Acosta and niece Trump team up in a ‘hate binge’ on anniversary of 9/11

Before my conservative readers get their ire enflamed, I need to mention that I am not talking about former Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta and President Trump.  I am referring to CNN’s poor excuse for a journalist, Jim Acosta, and First Niece – and premier Donald-hater — Mary Trump.

In the midst of the solemnity of the 9/11 twentieth anniversary weekend of the terrorist attack on America, somebody over at CNN – Acosta?  A producer? – decided that a 10- minute Trump hate-fest would be appropriate.  It was actually so INappropriate that Acosta, himself, questioned whether they should be doing the duo dump on Trump on that memorial weekend.  “I hate to bring this up on the 9/11 weekend” he said – but he did.  Apparently, Acosta hates Trump more than he hated attacking his nemesis Trump on the memorial weekend.

No Jim, you should not have.  In fact, that hateful and childish rant you call an interview would not have been appropriate at any time from a legitimate journalist.  

There was no news to be provided, but merely an opportunity for Acosta and Trump to play propaganda ping-pong over their mutual animosity for the former President.  Given the number of hyperbolic partisan Trump haters on CNN and MSNBC, it is not easy to pick out one that stands out for obsessive hatred, but Acosta would certainly have a secure position in the top rank.

As far as Mary Trump is concerned, it is virtually impossible to ignore the depth of her bitterness against her uncle – and virtually all the Trump family.  Her venom is found in a couple of books that get her frequent interviews among the most biased left-wing personalities.

In previous commentaries, I have singled out both Acosta and Ms. Trump for their overly emotional, over-heated and unhinged screeds against Trump.  That is not to say Trump is beyond honest criticism – and I give him my share on occasion – but Acosta and Trump are not honest in their criticism.  They appear to be motivated by a deeply corrupting emotional response to the man.  It is not political – although that is part of it.  It is personal.

Niece Trump’s descriptions of her uncle seem to arise out of a deep bitterness that unhinges her from reality and objectivity.  As the former President’s niece, she could provide insight into his character.  But her rants are so vicious and obsessively hateful that she loses all credibility except to the irrational Trump haters like her – and she has one in Acosta.

One does not have to have Ms. Trump psychoanalyzed to know she is deeply disturbed.  She has revealed that in her own writings and comments.  By her own admission, the mere election of Uncle Donald in 2016 sent her into weeks of treatment for PTSD (Post Trauma Stress Disorder).  It is obvious in her painful interviews that there is still work to be done.

For Acosta – and many of the radical left personalities in the media – Mary Trump has been, and is, the useful idiot to be periodically dragged out to perform her highly-emotional hate-filled act.  Like a trained monkey, she did exactly what Acosta and the producers at CNN wanted her to do.

Ironically, Trump is a trained psychologist.  Acosta – and others – refer to that background to pump credibility into her pathetic performances. Acosta began one of his earliest questions with “as a trained clinical psychologist …”  The old admonition, “doctor heal thyself” may be a more appropriate way to apply her academic credentials.

Ms. Trump describes her uncle as being devoid of any and all human traits.  She did not use the word, but she describes a psychopath.  I can almost see all the Trump haters nodding in the affirmative.  Her description is not born out of competent clinical diagnosis, however, but out of her own mental issues.

Why Mary Trump is so bitter and unhinged over Uncle Donald and the rest of the Trump family is not entirely known.   Some suggest it is due to her belief that she was cheated out of a larger share of the Trump fortune.  Others opine that hatred for her late father was subsequently transferred to the family patriarch.  As a public issue, it does not matter.  

Her interviews should be understood for what they are – the outbursts of a woman overwhelmed by obsessive hatred.  One can only wish that the media will not continue to abuse this troubled person to score political points.

So, there ‘tis.

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Author: Larry Horist

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