The State of the Movement

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Greg Johnson has written an article about this on Counter-Currents. He is talking about the state of the White Nationalist movement under Joe Biden.

I would draw a distinction between White Nationalism and White Populism. The former is centered on the idea of creating a White ethnostate. The latter is a much broader group of disaffected White working class and White middle class Americans who feel under siege for being White, who have nativist politics and who are getting more defensive and anxious about their place in America. These are the people who Charles Murray is worried about embracing White identity politics.

I’ve been watching these two groups for several years now. Around the time of Charlottesville, the “Alt-Right” or “White Nationalists” were around 5% to 10% of the American population and larger percentage of the White population. In spite of the fallout from that event, this baseline number hasn’t changed in recent years. The number of people who identified as “Alt-Right” or “White Nationalists” didn’t change. Support for Confederate monuments in Virginia remained unchanged. Donald Trump’s approval rating at the time didn’t really change either. He was already losing momentum in the polls due to Ryancare. The corporate media coverage of the event dramatically overstated the impact of Charlottesville. The country was deeply polarized in 2017 and has only became much more polarized in 2021.

There was a recent poll in Oregon which illustrated this dynamic and how “the movement” has changed since 2017. 11% of Oregonians now say that they support White Nationalism which is sharply up from 6% in previous surveys. Meanwhile, 39% of Oregonians believe that “White people in America face unfair discrimination and unfair treatment because of their race” and 41% believe “America must protect and preserve its White European heritage.” So, you have two groups of people who can be classified as pro-White in Oregon with White Nationalists being around 11% and the broader group of potential sympathizers being around 40%. This is also in one of the most shitlib parts of the country. In the 2020 election, Donald Trump won 40.37% of the vote in Oregon. The poll showed that the people who are most sympathetic to White Nationalism lived outside of Portland and the Willamette Valley.

I can point you to other recent polls. The shocking YouGov poll which came out in January showed that 87% of Trump voters were concerned about the growth of anti-White discrimination and that 80% rejected White privilege theory. The same poll found that 64% of Trump voters believe there is race or ethnicity is extremely, very or somewhat important to their identity while only 17% said it was not at all important. 76% of Trump voters perceive Antifa as an extremely high threat compared to 18% who said the same about White Nationalists. 30% of Trump voters said in that poll that White Nationalists weren’t a threat at all. Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg has also found in recent surveys that Trump voters are incensed and anxious about anti-whiteness and cancel culture.

The Republican Party is currently split 85/15 between Trump supporters and Never Trumpers. The issue that divides them is social liberalism. The Never Trumpers are the suburban moderates who have cosmopolitan, modernist and antiracist values. The GOP establishment wing has shrunk inside the party into a disaffected rump. The other 85% of the party are reacting against America’s anti-Christian culture and the growth of anti-whiteness. White Populism is now utterly dominant inside the base of the Republican Party and the trend has dramatically accelerated since the George Floyd riots which has hardened racial attitudes among White working class and White middle class voters.

Since Donald Trump lost the 2020 election (to use a geological metaphor), we have seen an expansion of both the core (support for explicit White Nationalism) and the mantle (support for White Populism where White racial consciousness is regenerating) and the crust (surface level expressions of this like the sudden rebellion against CRT, the term “anti-white” becoming mainstream, talk of demographic replacement, etc.). This is why you are seeing such a hysterical reaction by the Biden administration because the growth of White identity politics is really a runaway train now inside the Republican base.

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Author: Hunter Wallace

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