’: Jill Biden takes charge during UK speech

Reps. Gohmert, Clyde file suit claiming Pelosi’s security rules unfairly target Republicans

Series of international missteps prompt new questions about Biden’s cognitive health

Stefanik slams Schiff over backlash to Trump-era DOJ subpoenas

White House official urges Americans to report family, friends ‘radicalizing toward violence’

WATCH: Hillary claims we’ve seen over the last 4 years “we have people within our own country who are doing Putin’s work”

Dem Rep. Dean drops out of highly contested Pennsylvania Senate race

‘Imagine it was me’: Trump Jr. slams media for ignoring latest Hunter Biden scandal

Agitated Biden Lashes Out at Reporter Who Questioned His Putin Meeting Narrative: ‘You’re in the Wrong Business’

Like Father, Like Son? More Racist Hunter Biden Texts, Reportedly Referred to Asians with a Slur

Firefighters Use Jaws of Life to Rescue Curious Pup Caught Between 2 Heavy Rocks

Facial Recognition Apps for Anyone Who Wants to Identify People Without Their Knowledge or Consent: What Couldn’t Go Wrong?

Victoria’s Secret ditches supermodel angels, replaces them with ‘women famous for their achievements’ including Megan Rapinoe

GLOVES OFF: Laura Loomer Slams Failed RNC for ‘Token’ Primary Challenger in Congressional Race

Parents of slain 16 year-old speak out to Greg Kelly: “We have to start caring when this happens”

NTEB RADIO BIBLE STUDY: What Your King James Bible Has To Say About Unity Among Christians In The Church Age May Surprise You

Maersk Warns South China Port Congestion “More Significant Disruption” Than Suez Canal Closure

Diamond and Silk on Live 6-16-2021

US Food Bank Lines May Reemerge As Millions Set To Lose Unemployment Benefits

Marriage works. Why won’t politicians back it?

‘Political Islam has joined with the radical left to hijack our schools’

Texas Gov. Abbott says $250M allocated for border wall; state sets up donation website

Grand jury indicts Portland officer on assault charge for “legally excessive” use of force. Huh?

Video: Man accused of murdering a toddler tries grabbing cop’s gun in interview room

Over a Dozen Mexican Towns Vote To Reject Political Parties in Latest Election

Bongino: Media are ‘useful’ idiots for propaganda teams on the left

Man who allegedly raped woman in NYC last year found hiding in Georgia

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