West Point, the famed military academy, is treating unvaccinated cadets like prisoners! That’s according to one woman we spoke with who says her son and four other cadets are living in gulag-type conditions.

To the best of our knowledge, West Point is subjecting cadets who refuse the vaccine to be quarantined in their rooms 23 hours a day for a total of seven days. The military academy labels these cadets as, “susceptible” to getting Covid-19, while at the same time refusing to test them for the virus. Their mandate is to just isolate them from society rather than seek the truth by testing these, “anti-vaxxers” for the virus.

West Point has a total of 4,400 cadets. Initially, 700 cadets refused to take the experimental vaccine, which is not approved by the FDA. Because the numbers were so high, West Point gave a briefing to these students explaining the “benefits” of the vaccine. After the briefing, fewer than 100 cadets remained unvaccinated.

The unvaccinated cadets must wear masks at all times, have their meals brought to them, and are “allowed” one hour outside per day. Within that one hour, cadets are not permitted to check their mail, go to the PX (on-base store), have a regular doctor visit, go to the gym, have visitors, or go anywhere. They are also shamed and bullied by other cadets. All because these cadets did their homework and decided the vaccine wasn’t right for them.

The following letter was sent to us by a mother whose son reported the gulag-style conditions to her.
Note: All parties wish to remain anonymous.

My son just returned to the United States Military Academy and has been isolated in solitary confinement and quarantined because he decided not to take the COVID vaccination. He is being treated like a prisoner even to the point that other Cadets in the same situation are not allowed to talk to each other in their isolation status. While in solitary confinement for the 7 days, he is confined to that room with only 1 HR A DAY to leave confinement (ie: go for a run or walk outside). He cannot go to the hospital for scheduled appointments, not to the gym, not to the PX, can have no visitors, must stay in confinement. This treatment is completely different from the way The Academy has handled cadets before the separation between vaccinated and unvaccinated cadets. Not sure what else is coming for them, but coercive, punitive, unethical behavior is what we are seeing so far.

Clearly, West Point is punishing and shaming the cadets who refuse to get the vaccine. How long until everyone in America is forced to get the vaccine at gunpoint? Liberal ideology indoctrination is spreading like a cancer and it must be stopped. We are a free people!

This is only one story from one mother. There are thousands more just like this one and we encourage you to share them with us so we can put an end to this cancer. Silence is acceptance. Do not be silent. Patriots push back!

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