Author: Constitutional Nobody

Biden’s Rambling Train Story was Filled with False Statements

Here’s What I Witnessed at the Most Lawless Part of the U.S-Mexico Border

Sorry, CBS, NOAA’s “U.S. Climate Normals,” Report Misrepresents the Science

Chuck Todd says today “represents the Republican Party’s complete and total surrender to” Trump

In the Billings Gazette and Montana Standard (Butte): New Background Check Bill is Flawed

Should Cancel Culture Be Canceled?

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Ivanka Trump Pushes Her Daddy’s Propaganda Narrative: Get The “Vaccine”!

New poll shows Vernon Jones closing gap vs. Kemp for Georgia Governor GOP Primary

Tucker slams ‘absolutely awful’ CNN host who berated dancing bride

President Biden and Israel

More Double Standards: Why Didn’t Social Media Giant Banish VP Harris?

Boebert reacts to Twitter banning Trump affiliated account, says “Big tech is completely out of control and will be reined in once Republicans take back the House”

Black Lives Matter — A Scam on Blacks, Whites and Everyone Else!

When the Health Secretary is bad for our health

South Carolina State House Votes To Include Firing Squad To Execution Methods

Buying a Single Version of the Truth

Visualize the Sinking Hole of Government Debt in 2021

Louisiana and Texas moving towards Constitutional Carry

Reversal: Hawley, Peterson Get Last Laugh on Diabolical  ‘Cancel Culture’

Look Ma – No Flu!

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