The Left Is Trying To Rewrite History With CRT, Texas May Have Figured Out How To Combat Them

America is embroiled in a battle over who gets to write history and the foundation of public policy, and how to teach people about the events that have shaped the American Republic all at the same time.

Many people have heard the term “Critical Race Theory,” also called CRT, but rarely is there anyone who explains what that means exactly.

Those who are on the left are very well familiar with the ideas of rewriting history from the point of view of someone who feels they have been victimized by, or left out of the good stuff- in American history.

It is kind of like a group of people who are mad that they didn’t get invited to the cocktail party where everyone walked in a homeless person and walked out with a free car and a winning lotto ticket and supermodel on their arm.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is basically going back as far as possible and rewriting everything about America from the point of view of an angry victim.  When that has been done, CRT is a series of lessons punishing the people who the victims feel benefited the most from America, or the land of free stuff and endless cocktail parties for others.  It is a permanent Marxist revolution against people who did well or who the victim believes did well, or who the victim wants revenge against.

CRT is dependent on a class struggle and racial disharmony between Americans, so proponents create these things where they don’t exist, based on income level and skin color.

National Geographic, a far left-leaning publican,  admits the fight is over. Who will get to write history in their article, Remember the Alamo? A battle brews in Texas over history versus lore, A plan to rethink San Antonio’s “cradle of Texas liberty” includes raccoon-hatted heroes, a rock star, and lots of controversy.

They admit it is a battle over writing history but hear the bias in the point of view.

The author writes:

“But the narrative conflict about what happened at this “cradle of Texas liberty” was far from over. A complex argument of facts versus fiction, right versus wrong, and what the battle was even about hasn’t let up since, even as Texas became a U.S. state in 1845 and ensuing decades saw San Antonio turn into a majority Latino city. No wonder my sister didn’t have her story straight.”

There is no better explanation of the purpose of the Marxist movement and the influence of third world ideas and agendas than to understand that the battle for the left, who love a never-ending revolution against America, is the battle to have their victimology ordained and elevated.

CRT  favorable teachers choose who to abuse, claiming they have the right morals and ethics to do so.  The program is heavy on abuse. It is no wonder many people do not like it. Not all teachers like the agenda or approve.

As state lawmaking bodies figure out how to address the situation with laws that won’t make the situation worse, one state, Texas, may have come up with a solution to the abuse by offering a sort of free-market solution; introduce their own educational bill based on their favorite historical icon, the Alamo.

Consider, why not offer both sides and let the student decide for themselves?  Why not allow people to choose the narrative they think makes more sense?

I wrote about the new education bill signed by Republican Greg Abbot for The Gateway Pundit:

The ‘1836 Project’ Is Now Law In Texas: Governor Abbot Signs Bill that Promotes a Patriotic Education of Texas History

This might be the greatest time in American history to rebuild public education.


Conservatives around the country are considering how to protect children’s minds, honor our Constitutional rights, protect time-honored Republican Civil Rights policies, and address Critical Race Theory at the same time. Some people say it is a Civil Rights conflict; some say the conflict is over what the parents support; some see it as a free speech issue.  The United States will be involved in debates over Critical Race Theory for a long time. Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes for this problem.

Outright “banning CRT” is not a lasting solution to the problem of what the left has done to the schools and frankly won’t help school children survive their agenda any better.

Hopefully, more states will seek a fast remedy for the school children currently stuck in those schools, with no hope of escaping.


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Author: Kari Donovan

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