Biden’s Attorney General Freaks Out – Threatens Arizona Election Auditors

The entire Democrat Party is suddenly acting like a dope-smoking teenager when a concerned parent searches their room for their secret stash. “Don’t look in that drawer, mom! It’s—ah, jeez! That’s not mine! It belongs to Trevor! WHY WON’T YOU RESPECT MAH PRIVACY?!” That’s been the universal reaction from the Democrat Party in response to any attempts to examine the ballots from the 2020 election.

Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland just cranked the dial up to eleven on the Panic-o-Meter, by threatening to jail the auditors for looking too closely at the ballots in Maricopa County, Arizona. Who does that when they think they legitimately won a race?

State Senator Wendy Rogers (R-AZ) notes that as Maricopa County goes through this four-stage audit, we should be able to easily tell which areas are most likely to uncover massive fraud: Just watch to see how much county election officials and national Democrats freak out during the various stages. Based on Merrick Garland’s threats, it looks like the auditors are on the verge of finding the teenager’s stash of weed.

“We will apply the same scrutiny to post-election audits, to ensure they abide by federal statutory requirements to protect election records and avoid the intimidation of voters,” threatened Garland on Friday.

Gee, what happened on Friday? A lot, actually.

The auditors in Maricopa County finished the hand count portion of Phase 2 of the audit. Multiple state delegations stopped by for a tour of the audit facility and to explore how the audit is being carried out. And the auditors are now moving into the second stage of Phase 2.

The first portion of Phase 2 was as simple as it gets: They counted the ballots. One of the red flags in this area was the fact that many of the stored ballot boxes were missing ballots. In some of the boxes, the count was short by as much as 20% or more. If there aren’t enough ballots to match the certified election results in Maricopa County, it means they have a bunch of “votes” that were generated by electronic means.

The second portion of Phase 2 is more technical: The paper analysis. This is being done with DSLR cameras that will scan the ballots. (DSLR = Digital Single Lens Reflex)

The camera is able to determine whether the ovals on the ballots were filled in by a human hand, as opposed to being “stamped” or if the ballot originated on a Xerox machine. The DSLR cameras can also examine the fibers of the ballot paper, to make sure they’re all on the correct paper stock – again, as opposed to being the wrong type of paper that was run through a Xerox machine.

Finally, the DSLR cameras can also detect the yellow-dot watermarks that are hidden on all legitimate Arizona ballots. Whoops! Did you know that Arizona ballots have hidden yellow-dot watermarks on them? Me neither. I’m also guessing that Merrick Garland didn’t know that until a few days ago.

So, Merrick Garland freaks out and suddenly threatens the auditors at the exact moment when they move from stage 1 to stage 2 of the examination of the ballots. Does that mean there’s a discrepancy in the count? Or does it mean that the Big Lie will be exposed soon during the paper analysis? Plus, additional states are now strongly considering their own Arizona-style audits. Garland could be trying to spook them into backing down.

I suspect Garland’s bosses are worried about what’s going to happen when the paper analysis is done. It could be that Garland’s threat is also a warm-up threat for Phase 3 of the audit, which is the analysis of the electronic voting machines and tabulators. If you’ll remember just a few weeks ago, the auditors discovered that a database had been wiped clean on one of the Dominion Voting Systems machines just three days before the audit was supposed to begin. Auditors were able to recover the files through other means, but only after a lot of headaches.

Sen. Rogers fired back at Merrick Garland after he issued the threat, warning that Garland would be the one going to jail in Arizona if he tries to interfere with a lawful and legitimate audit. Let’s hope the rest of Arizona’s lawmakers have the same amount of backbone and are willing to back that threat up. Given the way the Department of Justice has been corrupted, will anyone be surprised if Garland sends the FBI to raid the audit center and seize the results before anyone can see them?

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