Women’s Organization Hired To DISCREDIT Cuomo’s Accusers

As the details of Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment case come to light, we’re getting a clearer picture of how evil this man and his associates are.

That’s a bold statement, I know, but the things that are starting to come out make it hard to see the New York governor as anything but pure evil.

Being a sexual predator is bad enough, but enlisting the help of a supposed “woman’s advocacy group” to discredit your accuser puts him on an even lower level than we already imagined.

And that’s EXACTLY what Andrew Cuomo did.

According to New York Attorney General Letitia James’ report on Cuomo’s charges, Cuomo hired the co-founders of Time’s Up to help him draft a letter discrediting ONE of his accusers, Lyndsey Boylan.

If Cuomo is evil…how evil are the two women who actually HELPED him do this? These women started their advocacy group to help women like his accuser find justice, and now they’re actively working to silence them?

Time’s Up is a charity that raises money to support victims of sexual harassment, formed at the height of the #MeToo movement back in early 2018.

James’ report revealed that Cuomo’s staff reportedly sought the help of two of Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund founders, identified as Roberta Kaplan and CEO Tina Tchen, in drafting a letter denying allegations made against the governor by his former aide.

Time’s Up, Alright…

Cuomo and company acted fast.

Boylan was only first of Cuomo’s accusers to come forward publicly with allegations that Cuomo had sexually harassed her by making comments on her looks and at one point asking her if she would play a game of strip poker with him…but like many of these situations, she wasn’t the last.

But back at the beginning, when it seemed like Boylan was on her own, Cuomo enlisted the help of anyone willing to help him get out of trouble.

But, like all things, the truth comes to light.

In Letitia James’ 165-page report, it states that a group of advisors for Cuomo sought to pen a letter that, “denied the legitimacy of Ms. Boylan’s allegations, impugned her credibility, and attacked her claims as politically motivated.”

The letter was intended to be sent to former colleagues of Boylan and Cuomo for them to sign, and then published, possibly as an op-ed in a major publication to try and stop the story from getting out of hand.

The slew of other accusers that came out after kind of put a damper on their plan.

However, that’s not where Cuomo and his camp’s duplicitous actions stopped.

Top Cuomo Aide Melissa DeRosa testified that Cuomo initially drafted the letter by hand. Cuomo himself testified that he did not “remember handwriting any document,” but that he “participated in drafts.”

DeRosa also testified that she had misgivings about the letter, and worried that it would “backfire” – and so Cuomo asked her to reach out to Roberta Kaplan of Time’s Up for help.

The Biggest Hypocrites Of The Year

The AG report reads, “According to Ms. DeRosa, Ms. Kaplan read the letter to the head of the advocacy group Times Up [Tchen], and both of them allegedly suggested that, without the statements about Ms. Boylan’s interactions with male colleagues, the letter was fine.”

How terrible is that?

Honestly, it discredits their entire organization now. What woman would trust this group to get them justice if they’re actively working with the accused to discredit the victims?

And what have Kaplan and Tchen had to say about their involvement?

Here are their own words:

Kaplan said, “While it turns out the response was never published, I made it very clear that any response should never shame an accuser. Given the revelations in the New York Attorney General report, I support and agree with Time’s Up that Governor Cuomo should resign.”

Tchen said she did not remember the particulars of the letter in regards to what she discussed with Kaplan, but denied that she would take part in an effort to discredit an accuser.

“You cannot make any attempt to attack or discredit a person who has come forward with allegations. Had those parts existed in what was read to me, I would have said, ‘Do not say that.”‘

How about you just don’t work with an accused sexual assaulter, then?

Why even take the call?

Why even give help?!


And any woman who thinks this group is on their side should SERIOUSLY reconsider whether these two actually care about women.

Cuomo is bad enough, but what Kaplan and Tchen did is almost as bad. They betrayed their very ideals to help this evil man.

Time IS up for Cuomo…and it should be up for Kaplan and Tchen as well if this is how they’re going to “advocate” for women.



“The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!” – Tennessee Williams

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