Literally Hitler: Biden to Set up Snitch Line for Americans to Turn in Trump-Supporting Neighbors

Isn’t it remarkable that the American left spent four years calling Donald Trump “literally Hitler,” and his supporters “Nazis?” Yet as soon as they gained power, the Democrat Party began instituting the most authoritarian and (dare I say it?) Nazi-like rules and regulations that Hitler himself wouldn’t have done it. It would be too brazen!

Ever since January 6th, we’ve been told that the “worst terror attack in American history” is the reason why every federal agency must turn all its efforts toward hunting down Trump supporters and – if not outright arresting them – then at the very least ruining their lives. In the latest example of creepy authoritarianism, Joe Biden says he’s setting up federal snitch lines for people to turn in their extremist neighbors.

And boy, oh boy, am I planning to have fun with that puppy! My leftwing congressman is going to be getting a visit from the FBI very soon!

The Democrat/media complex keeps telling us that the greatest “threat to the homeland” are white domestic extremist Trump supporters who are also conspiracist Qanon kooks. And they say this with a straight face. The FBI took it a step further this past week, putting out a red alert that Qanon militia terrorists are now getting so dangerous to the “homeland” that they are going to carry out lone wolf violent attacks.

It kind of makes you wonder if the FBI actually has the internet at their headquarters. Since most people don’t actually check up on Qanon all that often, and most of us never considered it to be much more than an internet prank, guess when was the last time that “Q” sent out a message over the internet to his/her/xir followers?

It was on December 8, 2020. “Q” posted a link to a YouTube video to Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” from their hit 1984 album “Stay Hungry.” Look out for the terrorists!

Anyway, who is “following” Qanon six months after the supposed internet personality “deep inside the Trump administration” has stopped posting messages? No one, obviously. Just as Qanon was a lark for most conservatives, it has been a boogeyman for the Democrats to latch onto, much like the “Boogaloo Boys” which also don’t exist in the real world.

As for the “militias” that “stormed” the US Capitol on January 6th, we now know that most of the instigators who attacked cops and broke windows that day were undercover FBI agents who had infiltrated the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers and one other group. As many as 20 separate “unindicted co-conspirators” who committed violent acts… were actually federal employees blending in with the Trump supporters that day.

Oh, and we have an update on all the damages that Trump supporters supposedly did to the US Capitol! The Biden regime started out by claiming that $30 million in damages had been done to the building. Then that got scaled back a bit when the Justice Department sheepishly admitted that it was just $1.5 million. But in the latest court filings from the DOJ against the “Qanon militias,” the FBI admits that just four windows were broken at the US Capitol. That’s four (4). Spendy windows!

FBI Director Christopher Wray, who believes that Antifa is an idea, asked Congress for hundreds of millions of dollars in additional funding this week, in order to keep tracking down Trump supporters who walked into the US Capitol on January 6th. Nearly 500 Americans have been raided by SWAT teams and black helicopters so far, just so the FBI could charge most of them with misdemeanor trespassing. But Wray assured Congress that there are even more Trump supporters lurking out there somewhere, and he plans to get them.

Which brings us back to Joe Biden’s snitch hotline which will allow everyone to turn in their Trump supporting neighbors. Sorry, I meant to say “extremist” neighbors!

This is going to be hilarious, because we already saw numerous Democrat governors try this trick last year during COVID. Remember when Andrew Cuomo set up a snitch line for people violating social distancing rules? The line was flooded with complaints about Andrew Cuomo. Other mayors and governors tried the same thing, and it always had the same result. But don’t worry, Joe Biden! It will be different this time!

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