Reminder: No Crazy Plan Was Off Limits When it Came to Removing Trump

The anti-American left is insistent that even if the audits prove that the last electoral contest was a fraud, there’s nothing that can be done about it. There is no conceivable path for Donald Trump to end up in the White House later this year. Neener-neener!

This is in stark contrast to how the left behaved for the entire Trump presidency. No cockamamie plan was too crazy to be above consideration, if it would get Trump out of the White House and install Crooked Hillary there instead. Someone just unearthed a hilarious Newsweek article that calmly and rationally explained to liberals a way in which Hillary could become president in 2018 – a full two years after she lost to Trump.

And the Newsweek plan was one of literally thousands of loopy plots to get Trump out of the White House. Remember when Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was going to “wear a wire” to spy on President Trump? Under that insane plan, the plotters reasoned that if the American people could hear how craaaazy Donald Trump sounds behind closed doors, public sentiment would turn against Trump, and they could use the 25th Amendment to get rid of him.

Spoiler alert for Trump’s enemies: We already knew how Donald Trump sounded when he talked. THAT’S WHY WE ELECTED HIM!

The entire Russian collusion saga was a psy-op designed to lead to impeaching Trump and removing him from office. It was only hampered by the lack of A) Russians and B) collusion. Nor were there any potty tapes, trips to Prague, or hacking of election machines. But whatever! All of this was just a means to an end, and that end was to install Hillary Clinton in the White House no matter what.

The reason why this old Newsweek article caught my eye is because it is so deliciously appropriate to what the country is going through right now. The article was published in 2018 and its title is, “Hillary Clinton Could Still Become President if Russia Probe Finds Conspiracy Evidence.”

The piece was authored by a guy named Lawrence Lessig, who is the “Roy L. Furman professor of law and leadership” at Harvard. Rather than make a legal argument (what were you expecting from a Harvard law professor?), Lessig makes an appeal to fairness and basic human decency. If the Russian collusion probe managed to prove that the 2016 election was stolen, Donald Trump and Mike Pence should both resign.

Next, then-Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, who was third in line for the presidency, should decline the big promotion due to the fact that his party had “committed treason” in Lessig’s view. Ryan should instead nominate Hillary Clinton and step aside to allow her to assume her rightful place in the presidency.

In an alternate universe where Russian collusion had actually happened, Lessig’s plan would have been a decent, fair and just outcome. If only. But of course, the Russian collusion never happened.

No one pointed at Lessig and laughed at his plan back in 2018, despite the fact that his argument had no legal or constitutional support for it. Lessig was basically appealing to “playground rules,” rather than getting bogged down with the law. Just because the Constitution did not provide a mechanism like the one Lessig was suggesting does not mean that we couldn’t do that as a nation. We could.

But now that we’re discussing prying Joe Biden and Kamala Harris out of the White House and replacing them with Trump, that plan is a NO GO. Democrats who suggested with a straight face just a few years ago that we could set aside the Constitution out of basic human decency, to correct an election that was “stolen,” are suddenly clinging to the Constitution like it’s a suicide pact.

20 states have now visited the Maricopa County, Arizona audit center and are considering auditing their results. The Democrats have good reason to be worried about this. If the audits prove that Joe Biden was not legitimately elected, what happens next? According to the Democrats’ own playbook from 2018, the only proper response is for Biden and Harris to resign. Then, because her party committed treason to steal an election, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should nominate Donald Trump to fill the presidency and Pelosi should step aside.

That would be the fair, just and decent thing for the Democrats to do. And as we all know, they are all about fairness, justice and decency.

Here’s the link to that old Newsweek article on Lessig’s plan to replace a sitting president with another person, if you’re interested.

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