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STUDY: US-Led Wars That Trump is Now Ending Caused The Refugee Crisis, 37 Million Displaced

Wendy Williams Admits to Spying on Her Neighbor While He Showers

Trump Heats Up Culture War in Attempt to Win Wisconsin Voters Over

Shlimo Shabbat

Shlomi Shabbat Joined by Fellow Israeli Singers in New Rendition of ‘Ani V’Ata’

Court Docs: Trump Offered Assange Deal If He Revealed Source of DNC Hack

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Denver police shoot and kill man who pointed a realistic-looking BB gun at them

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Job Creators Network: America Hasn’t Forgotten The ‘Irreparable Harm’ Joe Biden Inflicted On The VA

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560 Pounds Of Meth, Cocaine Found In Quartz Boulders At California Border

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Pastor Darrell Scott: Trump Has ‘Done More For The Black Community Than Any Other President In My Lifetime’

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