Fireside Chat Ep. 186 — A Hopeless Generation?

51% of young Americans are feeling depressed with a negative outlook on life, according to a recent survey. Why are they feeling so hopeless? Well if you are indoctrinated to hate your past, to live fearfully, and to expect the world to end, how could you not be?

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0:00 Otto’s Motto: “What, Me Worry?”
1:19 51% Of Young Americans Depressed
4:23 Older Generation’s Negative Influence
7:04 Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself
9:32 Scared Of The Future: Global Warming
12:35 Hating America
15:21 Need A Sense Of Purpose And Meaning
21:13 Advice For Returning To Religion
26:16 Happiness & Having No Expectations
30:07 Don’t Live A Deprived Life

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