Exclusive: NCGOP State Chairman, Whatley, Booed For Claiming Election Was ‘Perfect’ After Seth Keshel Called Him Out At Grassroots Event [VIDEO]

North Carolina GOP State Chairman Michael Whatley infuriated a group of people seemingly on purpose on Saturday.  Whatley was graciously allowed to have a platform to address the guests of a private event, and he decided to poke people in the eye with a divisive canned speech about the 2020 Election. He was mocked and booed by the crowd gathered at the two-day event to talk about the severe lack of trust in the Republican Party.

“It was a good election,” Whatley said. And the crowd was furious.



“Rumor has it NCGOP Chair Michael Whatley, prominent RINO faker, is at the same venue I spoke at last night and is strong-arming attendees for calling on him to fix NC’s rigged election from 2020.

FYI, a Democrat from Wake County gave me a packet of information documenting election fraud there. Should tell you a lot about where gutless Whatley stands so he can give Roy Cooper a favor of re-election,” Keshel posted on his Twitter account.

The night before was a group of high profile speakers on Voter Integrity:

Also speaking on Saturday was Jack Maxey, former co-host of the War Room Pandemic podcast, who talked about Hunter Biden’s laptop, and Trevor Loudon, author of White House Reds, an expert on The Chinese Communist Party.

A group of three ladies and myself had an event in High Point, North Carolina, on Sept. 17 and 18. When Whatley showed interest, we invited him to speak at the event and meet our guests to hear about the people’s concerns over an audit of the 2020 Presidential election and about signs of Communism in our country. We also wanted him to hear from an expert on the corruption on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which is currently at the Senate Judiciary Committee with Judiciary member North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis.

We thought Whatley might have some patriotic spirit stirred.  We were wrong.


Recall that Mike Pence back Whatley:

Whatley, enabled by a few determined supporters of Senator Thom Tillis, gave a speech on Saturday that was the opposite of what he told the organizers he would speak about. It shocked the crowd and the event planners with the betrayal.

“Boo…fix 2020 First, you suck… leave the party,” angry people from the crowd yelled, as Whatley boasted about things he claims he did to support Trump- in a very confusing election.

Some people left in disgust over Whatley’s provocation. He had people on their feet yelling at him.

Undeterred about the unpopularity of his speech, even after seeing the crowd’s reaction, Whatley continued on with his prepared speech.

Whatley told me that he had said: “what needed to be said.” Then he left the event, which was surprising, after promising to communicate and interact with the other speakers.


The night before Whatley spoke, Seth Keshel had given a riveting speech about the inconsistencies in North Carolina in the tabulation of the vote. However, Keshel did call Whatley out by name at the event during his speech. Even people who were not savvy about the Republican party but were in attendance were alerted to the fact that Whatley has historically not been supportive of an audit of the 2020 Presidential election.

Whatley does not want any more discussion about what happened in 2020, apparently believing the entire problem is that the Republicans are behind in voter registration.

Many people in North Carolina simply do not agree that a lack of voter registrations is the only threat or problem we face. Many people want to see a plan for how to beat the left in 2022- Whatley instead spoke about himself.

Trump-himself- was suspicious of Whatley before the election, and Whatley, who wrongly ran his first campaign for chairman as being a part of Trump’s NC State team.  Whatley has since betrayed Trump, who is hugely popular in North Carolina, several times. (See articles below. )


Trump had a rally in North Carolina right before the election,  and called Whatley out, so the relationship has obviously been rocky.  But it is tricky because of Whatley’s betrayal.

Consider this- even after betraying Trump, and misleading people about his “White House associations”  Trump had a massive fundraiser for the NCGOP, simply by showing up to the Party’s Convention.  Most likely Trump did that just to prove the point that he could do it.   In fact the ticketed dinner that Trump spoke at the NCGOP convention was the largest fundraiser the party ever had, and yet the NCGOP can not figure out who people to support or the types of voters needed to win elections.

It is baffling.

Consider what was on the mind of Trump from his 2020 campaign speech:

“If Biden wins, China wins,” Trump said in one of his last campaign rallies of 2020. “The Chinese Communist Party will own America, and the Democrats are a corrupt party,” Trump said.  “This election is a matter of national security.  Biden’s laptop shows criminal stuff and the FBI has it.  This could only happen to me and the people of North Carolina,” Trump said to his audience.

He also called Whatley out. [52:12]

“Don’t kid yourself. That is like a poll. It’s like a poll, except instead of interviewing 73 people, they have thousands of people here. Much more than the 2000. He’s got a nice 2000 people and I don’t think so. Well, last night in Miami, you want to see a crowd, you couldn’t even see the end of it. I’ve never seen anything like it. There’s such spirit. I’ve never seen spirit like this. At North Carolina GOP chair, somebody doing an incredible job if we win tomorrow. By the way, if we don’t win tomorrow, they’ll say, “How’s Michael Watley doing?” I say, “Not good at all. He didn’t do a good job.” Michael Whatley, are we doing okay, Michael? Yes? Get out. Get out to vote Mike. Get them out.”

For the second time, Trump held his last campaign rally in North Carolina, showing the importance of the state to the President, and the people have responded with how much they support Trump, yet Whatley can not respect those people by listening to their concerns over the election, which is backed up with data and logic.   Whatley refused to listen.  It is traitorous.

Watch the rally, see what Trump said about Whatley for yourself:


Knowing all of this history-we welcomed Whatley hoping for him to be an adult. He was also rude to our guests.  He told them each that he wanted to hear from the grassroots- but that is not true.

Ahead of the event on Saturday, Whatley asked the organizers if he could meet with Trevor Loudon in private.

Loudon had made a video for the event that went viral, and the Republican Speaker of the House, Tim Moore, sent it to Whatley.  Loudon did speak with Whatley about his concerns that North Carolina is being infiltrated by a leftist group called “Liberation Road” as he did in the video and explained why in greater detail.

Whatley blew it all off.

We welcomed him, treated him like a VIP and introduced him to our guests and speakers. Whatley said what he thought needed to be said, at our private event, and then left.

For the record- see Loudon’s video:

After meeting with Loudon in private, Whatley told me that he was not impressed with Loudon’s research- and said he would not call for an investigation into the Ballot Harvesting schemes of the left.

That is telling.

North Carolina also has a Stacey Abrams problem, as she has bought a home in Asheville North Carolina, as she focuses her voter harvest machine on North Carolina. Apparently, the Republican party will assist her in the midterm of 2022.

Whatley spoke with me about Abrams as well, so I can tell you that he is aware of Abrams’s schemes in the prior election. He said that what she was doing was not illegal and that the Republican party just needed more voter registration.

That is outright nonsense.


The event was to ignite the grassroots of NC and to arm them with more information on how to get into the Republican party, how to talk to legislators about accurate data that concerns them, and how to vote people like Whatley out of power if he will not listen.

The Republican party of North Carolina stands in the way of what needs to be done to regain the people’s trust, by refusing to work with the people.  The event organizers, including myself, had hoped to build a bridge for concerned people to reach out to Republican Party members, and to the legislators.  We hoped to build a message of working together. Instead, the Republican Party chose our event to show America their hatred for the grassroots.

On Saturday, Whatley refused to even hear the people’s concerns.  That is why he must be voted out. The only way to do that is to join the Republican Party, become a voting member and force him out.

Everything starts with the party. That is our system. For concerned people, we must get ourselves into the process, and fight for our very freedoms.

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And about Stacey Abrams- and read how she paved the way to a victory in 2020.  That is what she will do in North Carolina in 2022- with Whatley sidelining the Republican Party from stopping her.


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